Digital bank accounts for UK registered businesses

If you run a UK company, you need a bank account to keep up with a trade. Nowadays, there are digital bank options that offer bank accounts for businesses.  Business banking requires specific features. Some are essential, while others are luxuries that can make life considerably more comfortable. Here’s our guide to help you choose … Read more

Digital banking for freelancers

‘Getting down to business’ these days increasingly involves pulling out your tech and going online from anywhere, at any time. Much has been written about the massive boom in remote working and highly fluid workforces operating across vast geographical areas, including continent to continent! At the core of this is a growing army of freelancers, … Read more

Digital banking for travelers

In response to increased demand for traditional retail services and transactions to move online, digital banking is set to expand and develop rapidly in the coming years. For many people, being able to do all their financial management via app-based banking is a logical and welcome step forward. This includes the growing numbers of business … Read more

Introduction to the UK digital banking

Digital-only banks are using innovative technology and software to win customers in competition with traditional high street banks.So, how do mobile-only banks work, and why are they can be better?Read on to find out more. What are the mobile banks? Mobile banks, such as Revolut, Monzo, Monese, and others, are digital banks where every transaction happens via an … Read more