11 Banks Like Revolut (Alternatives Around The World)

Written By Adrian Volenik

Revolut is such a trailblazer in the digital banking world that it’s no wonder that other challenger banks have started copying its model from focusing on growth instead of profit, to implementing crypto investing and premium metal cards for top accounts. 

If you’re looking for a digital bank that’s similar to Revolut, or Revolut is still not available in your region, we have listed the top digital banks in the US, UK, EU, Singapore, and Hong Kong, Latin America, and Australia.   

  • Wise (International)
  • Chime (USA)
  • MoneyLion (USA)
  • Starling Bank (UK)
  • Monzo (UK)
  • N26 (Europe)
  • Monese (Europe)
  • ZA Bank (Hong Kong)
  • Nubank (Brazil)
  • Ualá (Argentina)
  • Up Banking (Australia)

Most of these challenger banks are similar to Revoult and offer comparable features and financial products. Some of them might miss some features that Revolut has but that’s only because the folks at Revolut have decided to throw many things at the wall to see what sticks. 

For instance, Revolut offers three to four types of personal and business account depending on the country you’re in. There’s also crypto, stocks, and commodities investing, subscriptions, insurance, pockets, subscriptions, bill splitting, metal card, etc. 

A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one. Luckily, our Revolut alternatives aren’t masters of just one thing. 

banks like revolut



  • Up to 10 local account details
  • No hidden fees
  • Spend in local currency
  • Send money to 80 countries
  • Real exchange rate
  • Works worldwide
  • Global support in range of languages

Similar to Revolut, Wise is available to residents of most of Europe, Asia (Singapore and Japan), Oceania (New Zealand and Australia), and the US. If your country isn’t supported yet, you can join their waitlist.  

Wise offers both personal and business account (freelancers and SMEs) but unlike Revolut, it only offers one account type – a free one. You will have to pay a small fee to get a card if a virtual one isn’t enough for you. 

While Revolut lets you hold, spend, and transfer 30+ currencies, with Wise you’ll get 10 local account details (IBAN, bank code, acc number…) and the ability to hold and convert money in 54 currencies. WOW!

Also, if you were transferring money abroad in the past, there’s a big chance that you’ve already used Wise as many companies use their backend to give their customers the lowest transfer fees possible. 

With Wise, you can send money to 80+ countries at a real exchange rate – the one you see when you’re googling and not the one that’s bloated with fees, markups, and extra margins. 

If you’re a freelancer or own a small business, you can also open an account in minutes and avail of the same features of the personal account plus additional benefits such as batch payments, Xero integration, business Mastercard, and robust team management.  

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United States


chime bank
  • No hidden fees
  • Get paid up to 2-days early 
  • Automatically grow your savings
  • Overdraft $100 with no fees
  • Free Chime to Chime payments
  • Credit builder card
  • Savings account

Chime isn’t too similar to Revolut, but it’s the most popular digital bank in the US, with more than 12 million customers (compared to Revolut’s 15 million). Most their users were probably attracted by no monthly fees and no minimum balance requirements to open an account. 

Another breakout feature is the Credit Builder Program, which helps you build a healthy credit score by doing what you’re doing already and spending money on gas and groceries. By simply paying off your balance each month on time, your credit score is about to soar.

Apart from Credit Builder, there’s also a spending account and a savings account with a 0.50% APY. The best thing is that you don’t even need to save consciously. With the Round-Up feature, you’ll save change to your savings account with every transaction you make. 

You can also save a percentage of your paycheck automatically to put savings on a real autopilot. You can also get your salary up to two days early when you receive direct deposits to your Chime account. 

And if you’re really strapped for cash, you can get an overdraft of up to $200 without fees. Compare that to your traditional bank account. 

If you’re looking for a friendly bank account that doesn’t take money out of your account at every corner, you should definitely consider Chime as a great alternative to Revolut in the United States. 

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  • Easy to sign up
  • Low fees
  • No account minimums
  • Early paycheck
  • Zero ATM fees at Allpoint
  • Price protection
  • Rewards on spending
  • Investing

Another heavy-hitter that’s a great alternative to Revolut in the US is MoneyLion. MoneyLion is a superb all-in-one financial service that has you spending, saving, budgeting, investing, and even building up credit. 

It can be compared more to Chime than to Revolut as Revolut has more features, but MoneyLion seems to be catching up. Namely, they recently introduced crypto investing, where you can buy and trade Bitcoin and Ethereum through the MoneyLion app.

And you can round up your transactions so that the change goes into your savings or crypto account. 

Other useful features include getting paid up to two days early, cashback rewards, a credit builder program, and cash advances up to €250 with no interest.

For those looking to jump-start their investing, MoneyLion offers personalized investment portfolios without minimum balance and a mix of investments that reflects your goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance.

