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mettle business account review

Mettle is a banking app that provides customers with a digital business account, allowing users to conduct their business banking operations through their mobile phones. Mettle is the debut standalone banking app offered by a UK high street bank, brought to customers by NatWest, a UK bank that is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland group. Mettle is an entirely separate entity from NatWest, so Mettle is not yet covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). This means that customers do not receive protection on deposits up to £85,000 as accounts with FSCS protection do.

How to open an account with Mettle?

Mettle is currently in its pilot stage of release, meaning it is only available to a limited amount of customers before rolling out to the wider general public soon. At the moment, customers can sign up for early access to the app on the Mettle website. The current sign up process may change once the app is fully launched, but customers can rely on the fact that the application will take mere minutes. For now, sign up begins on the Mettle website by entering your email. They will then prompt you to answer a few questions about your business and invite you to join their early access.

Mettle currently offers a pre-paid account; however, this will likely change after the pilot stage. This card can be topped up by direct deposit from another of your bank accounts, or customers and clients can pay directly into the account.

As Mettle is currently offering a pre-paid account, the balance can’t become negative, so an overdraft service is unnecessary. There are currently no overdraft facilities; however, Mettle may introduce one in the future.

Mettle monthly plans review

One of the most significant advantages of Mettle is that it is entirely free to join and free to use, offering a fully functioning UK business bank account with no fees. The majority of business bank accounts in the UK, including offerings from digital banks, will charge for selecting their services and for larger-sized businesses. Mettle is striving to provide an entirely accessible service, so customers will not be charged for joining the app, and you won’t be charged for setting up and maintaining an account or using any of its features. Currently, the maximum account balance is £50,000, and the maximum payout of the account is £10,000.

Review of the mobile app

In its pilot stage, the app offers a range of features that will be of great use to business owners looking for an intuitive and convenient banking solution. The application takes place on the app, asking the user to follow a series of prompts to open a business bank account within minutes. Once your account has been set up, there is a range of features and functions at your fingertips. The app allows users to create and send full invoices straight from their mobile phone, in a quick and straightforward process. The app also allows users to track the progress of all of their invoices within the app in a sleek and user-friendly interface. Customers can also manage and track their expenses quickly and can upload their receipts from their phones. Mettle also offers a unique tasking feature, allowing users to set tasks for the day, from following up overdue invoices to paying bills. All cards from Mettle can be managed through the app with a simple tap of the finger, freezing and unfreezing with ease.



  • An application can be completed within minutes
  • Completely free to sign up, set up, and maintain a UK business bank account
  • The invoicing feature allows customers to draw up invoices and send them in an instant
  • Expenses are easily managed, and receipts can be uploaded quickly
  • Customers can set up daily banking tasks in the app
  • The freeze and unfreeze feature allows for extra security


  • Deposits are not covered up to £85,000 as Mettle is not yet FSCS protected
  • Currently in its pilot stage, so not available for all customers yet
  • he current maximum account balance is £50,000 for sole traders and £100,000 for limited companies

Mettle’s free UK business account will be tempting an array of customers, from freelancers, to self-employed to small businesses. The lack of fees across the service is a unique selling point when it comes to UK business accounts, and makes it far more accessible compared with the services that have long been offered by traditional financial services. The app itself shows great potential, making many typical business banking operations incredibly easy, from invoices to expenses. The tasks feature a unique innovation in the digital business banking landscape. Unfortunately, as the app is still in its pilot stage, it is not yet available to the general public. However, signing up for early access will allow users to try out the brand new app as soon as it is launched.