6 Ways to Check Chase Card Balance (With and W/O The App)

Written By Branson Knowles

If you’re a customer at Chase Bank and are wondering how to check your account balances, you have options.

Keeping an eye on your finances is a key step towards financial freedom, and luckily, Chase makes it easy!

There are six ways to check your Chase card balance; I’ve ranked them from the fastest and easiest ways to check your accounts to the slower ways that work just as well! 

  1. Texting “BAL” to 24273 (CHASE)
  2. Logging into the Chase Mobile Banking App
  3. Calling the Chase Bank 24/7 hotline (1-800-935-9935)
  4. Logging into Chase.com
  5. Finding and using an ATM
  6. Through an Associate Banker (formerly known as teller)

How to Check Your Chase Card Balance Through Text

Checking your account balance by texting Chase is easily the quickest way to get a snapshot of all of your finances. If you ever forget the number, it’s easy to remember. Just text “CHASE”, 24273!

checking chase balance by texting

By texting either “BAL” or “BALANCE” to 24273, Chase will instantly send you a text message with all of your account balances. This includes checking, savings, and/or any credit cards you may have. 

On Chase.com, or the mobile app, you can add nicknames to your accounts to differentiate them based on what you use them for. Unfortunately, when you text the mobile number, those names don’t appear. Instead, you can expect to see “chk1” for your first checking account and “chk2” for your second, if you have one.

All of your accounts will be displayed this way, with their available balance being shown beneath. The available balance may not be the entire balance of your account, just what has cleared and is available to spend. If you just deposited a large check, only some of that check will be added to your available balance. The rest will need a business day or two to clear. 

Credit card customers of Chase can get a use out of texting “balance” to 24273 as well. When they do, they will see the current balance on their credit card and their next due date! They can also get a peak at their current points and the rest of their credit card availability. 

How to Check Your Chase Card Balance Through The Chase Mobile App

Checking your balance on the Chase Mobile App is another easy and reliable way to do so. Before you open up the app and check on your card, there are a couple of key things to remember about mobile banking:

Ensure You’re Enrolled

Just because you have an account at Chase doesn’t mean you have immediate access to the app.

To log in, you’ll need a username and password.

You can create one on your own, or with a banker at your local Chase Bank branch.

Never Bank on Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi comes in handy when you don’t have a great internet connection, or are running out of data. Where it lacks is in its security; public Wi-Fi can leave your devices susceptible to hackers or anyone else trying to steal your information.

When you bank using Chase’s Mobile App, you’re communicating with a server through the internet, or through whatever Wi-Fi you may be using. If you’re on an unsecured, public network, hackers can see what information is coming and going — including your username and password!

No matter how bad you want to check your balance, make sure you don’t do it on public Wi-Fi. If you don’t have an internet connection and want to make sure your next purchase will go through, text the mobile hotline. They can usually send you your balance faster than it would take to log in anyway!

The Chase Bank Mobile App

Now that we’ve got the fun out of the way, let’s talk about how to check your balance on the Chase Bank Mobile App! What a name. 

chase bank app login

You can find Chase Bank’s app on Apple’s AppStore or on the Google Play Store, depending on the device you use. The app is represented by Chase’s trademark blue octagon as well so it’s easy to spot. Once you download it, you can check your balance 24/7, provided you have an internet connection (that’s private, hopefully).

After the app has been downloaded, you can enter your username and password to login. The Chase app is compatible with FaceID and TouchID technology, meaning that you can use either your fingerprint or your face to log in even faster.  

Your primary account should be the first one you see, for most people it’s the first checking account they’ve opened with Chase. Like I mentioned earlier, in the settings tab, you can even rename your accounts! I have two savings accounts, one named “Emergency Fund” and the other named “Fun Fund”. I bet you’ll never guess what they’re for!

The app will show you every balance you have, unless you want some hidden. In the settings tab, you have an ability to hide some accounts from view. This can be helpful when you have a long-term savings goal and don’t want to be tempted into spending your small saved-up fortune.