MoneyLion also makes tracking your budget and finances much easier with America’s first personal finance monitor: the Financial Heartbeat. Here, you’ll get an easy way to track your so-called financial wellness to help reduce money-related stress. 

MoneyLion isn’t free, but it costs only $1 per month. There are no opening, monthly, or minimum balance fees, and in-network ATM withdrawals are also free. Basically, the biggest expense for you would be enrolling in the Credit Builder Plus Membership at $19.99 per month.

All in all, MoneyLion is another excellent alternative to Revolut, even though Revolut is also available in the US. 

United Kingdom


starling bank
  • Free online signup
  • No monthly fees
  • Joint and Euro accounts
  • Personal and business loans
  • Overdrafts
  • Junior accounts

Starling is one of the biggest adversaries that Revolut has in the UK, and it’s easy to see why. They offer free personal and business accounts with no paid options. 

And, although Starling is seriously lagging behind Monzo and Revolut in the number of downloads and users, it’s the strongest digital banking app on the UK market right now, and we’d like to see it expand to other territories. 

We have nothing but words of praise for this challenger bank and would really like to see even more people around the UK using it.

Starling offers personal, joint, Euro, child, teen, and business accounts that are free of monthly charges and most other day-to-day banking fees. The best thing is the simplicity of getting an account, even for business purposes as they’ll do the most of the work for you with their Current Account Switching Scheme.  

So, what can you expect from their award winning account? Here are just some of the main advantages that include free worldwide ATM withdrawals, 0.05% AER interest rate, no transaction fees, all the latest security features, automatic virtual piggy banks, split bills, and much more.

To round up their offering, they’ve partnered with third-party companies to bring you an easy access to other financial products such as insurance, mortgage, and even pension. 

Is Starling a worthy Revolut alternative even in their home market? We think it is.


  • Free to open and maintain
  • Personal and business
  • Joint and teen
  • Overdrafts, loans, pay later
  • Protected by the FSCS, up to £85,000
  • Earn up to 1.07% (AER/Gross fixed) interest

Closing the big three of UK, Monzo is another juggernaut with more than 5 million customers. That’s a big feat for a fintech launched in 2015.

Similarly to Revolut, they offer free and paid current accounts for personal and business use, as well as joint and teen accounts. 

The top account, Monzo Premium, comes with a metal card and costs £15 per month and offers many features and benefits. For instance, there’s phone insurance, worldwide travel insurance, discounted airport lounges, up to £600 fee-free withdrawals abroad, 5 free cash deposits, and much more.

The app is certainly on par, if not better, than Revolut and Starling’s, and offers everything you’d expect from a cutting edge digital bank; personalised budgeting, savings pots, travel reports, instant notifications, credit tracker, advanced roundups, etc.

Monzo recently introduced Flex – a buy now, pay later scheme. If you’re eligible, you can pay in three instalments at 0% interest or 6 and 12 at 19%. You only need to apply once so there’s no wait at the checkout. You can even flex an existing transaction that you’ve made in the past two weeks. 

If you’re lookin for a comparable account to Revolut, then Monzo shouldn’t disappoint even if it has slightly fewer features. 



n26 bank
  • Personal and business accounts
  • Free and paid versions
  • Sub-accounts
  • Budgeting and analytics
  • Bill splitting
  • Free transactions
  • Deposit protection

N26 is available across Europe (excluding the UK) and even the US. We especially love that there are almost no fees and its paid plans are an excellent choice for travellers because of free ATM withdrawals and free payments. 

There are four types of personal and four types of business accounts including a free account and an account with a metal card which is something we see with Revoult as well. 

The top account, called simply N26 Metal, costs €16.90 per month and brings a heap of features. For example, there are unlimited free ATM withdrawals worldwide, travel, trip, luggage, and flight insurance, but also car rental, phone, and winter sports coverage as well. You’re bulletproof when travelling abroad with N26.

N26 has more than 7 million customers in 25 markets and over 1,500 employees and because they hold a full-banking license means that the European deposit guarantee scheme guarantees deposits of up to €100,000.

Similar to Revolut and other comparable digital banks, N26 offers automated Spaces or sub-accounts where you can personalie name and goal and start saving on autopilot. 

There are also automatic categorizations that will help you stay on top of your finances and help you better manage your expenses. 

N26 is an excellent alternative to Revolut and is probably most useful to travellers, as they will be the ones to benefit from it most. Despite the lack of additional financial products, N26 bank is showing a great potential.


  • Personal and business accounts
  • Joint accounts
  • Easy to open account
  • Multi-lingual support
  • SEPA payments
  • Budgeting and analytics
  • Automatic savings

Monese allows users the option to open a current account without having to provide proof of address and submit to a credit check. You can also open accounts in multiple currencies such as GBP, EUR, and RON. Transfers between Monese accounts are free and it doesn’t matter which currency you’re using.

