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ANNA Money review

ANNA stands for “Absolutely No Nonsense Admin” and is a digital business current account and assistant designed for small to medium-sized enterprises. ANNA account comes with a business debit card and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

How to open account

Just like many other digital financial apps, ANNA makes it quick and easy to sign up. Download the ANNA app, use your passport or driving license as prompted to verify your identity, and enter a few personal details. Your ANNA application can be approved within minutes, and your new business account is up and running before you know it. 

ANNA offers its customers the choice of four monthly plans. The entry-level plan has no monthly cost and is recommended for businesses with a monthly income under £500, and it has a maximum balance of £5,000. This account comes with two debit cards, two free local transfers, and free ATM withdrawals up to £100 per month. Next up is £4.90 per month plan, recommended for businesses with a monthly income between £500-£2000, which has a maximum balance of £25,000. This account comes with three debit cards, four free local transfers per month, and £300 in free ATM withdrawals. Businesses with a monthly income from £2,000-£20,000 are recommended to use the £9.90 per month plan. This plan comes with a maximum balance of £120,000, 5 debit cards, 35 free transfers, £2,000 in free ATM withdrawals, and three users can access the account. The last option is for businesses bringing in monthly income between £20,000-£100,000 and comes at £24.50 per month. This plan has a maximum balance of £700,000, unlimited debit cards, unlimited app users, unlimited transfers, and £10,000 in cash withdrawals. Every plan grants customers access to the range of finance management features ANNA offers on the app.

And its good to know that all ANNA cards are miaowing:

ANNA makes it possible to easily add funds to your business account via transfer using your sort code and account number. ANNA also has a handy invoicing tool that allows your clients to pay you directly into your ANNA account. Their invoicing feature makes it simple to create and send invoices, as well as create recurring invoices. mobile app review

The ANNA app aims to make business finances easier to manage, and the app is in keeping with this theme – clean, simple, and easy-to-navigate. The first thing visible to customers on the app is an overview of their account. ANNA allows customers to do everything they would usually do with a current account, including direct debits. Personalized spending reports are available to break down your business finances and make them easier to digest. ANNA’s invoice service is especially handy for small businesses and freelancers. It allows you to set up a new invoice within minutes and chase up payments when they are due. Every ANNA debit card you have can be managed through the app, setting individual spending controls per card – great for staying on top of expenses. Another feature of the app is 24/7 in-app assistance that combines AI chatbots and actual humans to deliver the best advice and solutions for each customer. Overall, the app has some great features. The invoice tools and customer service are incredibly useful, and ANNA has stated that they are releasing new features soon, such as integration with accounting software and Tax calculation.

Loans availability

ANNA does not currently offer any loan products, credit services, or overdrafts, but they may extend their service to these areas in the future.

For travel

Card payments with ANNA are free in the UK; however, if you use your ANNA debit card abroad or make international transactions, there will be a foreign transaction fee. This means there are not any particular perks for traveling with ANNA. If traveling is a significant aspect of your business, you may want to consider other business account options.



  • ANNA is currently offering a three-month free trial of their service
  • Customers can set up an account with ANNA within minutes
  • The app is easy to navigate and has useful features such as invoicing and expenses already integrated
  • 24/7 responsive in-app customer service


  • Foreign currency fees will apply for withdrawals abroad or international transactions

The highlight of ANNA’s service is the slick app and all of the helpful features integrated into it that make business banking much more comfortable. Managing expenses and chasing up invoices is made so much easier when you use this app, and the option for multiple debit cards, even with the free plan, is undoubtedly a plus. There are cheaper alternatives for business accounts on the market. Yet, ANNA’s unique service and features make it a service we’d recommend looking into further if you are growing your own business.