Revolut Metal Card 2023 (Does It Provide Good Value?)

revolut metal card
  • £12.99/m, €13.99/m, $16.99/m, ¥1800/m
  • Faster money transfers
  • Worldwide travel insurance
  • Free airport lounge passes
  • Event ticket protection
  • Purchase and returns protection
  • Cheaper investing
  • Unlimited no-fee currency exchange

If you’re still on the fence thinking about getting a Revolut Metal Card Account, you’re not alone. Millions of Revolut users are probably thinking if they should pay a good amount of money to upgrade and get a cool-looking metal card. It is an easy way to make yourself look important and cool. Luckily, we’ve got the answers. Here’s our short verdict:

Revolut metal card was never about value for money. No matter how many perks they throw at you, only the power users, or should I say power spenders, will get the most out of the account. Instead, the prestige that the sleek metal card offers its users is its true value. The newest iPhone can do the same things that a much cheaper smartphone also can do, yet, there’s no shortage of people waiting in line to buy it.

How to order a Revolut Metal Card?

If you’re on one of the paid accounts already, you can upgrade to the Metal Account instantly. Go to the “More” section of the app, tap “Upgrade” and then tap “Go Metal!”. Easy. You’ll also get a refund for the month or months you didn’t use your Premium account.

For Revolut Standard Account holders, the process is the same but you might have to wait for a couple of weeks due to a backlog. 

Anyone that’s not on the Revolut platform, can start here.

Revolut Metal Card Review

Europe’s first metal card does look stunning in person I have to admit. I would never upgrade an account solely for the looks of a debit card but this one might just be worth it.

It looks sleek and the weight of the metal makes it really satisfying to use. I prefer using the Revolut metal card over the app anytime. There are five Revolut metal card colors available to choose from – gold, rose gold, silver, space grey, and of course the original black.

There are other metal cards on the market as well, of course, some came before Revolut’s metal like Wells Fargo, Chase and Capital One in the US, and American Express Centurion on both sides of the Atlantic. Some came after, such as N26, bunq, Curve, and Monzo to name a few.

High-Street Inertia

Is the metal card a trend that other digital banks are going to follow? And what about high-street banks? What are they waiting for? With such fierce competition from challenger banks like Revolut, they should have jumped on the metal bandwagon straight away. Do they seriously have to be the last ones offering special perks to their customers?

Let me give you a single example that will show with amazing clarity all the inertia that high-street banks are displaying. Top 4 banks in Ireland are trying to launch a digital payments app that they hope will help them resist the threat posed by new digital banks, such as Revolut. A joint venture by AIB, Bank of Ireland, Permanent TSB and the Irish arm of Belgian bank KBC is needed to make 1 digital payments app! 

With so much talent on the island, they have reportedly selected Italian fintech giant Sia to provide the technology.

Naturally, so much power under one roof raised some eyebrows and the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) has launched a preliminary investigation into the plan under competition rules. Good luck to them is all we can say. Maybe 2022 will be their year!

Pros & Cons of Revolut Metal Card

Let’s go back to our Revolut metal card review now. The Metal account is the most expensive account in the Revolut gamma but it also offers a comprehensive service. Aside from your metal card being delivered to your doorstep for free, you also get other perks that mostly enhance your traveling experience. Too bad then that we can’t travel anywhere at the moment.

You get unlimited no-fee currency exchange, overseas medical insurance, delayed baggage and flight insurance, free lounge access for you and your 3 friends, car hire excess, and spending at the interbank rate which is the best rate. 

Apart from its monthly fee of £12.99/m (€13.99/m, $16.99/m, ¥1800/m), probably the worst aspect of Revolut might be their poor customer support experience. This, I might add, is nothing new for digital banks or payment apps. In fact, other companies are arguably even worse. Trustpilot pages of these companies look like a bloodbath from all the red, negative reviews. 

It is a shame really that customer experience has taken a backseat to explosive growth and a lack of interest I guess.

At least you can save around 20% when you pay your Metal Account annually, and as for customer support, your only hope is that you won’t need it. 


  • Free metal card
  • Up to 5 Junior accounts
  • Daily interest on savings Up to 0.65% AER
  • Car hire excess
  • Free lounge access for 4 people
  • Cashback on card payments


  • No-fee ATM withdrawals have an £800/m limit
  • No physical bank branches
  • Poor customer support
  • No overdraft


The most expensive Revolut account has some lower fees than other accounts. This is especially true for investing fees and markups. If you tend to invest in Bitcoin or some of the 9 other cryptocurrencies that the app has to offer, you will have lower fees, but there are some other disadvantages.

We also don’t like that there’s a monthly £800 withdrawal limit. It just doesn’t sit well.

  • £12.99/m, €13.99/m, $16.99/m, ¥1800/m
  • 2% fee for withdrawing money from ATMs after £800/m limit
  • Cryptocurrencies exchange markup of 1.5%
  • Commodities exchange markup of 0.25%

Cashback and Rewards

This is an exclusive feature for Metal subscribers that gives you cashback in a currency (including crypto) of your choice. All you have to do is spend money.

You’ll earn cashback at the rate of 0.1% in Europe and 1% outside Europe. It’s not mindblowing but at least it helps offset the cost of the Metal subscription.

Revolut is also constantly adding Rewards that range from online discounts to in-store cashback. Similar to Netflix, not everyone gets the same Rewards as recommendations. They’ll recommend Rewards based on what you liked or bought before. You can leave a thumbs up or thumbs down to let them know what you thought about the recommendation.

Your rewards might be rejected if you return the product or buy offline when the promo was online-only, and other such reasons.

Travel Insurance

All Revolut users are able to apply for Travel Insurance (except Swiss). You can get insured for less than a pound per day or if you travel a lot, there’s a £30 annual price tag.

Metal users get travel insurance for FREE and the insurance policy will cover overseas emergency medical assistance and expenses for you and your family. That sounds like a great deal although, luckily, I haven’t used it personally.


Savings Vaults were first introduced in 2018 and in the first two months, users saved a respectable 5 million pounds. You can save money in vaults in any currency including crypto, and people usually use them to stash away some money for a house, holiday, or car.

There are a couple of ways to save up money with vaults. You can round up your purchases to save the change into a normal or a crypto vault. You can even add a multiplier to the round up to speed up the savings.

Two other options are to put in lump sums or to create a recurring monthly payment.

Purchase Protection

The Purchase Protection is only available to Plus, Premium and Metal users and offers theft and accident insurance coverage on things that were purchased with your Revolut account and are brand new and bought in the last year. For Metal, there’s a £10,000/year limit.


Premium and Metal accounts offer the most competitive investing fees of all four plans. For cryptocurrencies, the exchange markup is 1.5% and for commodities 0.25%. You can buy, sell, and transfer your crypto to friends just like any other currency but you can’t transfer it to an outside crypto wallet and that is a dealbreaker for any serious crypto investor.

Other Perks

  • Budget and Analytics. This is a useful tool that will help you stay on your financial track by creating automatic categorisations, spending limits and real-time notifications. 
  • Junior Accounts. The Metal account lets you open up to five (!) Junior accounts that you control by setting custom controls for their online and contactless payments, freezing and unfreezing, and having real-time spending notifications.
  • Pockets. Pockets are a way to manage your direct debits, subscriptions and scheduled payments. You just set them and forget them – it’s that easy.

The Bottom Line

We hope that this Revolut Metal Card review helped you make a decision. How much are 18 grams of metal worth to you?

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