How to Transfer Money from Zelle to Cash App (Workaround’22)

how to transfer money from zelle to cash app

Zelle and Cash App are two of the most popular money management apps. And because they are inherently very different, a lot of people tend to have and use both of these apps. 

That’s why we’re answering a widespread question that users of both apps have – How to transfer money from Zelle to Cash App?

In order to transfer money from Zelle to Cash App (and vice versa), you’ll need to have a connected bank account that will act as a go-between the two apps because there’s no direct way of transferring money between the two. 

How to Transfer Money From Zelle to Cash App

There’s an explosion of money transfer apps and digital banks on the market. However, most of these apps don’t support transferring money between them which is annoying but understandable to some degree. 

The companies want you to use their app, and their app only. When you need to send cash to someone, they want you to invite the other person to their platform and thus gain a new user. 

For that reason, there’s no way of sending money directly from Zelle to Cash App. Although this isn’t great, there is a simple workaround. 

You see, in order to properly use Zelle or Cash App, you need to connect a bank account to either of them. That bank account can also act as a middleman between the two apps and make the money transfer possible after all. 

So, to send money from Zelle to Cash App, you’ll have to send money from Zelle to a connected bank account. After that, you can send the money from the bank account to Cash App.

Zelle > Bank Account > Cash App 

Let’s have a look at the individual steps.

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How to Add a Bank Account to Zelle

how to add a bank account to zelle

The easiest way of connecting Zelle and your bank account is by looking for the Zelle feature in your bank’s mobile app. 

Zelle is already in more than a thousand banking apps. Simply follow the steps in your banking app to register. 

The other way of connecting the two is from the Zelle app itself. When you’re ready to link the two, enter your online banking info (username and password) into Zelle. It’s as easy as it gets. 

How to Add a Bank Account to Cash App

Now that we added a bank account to Zelle, we need to do the same for Cash App. To add a bank account to your Cash App:

  1. Tap the Profile Icon in the Cash App
  2. Select “Linked Banks”
  3. Tap “Link Bank”
  4. Follow the steps

Apart from a bank account, you can also add a debit card. To do this:

  1. Tap the Profile Icon in the Cash App
  2. Select “Linked Banks/Accounts” or “Add Bank”
  3. Tap on “Link Debit Card” 
  4. Enter your card number
  5. Enter the expiration date
  6. Enter the CVV number
  7. Enter your ZIP number

If you want to edit an already linked bank account, i.e., replace it with another one:

  1. Tap the Profile Icon in the Cash App
  2. Choose “Linked Banks”
  3. Select the bank account you wish to remove or replace
  4. Tap “Replace Bank” or “Remove Bank” 
  5. Follow the steps

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How to Send Money With Zelle

Now that we connected a bank account to both Zelle and Cash App, we can finally transfer the money. 

There isn’t a Zelle balance per se because whenever you get money transferred to your Zelle account, it moves automatically to your bank account. 

However, if you want to send money to your bank account that’s connected with Cash App, you’ll first need to enter the email address or phone number of the said bank account. 

After that, you’ll need to enter the amount you want to send. Here are the exact steps:

  1. Select “Send Money with Zelle”
  2. Tap on “Send Money”
  3. Choose your recipient or add a new one 
  4. Choose their email address or phone number
  5. Enter the amount to send
  6. Type a message in the message box (optional)
  7. Slide to Send
  8. Tap on “Yes”

The last step in transferring money to Cash App from Zelle is to send funds from your bank account to Cash App.

What Kinds of Bank Accounts Aren’t Allowed With Zelle?

Not all bank accounts or cards are accepted by Zelle. Your bank will determine which of your accounts are qualified. Zelle doesn’t accept the following:

  • Credit cards 
  • International debit cards
  • International deposit accounts

To be allowed on Zelle, checking accounts have to be based in the United States.

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What Are The Zelle Sending Limits?

zelle sending limits

Finding out Zelle limits isn’t as straightforward as looking up on a website, for example. 

To find out what your limits are If you already have a Zelle account, and your bank or credit union offers Zelle, contact them to find out about their sending limits via Zelle.

What we do know is that your weekly send limit is $500 if your bank or credit union doesn’t support Zelle. There’s also no way of increasing or decreasing this transfer limit.

Why is Zelle so popular?

Zelle is popular a free service that was developed by major banks and was instantly recognized by both users and other banks. 

It was recognized for its speed (users don’t have to wait a few days to get their money) and because it doesn’t cost any money. Other banks also jumped in because they started saving time and money on processing paper checks.

Zelle is an integral part of many banking apps which is a fact that many people aren’t even aware of. 

For that reason, you don’t even have to download the dedicated Zelle app and can start using it as soon as you make an account. 

Who can use Zelle? 

You can use Zelle to send money to people you know and trust if you, and they, have a US bank account. Also, at least one person in the transaction needs to have access to Zelle via their bank or credit union. 

Because of that, if your bank doesn’t allow Zelle, the other person that’s sending you the money (or receiving it from you) has to have an account that supports Zelle. 

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Is Zelle safe?

You’d think that a money transfer app developed by basically all the major banks would be bulletproof. However, Zelle is far from uncontroversial. 

It doesn’t have the best track record of keeping its customers’ money safe and secure. There are countless bad reviews and testimonies from people like you and me that were at the center of a scam

Zelle is unresponsive in tackling these scams and doesn’t offer any help. Typically, if you don’t go to a TV channel or newspaper to make your case public, you may lose your money forever. 

Zelle, just like Cash App and Venmo, declares that their money transfer service is for transmitting money only to people you know and trust.

Nevertheless, people will use Zelle to send money to strangers. It’s because they mistakenly think that Zelle includes a buyer protection program similar to PayPal. Plus, they’re backed by major banks and even integrated into their apps. 

Even though you don’t know that there aren’t any protections in place, the scammers are aware of the fact. That’s why they like these kinds of apps. If you want to find out more about Zelle scams, read our dedicated article: The 5 Most Common Zelle Scams (And How To Stay Safe).


Zelle and Cash App aren’t compatible and therefore you can’t send money from one to the other without having a connected bank account or debit card that can act as a go-between.

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