This challenger bank doesn’t have as many features as Revolut does, and frankly, that isn’t even necessary. We find Revolut to be all over the place as they’re trying to make an all-in-one financial app with many unnecessary features. 

Monese offers a more grounded experience with its main hook being the ability to open an account with minimal proof and documents – ideal for migrant workers or people new to a country.

You can use the Monese app on basically any device for convenient banking, no matter where you go. With their app, you can link multiple accounts, including PayPal, track your budget and spending, see your balances, set up multiple savings accounts, and manage your business account.

There are three personal accounts; Simple (free), Classic (€5.95/m), and Premium (€14,95/m). And there’s one business account at £9.95/m available in the UK that comes with a free personal Classic account.

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Singapore and Hong Kong

ZA Bank 

za bank
  • Multi-currency savings account
  • 1% savings rate
  • Time deposits
  • Loans
  • Insurance
  • Business banking
  • FPS transfers

ZA Bank was the first digital bank in Hong Kong and is a great all-in-one account for all Hong Kong residents that want to take advantage of its reasonable savings rate, easy online signup, no annual fees, up to 11% rebate, easy deposits, and fast money transfers.

The company offers free personal and business accounts that include even more features than Revolut does. For example there are personal and business loans, health, life, and even bill insurance, as well as investment funds. 

ZA card is unique in terms that it’s a debit card with no annual fees that you can customize by choosing the last 6 digits of the card number. You can also choose whether you want to have CVV, expiry date, or even your signature displayed on the card itself.

As a Revolut alternative in Hong Kong, ZA Bank is a member of the Deposit Protection Scheme and all your funds are insured for up to HK$500,000. 

ZA Bank is a great choice if you need to deposit, borrow, or transfer money in multiple currencies and stands out for its simplicity in applying for and granting essential financial products in a market that is getting extremely competitive.

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Latin America


  • Easy to sign up
  • Personal and business accounts
  • Credit card and metal card
  • Loans available
  • No hidden fees
  • No monthly fee

Nubank has grown into one of the largest fintech companies not only in Latin America but in the world. The digital bank from Brazil offers personal and business accounts and already has more than 40 million customers.

If the fact that Nubank is the biggest fintech in Latin America is not enough for you, you’ll be happy to know that they’re super popular because of their fee-free credit card that gives you discounts if you prepay your installments.

And although Nubank doesn’t have as many features as Revolut has, you can see why so many people would choose the Nubank account. 

You can choose to get one of three cards. The debit card is the most straightforward one but you need to apply to get it. It doesn’t come by default. Then there are also a credit card and an exclusive metal card that you can pay for on a monthly basis or get with a certain amount saved or invest or spent in the last 90 days. 

The metal card can compare with the one from Revolut in terms that it offers travel medical and baggage insurance, lounge access, free WiFi at airports, double warranty on all products you purchase, cashback, and more.

If you’re in Brazil, I wouldn’t look past Nubank for a bank account. 

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  • No monthly fees
  • Free transfers between Ualá users
  • Free debit card
  • Investing
  • Budgeting and analytics
  • Loans

Ualá has profited considerably from the pandemic and with good reason. They offer a competent spending account and a prepaid card with free money transfers. With more and more competition, we hope they’ll continue offering a solid payments account. 

Ualá is much more a money management app than it is a bank account. It currently offers only one account option that is entirely free of charge and has most, if not all, day-to-day operations for free. 

Yes, there’s no monthly maintenance fee and you get a free debit card. What we don’t like is that there’s only one free ATM withdrawal per month.

What we do like is the investment side of the app where you can start investing into common investment fund (CRF) from as little as $1.   

Although Ualá offers far fewer frills than Revolut does, it’s still a viable option for Argentinians. 

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up bank
  • No monthly account fees
  • Easy to open online
  • Great for travel
  • Multiple savings accounts
  • Free ATM withdrawals
  • Bill splitting

Up is a modern digital bank that can compare to Revolut in many aspects that is quickly becoming a popular alternative to the traditional banks.  

Up’s slick app allows customers and potential consumers to sign up for banking and savings accounts, make payments (via Apple and Google Pay), and utilize money management tools. This last feature is really a stand out.

With Up you can easily see what your spending habits look like and adapt to save money. Each transaction gets categorised in one of 40 categories. You can even put a so-called Tracker on one of them to keep a close eye and set yourself an upper spend limit and check your progress through the month.

Saving money will also be a child’s play since Up doesn’t have almost any fees and lets you enjoy a free account with free domestic and international ATM withdrawals, free international transactions, free and unlimited direct debits and deposits. You get the picture.

One thing it’s missing is a business account and perhaps investing. Still, Up should satisfy anyone looking for a Revolut alternative Down Under. 

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The bottom line

There you have it, 11 digital banks around the world that are similar and arguably even better than Revolut. We hope this made it a bit more easier to choose your next digital bank. 

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