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neat.hk review

Neat (www.neat.hk) is an online banking platform from Hong Kong. With transparent pricing and an easy-to-use online and mobile interface, Neat fills a gap in the market.

Neat is a trustworthy and secure digital banking solution licensed by the Money Lenders License, Money Service Operator Licence, and a TCSP license. Also, customer funds are stored in segregated bank accounts in Hong Kong at both ICBC and OCBC, which means that funds remain protected.

How to open an account with neat.hk

Opening accounts is simple and can be done online from anywhere in the world. This ease of use is one of Neat’s most significant selling points.

Neat offers two kinds of accounts: business and personal. While personal accounts are free, business customers will have to pay a small monthly fee. Some transactions with Neat will also incur a small fee. Fees for Neat banking are very fair; business customers will pay HK$60 a month to use their Neat card. Setting up an account is entirely free for all customers. Considering the ease and convenience of banking with Neat and some of the other features the app offers, this is a great rate.

Funds can be added via cash top-ups and bank transfers and being paid in from the accounts of employers and friends.

Some of the neat.hk features

Neat’s prepaid Mastercard works around the world, both online and offline. Neat also claim you’ll get the best exchange rates for over 50 currencies, so Neat is an excellent choice for customers who travel a lot.

There is a Neat mobile app, and it’s very well designed indeed. As a primarily online banking service, Neat’s put a lot of effort into creating a mobile app that runs smoothly and serves as a hub for your banking needs.

One of the unique selling points of Neat for business customers is that the app offers a unique way to keep track of spending and manage budgets for employees. You can create custom accounts and limit payments for each Neat Mastercard you manage, verify transactions, and enjoy simple expenses reimbursement systems.

Neat offers an excellent platform for business customers who want transparency, transparent fees, and high control over spending and budgets.