12 Apps That Can Make You Money (How To Boost Your Income)

money making apps

Your smartphone could earn you supplemental income if you know the right platforms. Whether you need a part-time job or side hustle, there are tons of mobile apps available for download that you can use to make money.

You can earn cash from these money-making apps by taking surveys, selling unwanted stuff, managing money with investments, or cash back rewards from shopping. Since you are already using your smartphone to pay bills and monitor your bank accounts, why not make extra cash?

Let’s take a look at some of the money-making apps you should download today.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is headquartered in California and is a subsidiary brand of Prodege, LLC. Its users earn cash and reward points for shopping online, taking surveys, watching entertaining videos, and playing games. Available for both iOS and Android, this mobile app enables users to redeem points for gift cards from retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

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Making cash from this app is a fun side gig when you have some spare. Most users earn $50-$200 per month, while the power users can make 4 or 5 figures each year.

Since 2008, Swagbucks has paid over $594,863,302 in cash and gift cards. There are 10,000 gift cards or PayPal cash deposits made each day.

Signing up to the platform is free. You can join using your email address or your Facebook login. Once you sign up, you’ll accrue Swagbucks (SBs) points after completing some micro jobs on the site. These points will be put together as gift cards or PayPal cash.

Users get a $10 joining bonus if they spend $25. However, the SBs are not very valuable; therefore, it could take a lot of time to accumulate cash. You’ll receive your rewards in 10 business days.

2. Ibotta

ibotta logo

Ibotta is perfect for cashback. From grocery stores, restaurants, warehouse clubs to drugstore chains, Ibotta has cash back for almost every category. They have more than 1,000 participating retailers and have paid cashback of more than $1.5 billion to date since the company began in 2012.

They also have seasonal offers such as the $20 cashback free back to school offers if you download the Ibotta app.

To earn these cashback rewards, you can either shop using the app or upload the receipt.

3. Rakuten

Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten enables its users to earn rewards and cashback when they shop. The stores pay Rakuten a commission which the company pays users as a cashback either through PayPal or cash.

Rakuten was founded in 1997, and it offers cashback, shopping rewards, and deals on the world’s largest selection of products and services. Since its establishment, the 12 million members in the U.S. have earned over $1 billion in cashback.

Once you sign up, you can earn cashback from more than 2,500 partner stores among them, Amazon, H&M, Walmart, Kohl’s, Macy’s, eBay, Expedia, and JCPenney.

4. Robinhood


If you are more into investments, Robinhood is the best app to use. This app provides commission-free investing and the tools you need to grow your money. Once you sign up, you get your first stock for free.

With Robinhood, you can invest in thousands of stocks with as little as $1. They have tools such as Fractional Shares, enabling you to invest in partial shares for companies like Google.

You’ll be among the first to know the IPO price of a particular stock. The app notifies you of any upcoming IPOs via the mobile app so you can become the first public investor. In addition, you can also request shares in new companies before their stock starts trading.

The app enables users to monitor and manage their investments on the go.

5. Foap


Foap is a good money-making platform available on iOS and Android that allows people to earn cash by selling photos from their phones. You can be an amateur or professional photographer to use this app. The app also works as a crowdsourcing platform where marketing, advertising agencies, and brands purchase images.

To get started, you’ll need to upload some high-quality images which need to be rated by the registered members. If your photos are rated highly, they become more visible. The advantage is that one photo can sell several times, which improves your earnings. Foap has supplied images to top brands such as Nivea.

Foap also has a tool called missions, where photographers can work with specific brands and agencies. On top of photos, some brands also request for videos.

6. iPoll


With the iPoll app, you get paid to take surveys. The surveys will require answering questions about products and services you use as well as places you visit to earn some rewards from their catalog. Each time you give your opinion by taking a survey or testing products, you’ll get compensated.

iPoll’s survey topics range from trending news to favorite TV shows and brands. After you respond to the survey, you qualify for cash payouts and gift cards from top brands.

7. Acorns


If you want to invest extra cash or save up for retirement, the Acorns app is ideal. With the app, you can use Round-Ups to invest spare change and get money tips on the go.

