Petal Credit Builder Card Review

petal credit builder
  • Strong focus to help clients build credit
  • Opportunity to get cash back on all purchases
  • Payments calculator
  • 2% – 10% cash back when you support local merchants
  • Shows which subscriptions you might consider canceling

If you’re looking to improve your credit, the general consensus is that you need a credit card. You have goals. Petal has technology-driven solutions to support those goals.

The Petal card allows you to control your cash, so it’s not just going into fees and blind purchases. With Petal, you have access to your credit score, which allows you to adjust your spending habits and improve your score faster.

Among credit builders, Petal is a great option. They offer you several specific benefits, which I’m going to go over here. I’ll also lay out the pros and cons of the Petal card, so you have all the information.

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The Rundown

Simply put, the Petal card is a credit builder card that looks at more than just your credit score, so it’s great for those with credit challenges. 

Petal looks at what they call a Cash Score to determine your credit limit, which could potentially mean a higher limit for you! There’s also no initial security deposit, which is different from other starter cards.

Petal has two cards— Petal 1 for those starting with low-to-fair credit and Petal 2 for those with fair-to-good credit. If seeing the numbers helps you to stay on budget, the Petal card is a great choice. 

With so many digital banks out there these days, the Petal app takes it to the next level. They give you an arsenal of financial improvement tools at your fingertips. Petal also stands out with Leap, their credit limit increase program, and Petal Perks, their rewards program.

So how do you know that the Petal card is the right fit for you on your credit-building journey? You have options. Before you apply, look at all the details.

What is Petal Card?

A new kind of credit card company, Petal, set out to help people reach financial success, flaunting “credit with a conscience.” They specialize in credit cards for first-time cardholders. They also work with people denied by other credit institutions. 

Petal partners by WebBank is a big player in the world of digital-only banks. WebBank works with other popular brands like PayPal and Klarna. Petal also partners with Visa, which means you can set up and benefit from Visa Local Offers and Roadside Dispatch.

Initially, Petal launched the Petal 2 as their only card but rebranded in October 2020 when they came out with the Petal 1. This opened their market more to those with little or no credit and those who are more financially strapped.

Features of Petal Card

As a Petal cardholder, you’ll have access to specific features:

  • Cash Score

Setting Petal apart from other challenger banks is their Cash Score, an algorithm created to stand beside your credit score. They look at your bank account balances and income, which can increase your chances of approval.

  • The Leap Program

With Petal’s credit limit increase program, cardholders have an incentive to meet specific goals that build healthy financial habits and earn rewards. This includes a credit limit increase and the option to move from Petal 1 to Petal 2.

  • The Petal App

An essential part of the Petal financial health plan, the Petal app has many features, such as the Mobile Wallet and the Insights page, where you can keep track of your spending and credit score.

  • The Petal Perks Program

The Petal Perks Program is different for Petal 1 and 2, but it’s basically a cashback rewards program based on your spending habits.

  • Petal reports to all three credit bureaus

Pretty straightforward, you can review your score at any time in the app. This is helpful when you’re inexperienced and working to increase it.

Petal 1 versus Petal 2

When applying for a Petal card, you will receive a notification to inform you which card better suits your situation. Let’s see how they compare.

Petal 1

  • An option for those with low-to-fair credit or cash scores who want to increase their score
  • You pay late fees and return payment fees
  • Credit limit: $500 – $5,000
  • APRs: 19.99% – 29.49%
  • Cashback: 2% – 10% cashback from select merchants

Petal 2

  • Great for those with fair-to-good credit or cash score
  • No fees
  • Credit limit: $500 – $10,000
  • APRs: 12.99% – 26.99%
  • Cashback: 2% – 10% cashback from select merchants; 1% cashback on all purchases with the potential for up to 1.5% cashback after 12 consecutive months of on-time payments

Petal Card Pros & Cons

When picking a starter card, you have a lot to choose from when it comes to mobile banks. Check out the pros and cons to see if the Petal card is the right choice for you.


