sergio vidal cfa

Sergio Vidal, CFA

Partner at TopMobileBanks

Expertise: Investment Management, Macroeconomics
Experience: Over 8 years at Goldman Sachs, Investment Management Division

My name is Sergio Vidal, I am an Economist, Entrepreneur and Investor.

I was born and raised in Peru, but I’m a citizen of the World too.

I started my career at Goldman Sachs back in 2005, in the Invesment Management Division in London, UK. I worked in the fund selection team that selected and invested in the top fund managers in the world across several asset classes.

I became an Executive Director (also known as Vice President) at Goldman at age 28.

I received my CFA charteholder in 2010, after completing all three levels of this programme.

I decided to leave the firm after eight years to follow my passion of becoming an entrepreneur and investor, and to achieve the flexibility of running my own time and become location independent.

I currently have active and passive investments in various companies, and enjoy sharing my
experiences in entrepreneurship and investing.

I am mostly based in Malta, but travel often around the World.

How to Contact

Get in touch with me via Twitter or LinkedIn.