Acorns is one of the best investing apps with a beginner-friendly platform and interface. The signup process is pretty straightforward, and you can start saving up cash immediately after your account is active.

Unlike other apps, the downside is that Acorns has subscription fees for its users. However, they are pretty low, at $ 1 per month for a Lite account, $3 monthly for a personal account, and $5 per month for a family one.

Acorns is a great app for individuals who want to start investing but don’t have much cash. After answering a few questions, the app will recommend the best portfolio based on your risk tolerance.

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8. Capital One Shopping

capitalone shopping

Capital One Shopping helps users by giving them rewards or notifying them about better deals. When using the app or browser extension, you’ll get information if there’s a coupon for specific products or if you can get it at another store at a lower price.

To earn rewards, you have to shop with partnered restaurants and stores. In addition, you can also redeem your gift cards at specific stores. Capital One Shopping also has a watchlist to let you know when an item has had a price drop.

9. Sweatcoin


Sweatcoin enables you to earn from walking. It tracks the daily activity and rewards users with sweat coins. To make the coins, you have to keep the app running in the background at all times. Your coins will be converted into cash but can’t be withdrawn. 

These sweatcoins can be redeemed for services and goods like audiobooks, athletic wear, headphones, and meditation. The company has also partnered with over 300 brands specializing in goods and services that promote a healthy lifestyle.

10. Uber


If you have a car, you can make money from ridesharing and food delivering services like Uber. You can utilize your spare time on the weekends and in the evenings to make cash from Uber. The app allows you to decide on your own working hours so that you can work in your free time.

In some instances, the company has promotions and bonuses for drivers, especially new ones. You might also get tips from customers for good service. During peak hours, there’s usually a surge in price, which makes you more money. In addition, you can opt to use Uber eats for food delivery if you are more comfortable with that option.

To start making cash from this app, keep in mind that you’ll need to meet some regulations. You’ll need a valid driving license, go through the screening process, and provide any necessary documents required by the company. As long as your vehicle is well maintained and you’ve covered all the necessary costs, you can make substantial cash.

11. OfferUp


OfferUp is ideal for selling items that you don’t need. Just like eBay or Craigslist, you can upload images of any items from clothing, electronic devices, furniture to find buyers. Apart from the pictures, you can add a description of each item and the price. You can find almost anything on this site.

Buyers can reach out to you and send a message on the app to get an item. You can receive cash payments for your products and organize for direct shipping to the customer. To reach more buyers, you can promote your item on the platform.

Most transactions are in cash because it’s a local business. Once the shipment is delivered to the buyer, they need to evaluate it for a maximum of two days and complete the payment. As the seller, you’ll receive the payment in five days.

12. TaskRabbit


You can sign up to TaskRabbit if you want to make money from doing some actual work. This app allows you to advertise your services to the people in your area. Once you create a profile on this site, you can handle tasks such as TV mounting, moving furniture, household cleaning, or IKEA assembly.

Your profile should highlight your featured skills and rates. If you complete more tasks, you have a better chance of attracting more customers. The site also has ratings that highlight the best reviews. Download the TaskRabbit app if you are open to handle physical-intensive jobs.

How Do These Apps Help You Make Money?

Some of these apps have common ways in which you can earn cash. Here are the most common ones.

  • Rewards

The apps that are tailored towards cash backs enable the users to earn gift cards or cash. The gift cards can be redeemed at the top stores for favorite items.

  • Investment Options

Some of these apps also help you make money by providing investment options. You can buy stock, monitor your investments, and get advice directly via the app. Most of these investments are not costly and need a few dollars to get started. In addition, they are also ideal for long-term passive income.

  • Completing Tasks

You could either perform small or large tasks. Most survey apps are straightforward. Users are required to respond to some questions and earn money in return. However, in some apps, especially the freelance ones, you have to set up a profile, complete some jobs to get paid. These can be professional like writing or handy work.


There are tons of mobile apps that you can use to make money. While some may not earn you a lot of cash instantly, it’s an ideal means to make extra cash on the side during your free time.

Each app has a specific requirement before you start enjoying any perks. Before signing up for one of them, ensure that there’s some available income.

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Current: The Future of Banking

As a Current mobile banking app affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.