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Adrian Volenik
Adrian Volenik, Chief Editor

Adrian Volenik is a fintech enthusiast who loves testing and reviewing digital banking apps and financial products in general. How many digital banking accounts can one man have? Not enough, if you ask Adrian. As his wallet will soon explode if he doesn’t cut back on the number of cards.

diana nadim
Diana Nadim, Researcher

Diana Nadim is an MBA Graduate from UC Berkeley, where she studied E-commerce and received her Bachelor of Commerce (Finance). Although her areas of expertise are Financial Modeling, Analysis, and Accounting.

She has a wide variety of qualitative skills including writing, presentation building, market analysis, business plan preparation, go-to-market strategy, marketing strategies, and consulting in personal finance.

Diana loves passing her financial knowledge to others through content writing.

Tommy Gallagher
Tommy Gallagher, Founder

Hi! My name is Tommy Gallagher, and I’m a finance and digital banking enthusiast. I am happy to follow the banking industry transformation together with you.

Here on topmobilebanks.com I’m covering the digital banking industry all over the world. It is becoming bigger and more complex, so expect frequent updates here on the site.

Because banking is regulated separately in every country, I recommend that your check digital banks in your region first.

I’m sure that digital transformation has already touched every bank in the world, and we will see many mobile products in the nearest years. Stay tuned!

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