Amazon credit card

amazon credit card

Anyone who has shopped online on Amazon – whether as a regular customer or Prime member – is likely well-aware of the retail giant’s financial offerings. After all, you likely hear about the opportunity for incredible cashback and 0% interest at just about every checkout screen. But when it comes to applying for Amazon’s various credit cards, are they worth the time, or are they on par with the average service?

Read on to find out more about the various credit cards and store cards offered by Amazon, including the availability of their cards, any specific benefits they provide, and even if they’re suitable for use when traveling. We’ve included all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether Amazon is the right option for you.

What is Amazon Credit Card?

Unlike many online retailers or big-name brands, Amazon has chosen to diversify its financial services by offering three distinct options. Two of these fall under the umbrella of the Amazon Rewards Visa Card – one for Prime and one for standard members – as well as the Store Card, which also has two different versions. As you might expect from the leading ecommerce business, a great deal of Amazon’s credit cards’ focus is providing enhanced services and additional benefits to regular users of their platform. For frequent Amazon shoppers – or those who expect a new parcel every day of the week – Amazon’s financial offerings are designed for you.

In terms of the different cards available, Amazon currently offers two distinct types of cards, alongside a couple of variations to further add to their flexibility:

Amazon Rewards Visa Card

Launched through the well-known financial institution Chase, Amazon launched with Amazon Rewards Visa Card in 2017 in two distinct forms: Prime and non-Prime. The retail giant is already well-known for providing additional benefit and exclusivity for users of their VIP Prime system, which is available through subscription around the world. A more traditional credit card, both the standard and Prime versions of the Amazon Rewards Visa Card can be used as an ideal everyday credit option for users. You aren’t limited to buying on Amazon, though many of the card’s benefits are centered around this purpose.

amazon rewards visa card

Amazon Store Card

As a specific store card, the Store Card has none of a typical credit card’s flexibility but does hold particular benefits for those trying to access credit exclusively for Amazon. Again, a Prime and non-Prime version of the Store Card has first launched a few years ago with well-known bank Synchrony. An addition to the store card was introduced in mid-2019, designed for those with bad credit to eventually ‘graduate’ to the higher-credit, lower interest Store Card over time.

amazon store card

When and Where are Amazon Credit Cards available?

Amazon Credit Cards and the Store Card has been available for several years now – and are staples of just about any Amazon order, with the company advertising the savings and cashback that could be made with each purchase. You can apply for any form of Amazon credit card directly through the Amazon website. However, mobile support is a little spotty when it comes to completing the application process so that desktop may be preferred.

In terms of location availability, the Store Card is exclusively for American customers, with other versions – such as the Store Card – on offer for international Amazon fans. As with the store card, the Amazon Rewards Visa Credit Card is designed for US audiences only, but the company offers a range of different credit services for those not on American soil.

Are Amazon Credit Cards suitable for travel?

Yes and no. In terms of the Amazon Rewards Visa Credit Card, it works like any other credit card would – with easy use anywhere that accepts Visa for cash withdrawals as well as contactless and other typical credit card features. There’s even a small amount of cashback available on a range of services outside of Amazon. In terms of the Store Card, this is designed specifically for use within the US. So, if you’re planning a cross-country trip, and you require an urgent Amazon order to a different address, there would be no issue. But for international travel and spending outside of Amazon itself, the store card isn’t much use.

What is the credit limit for Amazon Credit Cards?

As with the majority of modern credit cards, the limit you’re provided when you apply for the Amazon Rewards Visa Credit Card is determined on a range of personal factors – from your income to your credit rating. The Store Card typically advertises an ‘instant spend’ credit limit of $500 on the application, allowing you to purchase whatever’s in your cart immediately.

What cashback is offered for Amazon Credit Cards?

For those that opt for the Prime version of the Amazon Rewards Visa Credit Card, 5% cashback is offered on all purchases for as well as Amazon-owned Whole Foods. 2% is also provided on purchases from restaurants, drugstores, and gas stations. Finally, a standard 1% cashback is the norm for all other purchases. For non-Prime users, the rewards are a little less impressive, with just 3% of and Whole Foods purchases, while all other cashback amounts remain the same.

As for the Store Card, the draw is more the 0% finance than the cashback – though Prime users will receive 5% on their Amazon purchases. There’s no interest to pay for a range of different items for $149 up, provided you pay in full within the set timeline—usually, somewhere between six months and 24 months, depending on the item and the price.

Is it worth it?

So, should you be investing in Amazon’s financial services this year? If you’re an avid fan of Amazon purchases in general – and take full advantage of anything from Pantry deliveries to Subscriptions – then the Prime Store Card is an ideal option. For those that use Amazon regularly but want to enjoy additional benefits, the Prime version of the Amazon Rewards Visa Credit Card might be the answer. In our opinion, if you can help it, opting for the Prime version will always serve you better – but for the typical credit card user that doesn’t worship at the temple of Amazon, there isn’t all that much of a draw.


As a Current mobile banking app affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


As a Current mobile banking app affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.