11 Best Fintech Marketing Agencies in 2023

best fintech marketing agencies

Aspiring fintech companies need a marketing agency that will not only keep up with the fast pace of startups but one that will lead. 

With so many marketing agencies, founders would think that finding one that suits their needs will be an easy task; however, few generalist agencies are suitable for the job.

Therefore, finding a specialized fintech marketing agency is a must if you don’t want to get caught up in explaining things over and over again. 

So, without further ado, here are the best marketing agencies for fintech companies at all stages of their journey.  


cstmr fintech marketing

CSTMR was established in Austin, Texas, in 2014 by Rory Holland and Jack Macy. The two are industry veterans who’ve supported some of the biggest fintech companies in the US.

They lead a team of clever advertising experts, digital strategists, marketing specialists, writers, developers, and designers that work across the US and the world.

The team brings their passion to building customer experiences that drive revenue, engagement, and long-term loyalty by focusing on strategy, design, and execution while focusing on metrics to engage customers in the totality of their journey.

With a deep background in financial marketing, the agency helps fintech companies grow by standing out from the rest of the pack by minting a unique path built around your customers and your UPO. 

The agency also helps fintech companies design products and mobile apps but also takes new brands to market and optimizes the marketing programs of existing businesses that are ready to accelerate their growth.

Their digital marketing services include: 

  • Marketing strategy (strategic foundation, brand strategy, customer acquisition…)
  • Paid media advertising (media buying, testing, analytics…)
  • Organic marketing (content, SEO, social media marketing…)
  • Experience design (web, product, UX, app design…)

The most well-known clients include Credit Karma, Lending Tree, SELFi, UniTeller, First Phase, and others.

Walker Sands

Walker Sands is an integrated B2B marketing agency founded in Chicago in 2001. The company was an Inc. 5000 member eight times and has offices in Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle. 

Its offering includes a broad suite of services:

  • Media and influencer relations
  • Strategic messaging and thought leadership campaigns 
  • Proprietary research and data-driven PR
  • Content development and distribution

Walker Sands is working with fintechs that specialize in:

  • Payments processing and value-added services
  • International money transfer and cross-border payments
  • Alternative payments and cryptocurrencies
  • Peer-to-peer payments
  • Alternative lending and alternative investment platforms

The marketing agency’s fintech clients include Finicity, WorldPay, bill.com, Stax, Tradeshift, Hyperwallet, DailyPay, and Bluefin, among others.

Outside of fintech, the most well-known clients are GrubHub, SEMRush, RaspberryPi, and Accenture.

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arppr fintech

Atlanta-based ARPR was founded in 2012 by Anna Ruth Williams. The company has grown to more than twenty employees and won numerous awards.

ARPR helps fintech clients stand apart from the competition. From regtech and payments to e-commerce and cryptocurrency, ARPR’s industry expertise and worldview of PR propels their clients to new heights.

ARPR is covering clients across the globe, including the US, South America, EMEA, and beyond. 

If you’re targeting B2B, B2C, or B2G, you can trust ARPR to use a smart combination of PR, social media, content marketing, and lead gen to drive measurable results.

ARPR provides fast-growing fintech companies with messaging, media connections, content marketing, SEO and digital marketing, inbound marketing, crisis communications, social media, exec and company leadership, and lead generation.

ARPR has worked with fintech clients in crypto, payment processing, regtech, and banking, including Prevedere, Updox, Sovos, EROAD, geothinQ, and ParkMobile.


NinjaPromo was founded in 2017 and has won several rewards for being the best fintech marketing agency. They have offices in London, Dubai, Singapore, New York, Hong Kong, and Vilnius. 

The marketing firm is specializing in fintech, and the team has become experts in blockchain, B2B, software, high-growth startups, and of course, fintech and marketing.

NinjaPromo provides an end-to-end fintech strategy built on data-driven insights, plus all the resources to seamlessly execute it, to reach your business goals in the fintech industry. 

Their clients include Dash, Trust Wallet, Polkadot, BitForex, Dopamine, Probit, IQOniq, BankSocial, and many others.  

Engine Digital


Engine Digital is a digital consultancy, design, and engineering studio with offices in New York City, Toronto, and Vancouver. The firm is focused on improving the way institutions, companies, and startups reach and connect with users. 

The team is comprised of strategists, developers, and designers passionate about creating digital platforms, goods, and services.

From the onset, the company has been helping clients grow through foundational brand experiences, e-commerce platforms, and new digital products and services, driving customer engagement and creating category standouts.

The marketing agency worked with heavy hitters such as Adidas, NBA, Google, Western Union, Mastercard, Pirelli, Lululemon, Goldman Sachs, and Equisoft. 

The agency’s focus is simple. Discover unmet customer needs, define the digital roadmap, create a digitally-centric brand, develop new digital services, launch a product, and optimize the experience. 

