Chime Spot Me: Can You Use It on Cash App and Venmo? (2023)

Written By Branson Knowles
  • Chime’s SpotMe feature cannot be used on Cash App or Venmo.
  • SpotMe is available for cash withdrawals and debit card purchases but not for transfers to other users.
  • To increase your Chime SpotMe limit, maintain regular direct deposits and a low-spending history.
  • SpotMe limits can fluctuate based on factors like direct deposit frequency and transaction history.

It’s not possible to use Chime’s SpotMe on Cash App. Chime’s SpotMe feature is exclusive to their app, where there is an option to overdraft an account up to $200 before the card is declined. SpotMe is only available to cover debit card purchases and cash withdrawals, with no transfers to other Chime users.

Chime is one of the only fintech apps that lets their users send money to anyone, even people who aren’t on Chime. Because of this flexibility, a lot of Cash App users wonder if they can use their SpotMe feature on other apps, like Cash App.

You can’t. While you can send anyone money from Chime, you can’t send money you don’t have. The only way to use Chime’s Spot Me feature is through cash withdrawals and debit card purchases, not transfers.

Chime doesn’t work directly with Cash App anyways.

If you want to send money between the two apps, you’ll have to use Chime’s Pay Anyone feature and the Cash App debit card to do so. You might also be able to connect your Cash App debit card to Chime as well. 

Can You Use Chime SpotMe to Pay Someone?

Chime’s SpotMe feature is an industry first in overdrafting.

Most banks and financial institutions charge a fee anytime you overdraft your account; Chime will let you overdraft up to $200 before you ever see a fee!

chime overdraft fee free spot me

Even then, they won’t charge you a fee for overdrafting that much, they’ll just start to decline your transactions. It’s one of the most forgiving policies in banking.

Chime’s SpotMe isn’t applicable to everything, though.

If you want to reach into the SpotMe feature’s reserves, you can only do so when you’re making a purchase with your debit card or when you’re trying to grab cash from an ATM. 

You can’t overdraft your account to make a transfer to another Chime user or to use the Pay Anyone feature and to send a transfer to someone not on the Chime app.

You can’t use the SpotMe feature for ACH transfers or for Chime Checkbook transactions.

chime get spot me

If you’re trying to pay someone from your Chime account and don’t have the balance, Chime will simply decline the transaction. 

How to Increase Your Chime SpotMe?

While Chime can cover up to $200 of your overdraft transactions through the SpotMe feature, it doesn’t start that high.

Initially, the SpotMe feature will only let you overdraft your Chime account up to $20 before reaching your limit.

Well, technically, you don’t start out with a Chime SpotMe limit at all.

That’s because Chime users must first receive a qualifying direct deposit of at least $200 into their Chime accounts before they can begin using SpotMe.

Your limit will slowly increase over time, depending on a couple of different factors.

Chime will look at your transaction history, SpotMe usage, direct deposit history, spending activity, and other risk factors associated with your account. 

The two most important factors, however, are the regularity of your direct deposits and your debit card usage. 

chime direct deposit

You, as a Chime customer, cannot manually control your Chime SpotMe limit, and Chime employees are not allowed to manually change your limit either.

If you want to increase it, I’d recommend regular direct deposits and a low-spending history. 

chime how much of your paycheck direct deposit

There aren’t any fees associated with the SpotMe feature, no matter how much it covers for you. The next time you deposit money into your account, it will go towards covering the SpotMe deficit. 

Does Chime Spot Me Work with Venmo?

Chime’s SpotMe feature is an industry first for financial institutions looking for ways to help their overdraft customers get out of debt, not get them into more debt because of the fees they could incur.

Venmo users often wonder, does the Chime SpotMe feature work with Venmo?

Just like Cash App, Chime, and Venmo are two separate apps that can’t be used together.

If you wanted to transfer money between the two, you’d need a third-party bank account to act as a middle man as you can’t transfer money directly between the two. 

You can’t use the SpotMe boost to cover overdrafts in Venmo, nor can you use the Pay Anyone feature and SpotMe together to pay someone on Venmo.

Why Did My SpotMe Limit Go Down?

If your SpotMe limit decreased instead of increased like you thought it would, you probably have some questions.

You can’t directly control SpotMe, so it’s hard to tell exactly what contributes to your limit’s rise and fall.

SpotMe limits can decrease for a variety of reasons. If you had a boost or a bonus that you were using, but it just expired, it could have affected your SpotMe limit in a negative way. 

Direct deposits are also one of the biggest factors when it comes to your SpotMe limit.

If you have had any less direct deposits, like direct deposits on a less frequent basis, then when you set up your SpotMe feature, your limit may decrease.

Another negative change could come if your direct deposit is less now than it was before.

Chime lets you overdraft money if they see that it will be repaid through a direct deposit. If they’re less confident that that money is coming in, they’ll lower your SpotMe limit.

Chime does make a point that once your direct deposits increase back to the level they were at when you were getting $200 SpotMe features, they will be able to restore your SpotMe limit.

You may be able to reach out to Chime support for some more clarity as to why your limit fell, but they won’t be able to tell you exactly why as it is up the Chime’s system. They also can’t manually increase or decrease your limit.

How to Use SpotMe on Chime

If you’re new to Chime and have heard of the SpotMe feature but aren’t sure how to start using it, it’s a simple process you can do on your own from the Chime app. 

To begin using Chime’s SpotMe feature, you must first get Chime’s debit card, activate it, and receive one qualifying direct deposit of at least $200.

You’ll want to receive a lot more than one direct deposit if you’re going to want a high SpotMe limit as well. 

chime spotme cover

Before trying the SpotMe feature, make sure your Chime is up to date.

Head to your mobile device’s app store to ensure that your version of Chime is the latest out. If it isn’t, the feature may not be available for you.

Head to settings once you’re ready to activate it. If you qualified for SpotMe, meaning you got the $200 direct deposit and activated your debit card, you should see a button inviting you to start using the feature. Click on it to begin receiving fee-free overdrafts when you need them. 

Chime sporadically offers ways to increase your SpotMe limit through referral promotions through their app, so log in and see if they have anything that could help increase your limit. 

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