Modality Integration on Smartphones via Smart Client

In 2007, Clairmail became the first provider to introduce the mobile banking triple play – defined as messaging, mobile web and client applications on a single, unified platform – which is now universally recognized as a standard requirement for any mobile banking solution. While other mobile banking solutions offer their versions of the triple play, their solutions typically require customers to clumsily jump between modes.

For instance, if a customer received an informational alert via SMS notifying him of an overdrawn account, he would need to text a long command string via SMS or switch to a mobile web or client application to transfer funds. These interactions with other solutions are awkward, inefficient and hamper customer adoption.

In contrast, the Clairmail solution offers a much more streamlined and integrated customer experience. The customer can receive an actionable, overdrawn account alert delivered via push notification service and instantly transfer funds by responding directly to the alert, all without leaving the rich interface of the Clairmail Smart Client application (a customizable, downloadable smartphone application that leverages web-based content and push notification services).

The Smart Client’s unique “hybrid” approach provides all of the native usability and extensibility value of traditional “thick client” applications while drastically reducing the development and administrative burdens for FIs and eliminating the disjointed user experience for customers.