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WorldRemit review

If you’ve been looking for an online money transfer service, you may have heard of WorldRemit. First established in 2010, WorldRemit’s service’s goal is to offer their customers cheaper money transfers, as well as a smoother experience and a more convenient process for all parties involved. Want to know more about what makes WorldRemit a contender for you? Or want to know all the details about how the service works, and where to access it? Read on WorldRemit review to find out more:

What is WorldRemit

WorldRemit is part of the current generation of online money transfer businesses, offering an alternative to traditional banking with a lower cost and – often – higher practicality for the average user. Designed to provide flexibility to its customers, this online money transfer system offers a vast range of different options for paying in and receiving funds across different currencies. The platform is accessible both from the WorldRemit app and desktop, with no need to visit a physical location or wait for an appointment. In the world of internet immediacy, that’s a massive tick in WorldRemit’s favor.

Where is WorldRemit available

Since 2018, WorldRemit has boasted an expansive selection of different countries. Both in terms of those able to register and in terms of where you can send your currency. As it stands, the platform currently supports over 50 countries for sending money. These include key locations like South Africa, the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, and much of Asia and Europe. WorldRemit supports sending money abroad to over 140 countries in total, which may not be an exhaustive list around the world – but it’s pretty close.

How does it all work

With a platform like WorldRemit, how does the whole money transfer thing work? While at a traditional bank, you may have to go in and talk to someone to get the transfer process underway, systems like WorldRemit are purely an online affair. Create an account either on your desktop or laptop, or sign up via mobile WorldRemit app, and you can be well on your way to sending currency wherever you’d like it to go. It’s that simple – no need to speak to someone, follow the steps, and your money could be on its way to where it needs to go.

WorldRemit is so versatile because it doesn’t just send money in one specific format. Depending on the country you’re sending to and from, there is a wide variety of options to select from. Just a few of those listed include pick-up agents, bank accounts, mobile wallets, and airtime top-up. But before you can press send, you need to know which paying in the method you’re going to use. Luckily, WorldRemit also supports a wide range of payment systems, including bank transfers, debit and credit, Trustly and even Apple and Android pay.

What advantages are there for this platform

What are the reasons why you might want to choose WorldRemit over the other platforms on the market? A massive benefit for WorldRemit over its competitors is the sheer amount of options on offer. 140+ countries to send to, and 50+ to send from, is a hard figure to find in the industry – making it an incredibly versatile choice. Combine that with the quality of their WorldRemit app, which provides full functionality, and this platform has the ease-of-use and practicality needed to make money transfers effortless.

A low minimum transfer and relatively high maximum make it easy to transfer exactly what you want to. While the range of different payment options means you do not have to find workarounds to get your cash where it needs to go. For convenience and practicality, WorldRemit is at the top of its league, and that’s only going to improve over time as they further expand their services.

What downsides are there to choosing WorldRemit

Cost is one factor that’s always worth considering with money transfer. Naturally, it makes sense to shop around to get the best rate. WorldRemit makes its money by charging a small fee, roughly about £/$4, for its services, in addition to a margin. Pretty standard for the industry as a whole, and still far less expensive than visiting a bank and going through the process that way. However, WorldRemit certainly doesn’t have the best deals on the market and isn’t always the cheapest option.
Customer service for WorldRemit also isn’t entirely on par with other options in the industry. No live chat is offered, which is a staple for many transfer platforms, and there have been a few complaints about service from existing customers.

Is WorldRemit worth it

So, is WorldRemit your top pick for money transfer? That may depend on a few factors. Depending on where you’re sending money to, the platform may not be the most cost-effective. But if you’re more worried about getting it done quickly and easily from your smartphone, WorldRemit is probably a safe and reliable choice. As always, weighing up the pros and cons is the best way to find what works for you – and don’t be afraid to shop around to see what fits best with your specific needs and requirements.