  • Petal’s Cash Score means you’re more likely to get approved with little to no credit
  • Rewards for spending
  • No security deposit upfront means more cash in your pocket
  • Potentially high credit limit not dependent on your initial deposit
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • No annual fee


  • No cash advances
  • Low cashback rate compared to other starter cards
  • A minimum payment due date that you can’t change

Benefits of Petal Card

On the path to financial wellness, you want support. Petal card offers that support. With two cards, a mobile app, a cash flow algorithm, and market-competitive rates, you will feel like Petal is cheering you into credit health. Here’s a deeper look at how:

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  • Petal Card 1 and 2

When you apply with Petal, they’ll tell you which card you are eligible for. While the Petal 1 card has more limited features, don’t despair. Work on building healthy spending habits and increasing your credit score. Through the Leap Program, you’ll receive the opportunity to improve your credit limit and even graduate to the Petal 2 card. They work together!

  • Petal Mobile App

You will appreciate this feature when you are a Petal cardholder. This is your home base. It’s easy to navigate and lays everything out for you so that you can be in charge of all your spending choices with knowledge in hand. You can set notifications for bills and even get overviews of your subscription services. The messages help you stay on track because you can check everything on your phone at any moment of the day.

  • Cash Score

I’ve gone over Petal’s particular method of calculating how much you’re worth, but there’s more to elaborate on. Using a Cash Score, they consider your hard work and responsible spending, even if you have credit struggles along the way. If your goal is to build your credit, you are already thinking ahead, and in my opinion, Petal’s scoring algorithm honors that.

When Petal rates your Cash Score, they use that to decide your credit limit (based on which Petal card you are eligible for). You pay no security deposit. Your credit limit is based on your initial security deposit with most starter cards, which is often as low as $100. With a Petal card, you’re starting limit is $500. It’s not money out of your pocket when you’re just starting!

Petal Mobile App

From my perspective, mobile banks have refined the app experience. Petal Mobile app provides you with tools for success when it comes to your credit-building goals.

All you have to do is scroll, and you can check on your current credit score at any hour of the day. This function helps a lot when you’re learning what influences your score to go up and down.

Petal provides an estimate of how much interest you’ll pay each month, depending on if you pay the minimum or the total amount. This estimate will help you plan your budget ahead of time and not have to suffer from unexpected rates.

Use the budget calculator to set your goals for the month. Keep track of your balance and make decisions based on information right before your eyes.

Check the map to find locations near you where you can use your cash back rewards. Make purchases on purpose that will make money for you!

How To Sign Up for Petal Card 

The application process for the Petal card is pretty straightforward.

Visit their website, and look for the “Start Applying” button in the right-hand corner. Just be aware that you will have to provide information for a bank account so that they can create a Cash Score for you. Have your income information and savings and checking account information handy, and once you apply, you should immediately know if you’re approved.

Like all digital-only banks, there are no locations, so you’ll have to wait 6-10 business days for it to arrive in the mail.

Build Your Credit Score with the Petal Card

You will provide Petal with as much information as you want to receive the best option possible. The more information you give them on your current financial situation, the more they will have to work with you to provide you with the best rates. You are in control with a Petal card.

If you have little to no credit, think about applying for the Petal 1. If you have decent credit but are struggling to increase your score, consider Petal 2. 

For a credit card service, Petal prides itself in supporting spenders rather than trapping them. Their Cash Score feature gives cardholders a chance to prove what you already know: that you can do this.

Petal knows that your credit score isn’t all that you are, but they also know that your credit score is essential. Odd things can cause it to fluctuate, like not having enough credit open! 

The great part about having access to the Petal app is that you can see how your choices impact your score in real-time. Then you adjust accordingly, giving yourself the best chance possible.

To Sum it Up

The Petal Credit Builder Card is an excellent option for those seeking financial freedom and might have a hard time getting there on their own. Whether you have some experience with credit or none at all, Petal has options with both of their cards.

With great features like the Leap Program, the Petal Perk Program, and the Petal app, you will have every tool you need to improve your credit score and move forward economically. 

This card has little to no fees, a solid rewards program, and a unique Cash Score system to ensure that your money works for you and not just the bank.

Petal makes it easy to apply, get approved, and navigate their program. You get to decide if Petal is right for you.

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