Amazon credit card

Anyone who has shopped online on Amazon – whether as a regular customer or Prime member – is likely well-aware of the retail giant’s financial offerings. After all, you likely hear about the opportunity for incredible cashback and 0% interest at just about every checkout screen. But when it comes to applying for Amazon’s various … Read more

Brex Card

Marketed as the smartest corporate card for businesses, Brex is a business credit card that markets itself well outside of the industry standard. With no personal guarantee required and near-instant approvals, start-ups and small businesses looking for a credit card may well be swayed by all the benefits. But is the Brex Business Credit Card … Read more

Uber credit card

Uber is already a well-known household name across the US and Europe – in part, thanks to it being one of the first adopters of the modern lift system and other innovations such as the highly popular Uber Eats. So it’s no surprise that Uber has also expanded its reach into other areas such as … Read more

Revolut introduced Gold balance

Actually, it is a bit more than just the ability to buy and sell Gold. Gold exposure available with Revolut Premium and Metals plans, and clients have options to:  Buy and sell Gold like any other currency in Revolut  Spend Gold with regular debit card purchases (in this case, Revolut converts Gold into appropriate currency first) … Read more

£100 for opening Revolut Business account

Offer available for EEA companies (EU, Norway, Switzerland ) until March 31th 2020. It is a limited-time promo offer from Revolut where business customers can get £100 for a new account opening. That’s a bonus to the already great Revolut Business offer.  £100 can sweeten the deal, but what are the main long-term benefits Revolut … Read more

Digital banking in Singapore | March 2020

Just what is the current state of digital banking in Singapore? The answer to that probably depends on to whom you ask the question. The central bank in the ‘Island Nation’ will issue five new digital banking licenses this year, potentially disrupting the traditional banking system. But how likely is it that digital banks could … Read more

Comparison table – 5 popular accounts

Sometimes, it is hard for customers to choose with more and more digital-only banks and EMIs (electronic money institutions) being launched around the world. Yes, in many regions, there are only 1 or 2 options for a digital-only bank account. But what about places like the UK and EU where choice is already quite big … Read more

bunq debit metal card

bunq metal is one of the most exciting metal card offers (recently started to be available across the EU ). bunq is a fully-fledged bank since 2014, with an official banking license from the Dutch Central Bank (DNB).  Metal cards from bunq have their very own philosophy. Green philosophy. That’s why it is named the Green Card. … Read more

TransferWise freelancer account review

Millions have made the break from the 9 to 5 to take up freelancing for main income. Most of them use online platforms to get work from clients worldwide and receive payments in a range of different currencies. Many traditional payment services for freelancers are clunky and expensive. Sometimes there is quite complicated to figure … Read more

Revolut launched in Singapore

Late 2019 saw the launch of the Revolut in Singapore. The development represented a landmark in the rapid development of Revolut, which was founded in 2015, and has since grown to cover mainland Europe and Australia. Revolut Singapore Review If you live in Singapore and was waiting for Revolut launch or just looking for a … Read more