By clicking on the individual accounts, you can see your transaction history as well. The app updates in real time so you can check on your purchases as you make them. This is helpful if you ever think you were charged twice for the same item and need a way to prove it.

Lastly, a benefit of using the app is that you can make transfers in between accounts easily. If a balance is too low in one account, you can quickly move money over from another to cover it.

How to Check Your Card Balance Through The Chase Mobile Hotline

Calling the mobile hotline isn’t the most popular method, but it is effective. I get it — nobody likes talking to robots. Luckily, Chase’s automated system is quick and efficient, so you don’t have to talk to them for long!

calling chase mobile hotline

If you want to check your balance through a phone call, call 1-(800) 935-9935. Chase’s mobile hotline is available 24/7 to their customers and will read out each of your account balances. 

It may not be as fast as checking the app, but this method doesn’t require an internet connection. 

How to Check Your Card Balance Through Chase.com

checking chase balance site

If you’re on a computer, or even a tablet, the fastest way to check your Chase card balance may be through the website. Chase.com is a secure, simple way of seeing your balances while having the ability to do so much more!

Like mobile banking, you should make sure you never go to Chase.com on public Wi-Fi and you must be enrolled to see your balances. If you’re not enrolled, you can go through the process on your computer. 

Once those requirements are met, simply enter your usual username and password to see all of your balances. The mobile app and Chase.com are similar in what they’ll allow you to do. You can see the balances of all of your checking, savings, credit cards, and even investment accounts you have with America’s largest bank.

If you’re a business customer, your banker can link your personal and business accounts so you can see both balances with one login. You’ll have the ability to switch between business and personal once you’re already logged into the app, making balancing books that much easier. 

Again, if a balance is too low in one account, you can transfer money instantly from another on Chase.com

How to Check Your Chase Card Balance Through the ATM

using card atm

Chase has over 16,000 ATMs across America, with many being in or around their 4,700 branches. Most Chase ATMs are inside branches, but some have vestibules that can be unlocked after hours with a Chase Debit Card. Even better, some Chase branches have drive-thru ATMs, meaning that you don’t even need to get out of your car to check your balances!

Chase has integrated digital wallet capabilities into almost all of their ATMs. You can use your physical card, or your card on your phone! Personally, I don’t like taking out my wallet, pulling out my debit card, inserting it, and eventually removing it at the end of a transaction. Instead, I use my Chase Debit Card on my iPhone’s digital wallet. I bring up my card on my phone, scan it over the ATM, enter my PIN and I’m in!

You can add any and all cards you have with Chase to your digital wallet. Your primary debit card will pull up all of your accounts. If you have a debit card for a secondary checking account, that card will only pull up that account. Perfect if you’re a parent with an account connected to your kids’, but don’t want them pulling funds from you!

The ATM can also print your balances if you’d like a paper trail. It is an ATM, so you can always grab cash while you’re checking balances as well. 

How to Check Your Chase Card Balance Through the Teller Line

This is the longest way to check your Chase card balance. Not only do you need to find a branch, you’ll also need to wait until the bank is open. As a former banker, trust me when I say Chase Bank isn’t unfamiliar to a long line either.

If you do want to head to a branch, maybe chat with a person instead of a robot, the Associate Bankers will be more than happy to help you. Formally called tellers, the Associate Bankers can check and print out all of your balances, provided you have the proper identification available. 

Since you’ve made it all the way to the bank, you can also withdraw or deposit cash as well as make any transfers you need to make. 

Again, this option can be the most tedious, but if you already have business in your branch then perfect!

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Branson Knowles is a former banker and current writer at TopMobileBanks.com.

During his years banking, he helped his clients discover their financial freedom through smart savings and spending goals. He started as a teller before becoming a banker and obtaining his federal licenses, furthering his clients' on their financial journeys.

After becoming one of the top producing bankers in the state, Branson decided it was time to pursue his own financial freedom. He started writing freelance finance articles before joining TopMobileBanks.com, breaking down banking like only an ex-banker could.

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