How to Transfer Money from EDD Card to Bank Account in 2023

Written By Adrian Volenik

If you’re receiving your benefits to an EDD card and you want to transfer the money to a bank account, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, we’re going to explain how to easily transfer EDD payments to your bank account and other things you should know about.

You can easily transfer money from your EDD card to a bank account by setting up one-time or recurring direct deposit transfers on the BoA website. 

Otherwise, you can use the EDD card as you would any other Visa debit card (shop online or in-store, get cashback, or withdraw money at an ATM). 

How to Transfer Money from EDD Card to Bank Account

To transfer money from your EDD card, which is basically a Bank of America debit card, you need to know your bank account’s routing and account numbers

With your EDD and those numbers in your hand, you can set up a one-time or a recurring direct deposit directly on the BOA website or by calling their customer service number. 

Bank of America portal 

You can access the Bank of America EDD debit card portal at any of the two website addresses. Both of them point to the same website:

You can complete the process on your smartphone or a computer. When you enter the website, here’s how to transfer your EDD money to your bank account:

  1. Login by using your username, password, and the CVV number on your card
  2. Open the sandwich menu on your mobile phone and tap on “Transfers”, or
  3. On your computer, open the “My Money” menu and click on “Transfers” 
  4. Choose a one-time or a recurring transfer
  5. Choose your account type (Checking or Savings)
  6. Enter the account number
  7. Enter the routing number
  8. Enter the sent passcode
  9. Enter the amount you want to transfer
  10. Verify the details
  11. Agree to terms and conditions
  12. Tap on “Continue” to finish the transfer

How Long Does The EDD Transfer Take?

When you sign into the BOA website, you’ll see a message explaining that the transferred funds can take up to two business days to show up in your checking or savings account. 

You’ll also be notified that once you complete the transfer, it can’t be canceled. 

On this note, make sure to double-check your account and routing numbers, because if you happen to enter the wrong numbers, the money may be gone and you might not be able to ever get it back!

What Is EDD

Employment Development Department (EDD) started in 1935 as the Department of Unemployment. 

Now it has more than 10,000 employees all over California and the department administers Unemployment Insurance (UI), Disability Insurance (DI), and Paid Family Leave (PFL) programs as well as employment service programs and data collection. 

In 2018/2019, the Department had an annual budget of $882 million. 

What is an EDD Card?

EDD cards are issued by BOA and are used to allocate benefit payments for:

  • Paid Family Leave
  • Disability Insurance 
  • Unemployment Insurance claims

So, how do you get an EDD card? Do you need to order it or apply for it? The answer is no. You get the EDD card by default once your first benefit payment is authorized. It takes anywhere between 7 and 10 business days for it to arrive at your address. 

Once your new card arrives, you have to activate it by calling the toll-free number 1-866-692-9374 or 1-866-656-5913 (TTY), or by visiting the Bank of America debit card website and selecting “Activate My Card”.

The EDD card behaves like a typical Visa debit card that you can use anywhere Visa cards are accepted, be it online, in-store, or even by phone. 

Apart from transferring money to your bank account for free, you can withdraw cash at ATMs, or banks, or get cashback in stores. You can withdraw $1,000 per day from an ATM.

Because it’s a Visa card, you are protected against fraud with their Zero Liability Policy and can even get notified when your deposit hits the account or when your funds are low. 

Your EDD card is good for three years after issuing. If you have activity on your card in the last 90 days of its validity or have $20 or more on it, you will get a new card automatically. In other cases, you will have to get in touch with Bank of America to get a new one.  

To keep track of your payments, transfers, and activity, download the BoA Prepaid Card App from an app store. 

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EDD Card Fees

EDD card is a convenient and mostly free way of spending your benefits money. There are no account maintenance fees and no inactive account fees. In addition, all domestic purchases have no fees no matter whether they’re made – in-store or online. 

ATM withdrawals at Bank of America ATMs are cost-free as well. Regarding out-of-network ATM withdrawals, you get two free withdrawals per deposit. After that, you have to pay a $1 fee. The ATM may charge you additional fees as well.

If you’re going abroad with your EDD card, each international transaction will cost you 2% of the amount, and ATM withdrawals will be $1 (plus ATM fees). 

How to Apply for EDD

You can apply or make claims for EDDs programs completely online. There’s no need to visit their offices, although there are many statewide. If you don’t have an EDD account yet, you’ll have to register for one and confirm it by clicking on the link in the email that you’ll get.

Once you login, you can choose which claim you want to complete. In addition to completing forms, you may need to send or upload additional documents. 

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It’s easy to transfer money from EDD card to your bank account. Simply follow our instructions, or consult the leaflet you got with the EDD card. Alternatively, call the BoA customer support to help you out. 

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