How to Delete Your Chime Account the Right Way (2023)

Written By Branson Knowles

Before closing your Chime Account, you need to make sure to move over any direct deposits, zero out your balance, print any forms you’re going to want after the account is closed, and transfer over automotive payments. Then, head to the settings, click personal details and click close account.

Closing your Chime account is completely free and you can close it out whenever you want to. You don’t even need to talk to a Chime representative before doing so, all of the tools are in your hands from the start. 

If you do happen to have a negative balance within the Chime app, maybe due to using the SpotMe feature and overdrafting up to $200, contact Chime Member Services at 1-844-244-6363, or email

More often than not, banks or financial institutions like Chime don’t want you to close your account with a negative balance, as that means you owe them money. If you call Chime though, they should help you set up a payment plan. 

You should always transfer out any remaining balance you might have in your Chime account to another account you own before closing the account. If you close the account and a balance still remains, Chime will mail you your money in the form of a check.

Be sure to confirm your mailing address within the Chime app if they are in fact going to be sending you a check with your funds. It may take a couple of business days as well, another good reason to move the funds before closing the account.

Chime won’t allow you to access your account after it’s closed either. If you think you may need some old statements or documents from your Chime account, I would email them to yourself or print them out before closing the account as well. 

Once your account has finally been closed with Chime, all future tax documents will be mailed to you. 

What Should You Do Before You Close Your Chime Account?

Deleting your Chime account from the Chime app is easy. Before you do so, though, you should ensure a couple of things. Let me go over what you should do before closing your Chime account before I let you know how to delete it. 

Zero Out Your Balance

chime zero out balance

Before you close any account you own, you should always make sure the balance is zero.

Most, if not all, banks and financial institutions will give you your funds back in the form of a check in the mail, but it can take several business days, and the mail isn’t always the most reliable service, especially if you’re waiting for your money.

Before you close your Chime account, transfer your remaining funds out of Chime and into a connected account.

If you don’t have a linked bank account to send your funds to, you can always send them to a friend you trust who can withdraw the money for you.

Check Your Mailing Address

More often than not, fintech companies will communicate with you through their app.

Once you close your Chime account, you won’t be able to login and communicate with Chime and Chime won’t be able to communicate with you.

If they ever have any future tax forms or documents for you, they’ll send them in the mail.

Make sure you have the right mailing address on your Chime account so that you can receive all your future mail from the online banking company.

You can check and change your address in the Chime app, in the settings. 

Change Direct Deposit

If you’re currently receiving your check in the form of direct deposit into your Chime account, you should consider moving it over to another account.

Once your Chime account is closed, you won’t be able to access your direct deposit, even if the transfer was already made.

When I worked for Chase Bank, I saw several direct deposits get trapped in closed accounts.

Money sent to a closed account gets stuck there, as the customer who formerly held the account can’t withdraw it, and the bank has a hard time accessing closed accounts.

Don’t let this happen to you, move your direct deposit over to a new account or let your boss know you’ll need paper checks again before closing your Chime account.

Check for Automatic Payments

Chime is great if you’re looking to pay bills on a regular basis.

You can either use the Chime debit card or the routing and account numbers that come with your Chime account.

Either way, bill pay though Chime is completely free and you can set it up and stop in all on your own.

Before you close your Chime account, make sure you don’t have any automatic payments that will continue to be processed on your account.

Chime will decline the transactions, and you may receive a fee from the payment processor because of it.

Understand Your Access

Once your Chime account is closed, it’s closed.

You won’t be able to log back in to access your account, view your statements, or send and receive money.

You’re probably well aware of all of that, but it doesn’t change the fact that you should understand once your Chime account is closed, your access to the account is gone forever without the help of Chime Support.

How to Delete Chime Account (Step-by-Step)

Deleting your Chime account is simple; you can do it all from the mobile app so long as you have the latest version.

If you’re trying to delete your Chime account but aren’t able to, make sure you have the latest version downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Let me break down the Chime account deletion process in a couple of easy steps:

1. Go Through The ‘Before You Close’ Checklist

In this same article, just above this section, I detailed a couple of things you need to do before closing out your Chime account.

I recommend reading through the section before moving forward.

You’ll want to make sure you’re moving over any direct deposits, zeroing out your balance, printing any forms you’re going to want after the account is closed, and transferring over automotive payments.

2. Log Into The Chime App

log in chime app

Closing your Chime account is easiest done through the Chime app itself.

Find the Chime app on your mobile device and open it. If you use a PIN to add another layer of security to your Chime account, as I do, go ahead and enter it now.

3. Head to the Settings

chime settings

Once you log into the Chime app you’ll be on the home screen.

Click on the settings button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

The button is represented by a gear, the traditional logo for settings.

4. Click Edit Next to Personal Info

chime edit

The settings button will take you to the settings portion of the Chime app.

Here you can check your app limits, check your account number, and close your account.

You can close your account from within the Personal Info section of the app, where you can also change your $ChimeSign and address. 

5. Close Your Account

close account

Scroll down to the bottom of the Personal Info page on the Chime App, and you should see a button in bright read text that reads Close my account.

6. Confirm That You Want to Close Your Account

close account submit request

While Chime makes it easy to close your account through their app, they want to make sure you’re not doing it by accident.

To close your account through the app, you need to type a message to Chime customer support confirming your interest in closing your account.

You must also enter the last four digits of your social security number.

7. Receive Your Funds in the Mail

Chime will send you the remainder of your balance within 30 business days through a check in the mail to the address they have on file, if you didn’t zero out your balance before deleting your Chime account.

If you did, the only things you should receive in the mail are any future tax documents Chime needs to send you. 

Does Closing Your Chime Account Hurt Your Credit?

Credit is pretty hard to understand in America.

For the most part, we all understand that closing accounts usually hurts our credit scores, but does this same line of reasoning apply to closing or deleting your Chime accounts?

As Chime is treated like any other bank account, closing or deleting it doesn’t affect your credit score at all. It won’t improve your score, and it also won’t hurt it either. 

Closing credit cards are more likely to impact your credit negatively. 

Should I Close My Chime Account if I Don’t Use It?

I saw this question asked pretty frequently, so I thought it would be a good idea to address it here.

If you opened an account through Chime and ended up not using it as much as you thought, you might wonder whether it’s worth keeping open.

Chime is free and secure, so there isn’t any harm in keeping your account open.

If you’re afraid of someone trying to withdraw funds from your inactive account, it may be in your best interest to close it out. 

Chime Closed My Account While I Had Money In It?

Sometimes Chime may close your account without your knowledge, even if your account has money in it. If they do, your money isn’t lost.

Chime may close your account for a couple of different reasons. Sometimes they suspect fraud, other times they close the wrong account, which may not have been your fault. 

If Chime ended up closing your account with money in it, they should be sending you a check in the mail to the address you have on file within 30 business days of closing your account. 

Your Chime Account Alternatives

If after closing your account you are looking for Chime alternatives, there are many digital banking apps in the U.S. that have amazing benefits for customers.

I recommend checking our article – 15 Best Digital Banks and Banking Accounts in the USA

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