How to Get Cash App Statements and More Tips (2023)

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Getting Cash App statements is simple:

Head to the Cash App app. Then to your profile and scroll down until you see documents. Click on documents, and you’ll be able to see monthly statements both for your checking and savings accounts, as well as stock trade and bitcoin transactions.

Lastly, if you do your taxes through Cash App, you can also access your tax returns on this screen.

Your Cash App statement will show you a month’s worth of transactions, detailing all the money you got in and the money you sent out. The transaction will show the name of the person you made a transfer with or the bank account you sent money to.

If you’re looking at your Cash App statements and see a transaction that you didn’t approve of, Cash App also lists an easy way to contact their card services team to place a claim on the charge.

Accessing your statements is easy with Cash App; if there is ever a discretion in your balance, you can always search through them and find out exactly how you got to your current balance.

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How to Get Cash App Statements (Step-by-Step Guide)

Getting your Cash App statements is easy, especially if you’re using the actual Cash App.

Let me break it down for you in easy to follow steps:

  1. Open Cash App: The best place to get your Cash App statements is the app itself. Find Cash App on your phone and open it. You can get your statements from their website,, as well, but it’s easiest from the app. 

my folder of payment apps

  1. Head to your profile: In the upper right hand corner of Cash App is the button for your profile. It should look like a silhouette ghosted out, or if you have a profile picture on your Cash App you should see it here. 

cash app profile

  1. Scroll down and click on documents: The profile page on Cash App gives you access to a ton of features: you can link new bank accounts, change your profile name, and even access your monthly statements. Scroll down until you see a page labeled Documents and click on it. The documents page will give you access to savings account statements bitcoin transaction histories as well.

  1. Click Statements: The documents page is where you can find any important document pertaining to Cash App that the company gave you. If you do your taxes through Cash App, you can find your returns here. But we’re not filing taxes right now, we’re looking for statements. Luckily, the statements can be found under a button titled Statements.

Click on that and you’ll be brought to a screen that gives you two new options: account statements and savings statements.

Account statements are for your checking account, the main account that does business through Cash App, accepts any incoming transfers and sends out any outgoing payments.

account statements

Your savings account is for savings, it’s a longer term account that should have much less activity than your checking account. From here, select which statement you’d like to view.

  1. Select the month: Cash App partitions their statements, like most financial institutions, by month. If you’re looking for a specific transaction, try remembering the month it took place, it may help you find it faster. No matter what you’re looking for, as soon as you find the month in question, you can click on it and look through the statement.

account statements march

Once you’ve accessed the statement, you can look through it yourself or export it off of Cash App. Cash App will give you your statement in the form of a PDF, an easy file to email yourself or send to a tax specialist. 

You can access your statements whenever you want for free. There’s no cost to pull up the PDF on your phone and look over your transactions.

cash app prepairing statement

As an ex-banker, I would highly recommend looking through your statements anytime you feel there is a discrepancy in your balance.

If you think you should have more money than you do, you can probably find the problem in your statements. 

How Do I Download Cash App Statements to My Computer?

I recommend using Cash App on your phone.

The app is quick and easy to use while the website takes a bit longer to log in.

If you’re adamant about accessing Cash App on your computer, maybe to download your statements onto your hard drive, I can help.

Start by heading to their website, Log in using your phone number or email address as the username.

I have extra security on my Cash App account, so whenever I log in on a device that isn’t my phone Cash App sends me a text with a code to re-enter into their website.

They then want to confirm my identity further and ask for another form of verification, this time between my email address, a linked bank account, or a linked card.

I chose email, and Cash App sent another code to my email for me to re-enter into their site.

After I go to my email, retrieve the code, and enter it into Cash App, they give me another pop up, this time asking for me to link a debit card to their service.

logging in cash app my pc

If this same process had been done through the mobile app, I would have already gotten my statements, left Cash App, and still had enough time to make breakfast.

The website is a roadblock when it comes to accessing your account.

Finally, after four separate screens, pop-ups, and more, I’m finally through to the website.

Once you’re on the website, you should see your transaction history as one of the first things on screen. You’ll also see a button helpfully labeled statements, click that to access yours. 

Cash App will then ask which statement you want to see, dividing them by month.

You’ll see the total dollar amount of all of your transfers as well as who they were with.

The website does offer a couple more pieces of information than the app does as well. 

The Cash App website statements will show you who you have been receiving a direct deposit from, how much the deposit was, and when you received it.

They will also display any fees you’ve paid this month and this year.

Once you have your online Cash App statements pulled up, you can either download them to your computer so you can save them for later, print them out for the same reason, or email them to whoever needs them.

What Does a Cash App Statement Look Like?

Cash App monthly bank statements look like any other, except with a green color scheme.

Bank statements usually show the same things: your basic information, your starting balance, your ending balance, and all of your transactions.

Some statements may only be a page or two long, and others feel like a small novel.

I remember during my time at Chase Bank, I would have customers come in all the time looking to print out statements.

Most of the time, they weren’t more than a page or two, but if my customer was a heavy spender, I could’ve been at the printer for most of my morning!

The same goes with Cash App; if you have a lot of transactions on the app, you’re probably going to have a long statement. Having one doesn’t change anything other than your balance!

If you’re looking for your Cash App statements, you can find them in the app or on the website. Personally, I would recommend heading to the website. 

How to Check Transaction History on Cash App

Sometimes you need to look at your transactions without going all the way back to a statement.

Maybe you just bought something last week, and it hasn’t made it to your statements yet. No matter the reason, accessing your account history is about as easy as it gets on Cash App. 

To check your transaction history, start by opening Cash App. Click on the clock logo in the lower right hand corner, the fifth logo of the five on Cash App.

cash app transactions

Once you click on the clock, you’re in your transaction history. Here you can see who you’ve sent money to, who has sent you money, and when you’ve funded your account from an external bank account.

You can scroll through your transaction history to see all the transactions you’ve completed while using Cash App. You can even see any rewards programs you’ve joined that are supported through Cash App.

While your statements are wrapped up into neat little months, your transaction history just shows everything all at once. They do let you know when the transaction you’re looking at took place though. 

What Do Cash App Transactions Look Like on Bank Statements?

People often wonder what their potential Cash App transactions may look like when they hit their bank account.

In short, it depends on how you go about it. If you first fund your account before sending it to the intended recipient, it will show as you are paying yourself.

If you didn’t have a balance in Cash App and sent a transfer anyway, Cash App will pull the funds from your linked bank account to complete the transaction. Then in your bank account, you will see the words Cash App and the name of whoever you paid.

If you want to keep your Cash App dealings discrete, load your balance before you send money. That way, it will only show you paying yourself, not whoever you’re sending money to on the app.

If you type a message into Cash App while you’re sending a payment, it shouldn’t pop up on your bank statement at any time. 

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