4 Possible Reasons Why Your Easypaisa Account Is Suspended

Written By Shayan Shamim

Your Easypaisa account may be blocked due to a risk of fraud or due to being dormant for more than 90 days. Your account could also have been suspended due to multiple account sign-ins on your device.

Easypaisa is one of Pakistan’s leading mobile wallets. It provides its users with seamless basic banking services via an interactive mobile application.

Though the mobile wallet has lived up to its reputation, there have been some issues with account blocking and suspensions. This article highlights the four possible reasons why your Easypaisa account is suspended.

1. Account Blacklisted

easypaisa account blacklisted

Several users have reported having their accounts blacklisted by Easypaisa. This is usually due to the result of any fraudulent transactions via their Easypaisa accounts.

Easypaisa has made the lives of Pakistanis easier. However, there are some individuals who take these privileges for granted and try to cheat their way to earn a few bucks.

Some individuals are unaware of their fraudulent transactions and thus unintentionally get their Easypaisa accounts blocked. If your Easypaisa account is blocked, you should see this screen when you try to log in to your Easypaisa app.

To fix this issue, you need to contact Easypaisa customer service. Telenor users can dial 3737 from their numbers, while individuals having sims from other service providers can dial 042-111-003-737.

You can also chat with an Easypaisa representative via Facebook messenger. Search the Easypaisa page on the Facebook search bar and locate the official page of the company. Click on Message.

easypaisa facebook chat

Write your query, and you will receive an automated reply. A customer service representative will contact you soon and will let you know the next steps.

easypaisa chat

Bear in mind that you may be asked to provide an apology letter to Easypaisa stating that you will not engage in any other fraudulent activities on the platform. You will also be asked to share your CNIC’s front and back pictures for verification.

2. Account Suspended/Blocked

easypaisa account suspended

If you ever made risky or fraudulent money transactions from your Easypaisa account, the company reserves the right to block your account. Sometimes, Easypaisa will also suspend your account if you misuse the Easypaisa invite to earn feature.

Imagine this, you are making a purchase and have finalized the price after an hour of negotiations. You open your digital banking app to transfer the amount and are shocked to find out that your account has been suspended. Annoying right?

Some Easypaisa users have gone through this frustrating situation. Be it due to their own fault or due to external factors.  

One of the most common reasons for a suspended Easypaisa account is fraud risk. Some people misuse the invite-to-earn feature of the application to send fake invites to others to earn money.

Fake invites allow individuals to generate a substantial amount via cashback and defraud Easypaisa bank. Some accounts also get suspended without doing anything illegal.

This can be something as simple as having an expired Identity card which must be renewed to make the account run smoothly.

If you are getting the following screen when you log in to your app, you need to call the Easypaisa helpline.

A representative will ask you for the following things:

  • Account Title (Name of the account holder)
  • CNIC number
  • CNIC Issue Date
  • CNIC Expiry Date
  • City of Birth

After you have provided them with this information, they will let you know the next steps. The representative will also let you know the estimated time for your account to be functional again, and it usually does not take more than a day.

3. Account Dormant

easypaisa dormant account

Easypaisa suspends the account, which does not have any activity for the past 90 days. Dormant accounts need to be reactivated to perform transactions.

Digital wallets are designed to help you perform day-to-day money transactions hassle-free. But sometimes, users are unable to keep their account up-to-date and leave it unopened for months, and such accounts are at risk of becoming dormant.

Easypaisa accounts have the feature of becoming dormant or deactivated if there is no activity for more than 90 days. Earlier, the time for an Easypaisa account to become dormant was one year, but it has since been reduced to three months.

Account dormancy is done to avoid any fraudulent transactions from your account. You can get your dormant account unblocked by calling the Easypaisa helpline or by visiting your nearest Easypaisa merchant with a biometric verification facility.

4. Device Blocked Due to Multiple Accounts

easypaisa device blocked multiple accounts

Your device may become blocked due to multiple account sign-ins on your device.

Easypaisa’s policy allows you to run a single account on a single device. You can log in and log out of two or more accounts occasionally, but frequent logins of multiple accounts can result in your device being blocked for any Easypaisa account. This is done to avoid fraudulent activities and fake invite scams.

You do not need to worry if you are one of these individuals. Your device will automatically become unblocked after 72 hours. If it does not, call the Easypaisa helpline to register your complaint.


Easypaisa account provides its users the freedom to carry out simple money transactions with a tap of their fingers. If you are one of the unlucky users who have got their Easypaisa account suspended or blacklisted, get in touch with the representatives at Easypaisa. Figure out the cause and implement the proper steps to get your account back on track.

Most users who abide by the rules and policies of Easypaisa do not face these issues. You do not need to worry about anything if you haven’t carried out any suspicious transactions or run only a single account on your phone.

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