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Uber is already a well-known household name across the US and Europe – in part, thanks to it being one of the first adopters of the modern lift system and other innovations such as the highly popular Uber Eats. So it’s no surprise that Uber has also expanded its reach into other areas such as finance. We take a look at exactly what the Uber Credit Card offers and whether it’s worth applying for when it comes to the average credit user.

Read on for a complete review of the Uber Credit Card, including its suitability for travel, how available the card is, and the credit limit that customers are offered. We’ve included all the details you need to know to decide if choosing this credit card is right for you.

What is Uber Credit Card?

As the name suggests, the Uber Credit Card is the latest addition to the offering from Uber – and is designed to work perfectly in tandem with their other services for a seamless payment process for those who consider Uber an everyday part of life. As a replacement for cabs, Uber has already taken America – and the wider world – by storm, so why not introduce their own form of payment into the mix? As a Visa credit card, Uber Credit Card is widely available and has an entirely personalized rewards structure to best-suit its specific demographic.

Introduced in November 2017, this card was long-awaited by many Uber regulars as a way to get additional benefits from continual use. With no annual costs and fees, as well as the benefit of Visa Local Offers, Uber Credit Card offers an excellent opportunity for a particular subset of customers. But beyond their highly targeted demographic, the benefits of this card are pretty much redundant. But for credit card users that enjoy all loose ends tied up within one single experience, there are plenty of reasons to invest the time into applying for this credit option.

It’s worth noting that as of October 2019, the Uber Credit Card has undergone a full rebrand and rework, in line with Uber’s new Uber Cash payment method and system.

When and Where is Uber Credit Card available?

As part of Uber Cash, it is currently only available to customers in the US – little information is available about if the brand is considering spreading into wider markets with their financial offering. The credit card has been made available to US customers as of November 2017, through October 2019 saw a significant overhaul and chance to the card as a whole. Including the reward tiers provided to users. To apply for an Uber Credit Card, all Uber users need to navigate to Uber Cash on their app and then select ‘apply.’ Application via the Barclaycard US website is also available from desktops and mobile.

Is Uber Credit Card suitable for travel?

In the sense of Uber Credit Card being good for physical travel, it’s no surprise that using Uber anywhere provides excellent benefits to credit card customers. Whether you’re traveling on a city break using the Uber app, or even traveling by Uber Copter, rewards are readily available within the Uber Cash system. In terms of vacations and going abroad, it offers 3% Uber Cash cashback on airfare, hotels, and purchases in restaurants. As a Visa credit card, Uber Credit Card is widely accepted across many countries and vacation locations, making it a great companion for long-distance travel. If you can get past the Uber Cash rewards, that is.

What is the credit limit?

As a Barclaycard product, Uber Credit Card follows the same rules of every other card the bank offers. The credit limit you’re provided depends entirely on your circumstances, as well as your credit history. The same applies to whether you’ll be approved for the card or not, which follows the same stringent rules Barclays applies for all their services. It’s worth mentioning that an introductory offer is available within the first 90 days of a successful application, with up to $100 Uber Cash cashback on $500 spent – which suggests a limit of at least $500 for the average applicant.

What cashback is offered?

Before October 2019, Uber Credit Card held a range of highly appealing cashback offerings on its flagship finance solution. But as of the introduction of Uber Cash, the card has undoubtedly lost some of the shine it once held. Only three tiers are offered in terms of reward: 5% Uber Cash cashback on all Uber services, 3% of hotels, airfare, and restaurants, and 1% on everything else. The big problem with this cashback system – unless you’re a diehard Uber user – is the fact you don’t get any actual, physical money back from your purchase. Worth knowing before you click ‘apply’ over any of the other real-cashback credit cards on the market.

Is Uber Credit Card worth it?

So, for the average credit card user, is Uber Credit Card the choice for you? If you don’t plan on regularly utilizing Uber’s many services, then this credit card may not be the best fit for you. Realistically, Uber Credit Card is designed for the loyal fans of Uber’s services, be it food delivery or convenient transport. If you fall into the category of using Uber twice a day for work – or even more – then the benefits of this credit card might be the right fit. But for the average user that takes advantage of Uber once every couple of weeks, it’s not worth the time applying.

The transition from real cashback to the Uber Cash system is one of the significant downsides for users – even for long-term fans of Uber itself. If one of your requirements for a credit card is getting real money back for your purchases, then Uber Credit Card won’t be a suitable fit for your lifestyle and personal preferences at all. But for a small subset of diehard Uber users, the benefits more than outweigh the costs. For that particular audience, Uber Credit Card is the perfect fit – but it’s a smaller demographic than you might think.


As a Current mobile banking app affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


As a Current mobile banking app affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.