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DIJGTAL was founded in 2016 by Mark Nickson and Ross Churchill, the firm has offices in Sydney, LA, and Vancouver. 

The marketing firm uses its trademarked Rapid Opportunity and Value Accelerator (ROVA) to innovate, change, and transform.

Their approach is comprised of three phases:

  • Discover and experiment
  • Activate and engage
  • Design and deliver

Their most notable fintech clients are Till, PWC, Afterpay, and Retirement Essentials.

With Afterpay, the well-known Buy Now, Pay Later service, they were looking into solutions to get more customers to use the service in-store. The agency was running a rapid validation project on an improved approach to the POS system. 

They provided a payment mechanism that would result in a lower friction purchase and higher confidence for using it in-store.

With ​Till Payments​, creators of blockchain-based intelligent payment and revenue assurance systems, DIJGTAL worked on several projects as well as supported them on a whole stream of activities, including business strategy, marketing as well as UX and UI design.


hallam agency

Hallam is a marketing agency that was established in 1999, so they have plenty of experience and well-known clients, including the BBC, Speedo, and the United Nations. 

The company will work in partnership with you to create integrated marketing strategies that increase your revenue and deliver exceptional results. Their approach includes:

  • High-impact technical SEO campaigns to improve visibility in search engine
  • Making award-winning websites that are visually stunning and include seamless user experiences
  • Next-level paid advertising with data-driven insights and highly crafted in-house tools
  • PR that raises brand awareness and secures top coverage across the digital landscape
  • CRO to get more out of the traffic you already have and turn website visitors into customers 
  • Creative campaigns and expert management tools mean an award-winning social media presence


The team at Devotion has two decades of digital experience, as well as deep technical knowledge and creative ability to make sound recommendations based on real experience.

They are based in Australia and deliver great results across a wide range of industries in B2B and B2C.

Apart from fintech, they have worked with retailers, not for profit, property and asset management, manufacturing, ICT, and more. In fact, a part of their strategy is not to specialize in any vertical so as to remain challenged, innovative, and effective.

With Devotion, your fintech will get:

  • Insights and data-led strategies with an actionable roadmap 
  • Customer-centric UX, design that’s built for websites, e-commerce, and standalone applications
  • AI-first, growth-focused, omnichannel digital marketing solutions to help your business grow

eDesign Interactive


eDesign is a digital agency doing work for fintech startups, among other industries. The team is passionate about storytelling, visual design, and tech and eager to collaborate with small to large companies around the world to help them engage their audiences and build brand awareness. 

They do all it takes, including websites, landing pages, interactive campaigns, or just about any other digital media needed, merging innovative ideas with beautiful designs to reach the hearts and minds of core audiences.

For Finch, an innovative digital bank from New York, they did branding and logo development, brand guidelines, UX/UI design, visual design, 3D animation, motion graphics, WordPress CMS, Zendesk integration, SEO, and more.

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Impression is a multi-award-winning agency specializing in fintech, e-commerce, B2B, SaaS, and sustainability. They were founded in 2012 and have offices in London and Nottingham. 

The firm has in-depth knowledge of the demands set upon fintech companies when marketing across platforms. 

They can help you find a way to carve out a unique niche within a cutthroat industry and showcase why you’re different from the rest. This can be done in spite of the confines of regulatory standards that many other industries simply don’t face. 

In order to tackle this unique demand for fintech digital strategies, Impression utilizes a number of strategies to ensure fintech startups succeed in driving quality leads and customer lifetime value. 

This fintech marketing agency will take the time to get to know you and your industry, as well as your objectives, to give you the guidance that will accelerate your growth. 

They are actively striving to integrate with your team in order to create a collaborative relationship that both sides can be proud of. 



Vrrb describe themselves as a “digital agency, but without all the bull$#it.” They were founded in 2007 in Boston. They now have offices in San Francisco and Barcelona as well.  

The agency has a proven track record of more than 150 apps, websites, and products being built and launched, with 90% of its revenue coming from repeat clients and their referrals. Multiple products that the agency built were acquired at $50+ million.  

One of the agency’s most prominent clients is the well-known fintech Verifi, now part of the Visa family. 

Vrrb developed a robust ecosystem of Google and social ads and social media content to attract new clients where they are and communicate value on their terms.

Why Choose a Fintech Marketing Agency?

Why would you choose a fintech marketing agency over a generalist one? Obviously, having worked with other fintech clients, the agency’s team should by now know what to expect and what the needs of this unique market are.  

They should also be more familiar with the lingo and the tech behind the scenes. Customer expectations, user experience, app design – every industry is different. Starting from scratch isn’t easy, and the learning curve can be steeper than in other industries.


There are many marketing agencies that specialize in fintech or have worked with many fintech clients before. Some of them are smaller teams with just one office, while others are giants spanning the globe.

The point is that there’s a marketing form for all budgets and needs out there, and we hope that at least one of these will appeal to you. If not, good luck with your search. 

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