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Anytime Digital Bank review

Anytime is a neobank based in Belgium and France that offers banking services to individuals, professionals, companies, and associations. Their service is designed to replace your current bank account or be used alongside holding licenses with the ACPR (Bank of France) and the FCA (Bank of England).

How to open an account

Anytime makes it easy to open a professional account online by providing some basic information. To open an account, users will only need a valid form of ID, proof of address in France, their company’s registered name, and their shareholders’ ID. Once all the information has been entered, Anytime takes between 24 and 48 hours to approve the information and activate the business account, and your Anytime cards will be sent in the post. 

Anytime offers an array of account plans to suit different professional needs. The first is the freelancer/private individual account, designed to help individuals get a clearer view of their spending. This account offers one business account and one personal account, and three Mastercards that are plastic or virtual. The next is the Professionals account designed to suit small businesses and start-ups, offering ten plastic or virtual Mastercards, expense management, and a responsive phone advisor. A company plan for the medium to large companies can be used to manage team expenses and an account designed to help people create and grow a new company. Anytime boasts the most extensive array of business account plans in the neobank industry, offering price plans to suit many sizes of business, objectives, and needs. 

How to add funds to account

There are numerous methods for adding funds to your Anytime account, making it just as easy as adding funds to a traditional bank account. Funds can be added via SEPA Payments, transferring funds from another Anytime account, sending a cheque, or tapping up with a debit or credit card. Anytime is also compatible with SumUp payment terminals, offering a terminal for a reduced price. This terminal can be used for clients to pay you by card directly into your business account.

anytime review. Mobile app

The Anytime mobile app places business finances at the forefront of the user experience, allowing customers to see exactly how much money is in their business account and tools to manage budgets. The app comes with a range of features designed to make business finances more comfortable to understand and easier to oversee. The user chooses between a French IBAN or a Belgian IBAN, and access to as many virtual MasterCards needed to manage budgets. The app makes it easy to set up direct debits for bills and payments, and just as easy to collect direct debits from clients. The app also supports the upload of XML or CSV files to make paying employees as effortless as possible. Anytime is easy to synchronize with external accounting software, and there are automated features for calculating VAT and dematerializing receipts. Each element of the app helps optimize and streamline business finances, assisting users in spending less time managing finances and more time growing their business.

Loans availability

Anytime does not currently offer customers options for loans and credit. However, they do have the option to connect your Anytime account to your other bank accounts, be it a credit or loan account, to gain an overall picture of your finances on the app. for travel

Anytime offers several benefits for travel, which will appeal to those who travel frequently or do some of their business globally. It is common for banks to charge anywhere between 2 and 3% on international transactions, which can add up. However, Anytime does not charge fees on international transactions or withdrawals. Anytime also makes it easy to make a payment anywhere within Europe or within their 33 supported currencies.

Anytime review. Conclusion


  • Quick and convenient application process
  • Online payments in France and abroad
  • A wide range of account types to suit different business needs
  • Accept cheques.
  • As many MasterCards as necessary, for both personal and business use.
  • Budget management tools.
  • No fees on international transactions.
  • Partnership with SumUp makes it easy for merchants to accept card payments anywhere.


  • Have to pay a minimum of €114 per year to access their service

Anytime offers one of the most sophisticated and elaborate business banking services currently available from neobanks. There is a wide range of features designed to make the management of finances much more accessible. Anytime is continuing to work with other fintech start-ups to integrate the most compelling new fintech into their service.