How to Change Cash App From Business to Personal (2023)

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Cash App has quickly become one of the easiest ways to accept payments from customers and transfers from friends. The payment platform is free unless you have a business account. Business customers often wonder how to change their Cash App from business back to personal. 

You can change your Cash App from a business account to personal, but there’s no option for it in the App. Instead, you’ll have to contact the Cash App support that will do this for you.

While you can click a few buttons and transform your personal Cash App account into an account for business, you can’t go from business to personal on your own. You’ll need to reach out to Cash App support for help on that end. 

This is because business accounts are treated differently by the federal government than personal accounts. The government sees businesses as their own entity, and if you’re accepting payments in that business name, then a business account needs to exist for it.

I ran into this problem all the time when I was working as a banker at Chase. I would have a business owner come up to me looking to deposit their check into their personal account. The problem was that the check was made payable to the business and had to be deposited into a business account.

Cash App works the same way. If you want to turn your business account into a personal account, you’ll have to reach out to a support specialist so they can look at your account and decide if you’re really done using it for business purposes. 

Cash App users have a good reason for wanting to change their business account back to a personal account: personal accounts are free through Cash App, while business accounts have fees. 

Business account holders will see Cash App automatically deduct a 2.75% processing fee from every transaction. 

There are benefits to having a business account, though; business account holders through Cash App don’t have to pay the fee for instant deposits, allowing them to instantly send their money to their bank account for free. 

Other online articles speculated that you could change your Cash App business account to a personal account with the touch of a button. They said the same button switches your account from personal to business.

cash app switch to a business account

I saw this “method” on a couple of different websites, so I decided to reach out to Cash App to see if that was true. 

They said no. In order for them to be able to switch your account from business to personal, you must reach out to them and give them written confirmation that you will no longer be using your account for business purposes and intend to use it for personal payments only.

If Cash App goes through your transaction history and finds out you’ve been using it to process goods or services like you would a business account, they may close your personal account. 

How to Change Cash App from Business to Personal (Step-by-Step)

Switching from a personal Cash App account to Cash for Business, Cash App’s business account is simple.

You can literally do it in the touch of a button from your profile page in the app. Switching from a business account back to a personal, however, isn’t as easy.

You can’t do it with one button. You’ll have to reach out to Cash App support for this one.

I’ll break down each of the steps for switching your Cash for Business account back to a normal, personal Cash App account below:

  1. Open Cash App: To change your account from business to personal, you’ll have to reach out to Cash App customer support and chat with one of their advocates. To do so, open the app. Chat is available through the app 6:00am to 9:00pm ET. 

my financial apps

  1. Click on your profile: In the upper right corner of the home screen is a button that will take you to your profile in Cash App. If you have a profile picture, you will see it here. If you don’t, you should see a ghosted out silhouette. Click on it to move forward.

cash app profile picture

  1. Scroll down and click Support: The profile page is where you can change your name, link new bank accounts, and contact support, amongst other things. Scroll down on the profile page until you see the button for Support.

cash app support

  1. Scroll down and click Chat: The Support page has a lot of frequently asked questions and simple solutions to common problems. Changing your account from a business account to a personal account doesn’t fall in one of Cash App’s categories, so scroll down and start a chat with a support specialist using the Chat button. 

cash app support chat

  1. Request a change: It’s important to know that Cash App changes accounts from business to personal at their discretion. They determine whether or not you’re still conducting business activity through your account and may ask for a written confirmation that you’re done.

talking with cash app support about cash app business account

Let them know that you would like to change your business account back to a personal account and that you’re done conducting business through the account. Any and all payments you receive must be personal in nature from here on out. 

cash app for business

If the Cash App Support Advocate sees that you’re done conducting business transactions in your account, they are likely to make the change for you.

Once your account is back to personal you shouldn’t see any more fees on transfers you receive. 

change to business account

Why Can’t I Change My Business Account to Personal on Cash App?

While you can change your personal account to a business account on Cash App through the touch of a button, you can’t do it the opposite way.

You have to reach out to Cash App customer support and request a change, and even that isn’t guaranteed.

Business accounts are regulated with much more scrutiny than their personal counterparts. If you are conducting business, you’ll need a business account to do so.

If you want to change that business account back to personal, you need to show that your business dealings are done in that account.

Cash App Advocates will go through your transaction history and see if you’ve still been conducting business related transactions or if your payments and transfers are personal. 

If they aren’t, and the Cash App advocate thinks you’re still doing business transactions, they won’t convert the account. 

This was a big deal when I worked at Chase. The government is very strict about the difference between personal and business accounts, and banks and fintech companies are no different. If they weren’t strict with rules, they would be punished heavily. 

If you can’t change your Cash App account back from the business to personal, you might not be able to. It could be because Cash App customer support members think you’re still doing business in the account.

Stop doing business transactions in your account. Once the dust settles and Cash App can see that you’re done conducting business transactions through their platform, they should be more willing to convert your account for you.

What Happens When You Change Your Account Type on Cash App?

When you change your account type from personal to business on Cash App, you get an entirely new experience.

Cash App has engineered their business and personal accounts to operate in two different ways, giving their customers options when deciding on how to bank.

If you choose to change your personal Cash App account to a business account, you can still get paid through your unique Cash App QR code, name, and $cashtag.

When they pay you, you’ll pay an instant 2.75% transaction fee for Cash App to process it for you.

While that may be negative, there is a benefit to being a Cash for Business customer.

Cash App will waive the instant deposit fee for you, meaning you can transfer money from Cash App to your bank account for free instantly. 

Cash App will also recognize you as a business and send you a 1099-K tax form, if you do more than $600 in transactions. 

Overall, Cash for Business is great for anyone who is running an actual business, depending on the size of their venture.

If you’re not a business owner, I’d recommended keeping a personal Cash App account to avoid paying the fees.

How Long Does it Take for a Cash App Business Account to Get a Refund?

If you use Cash App to make your purchases and complete your transactions, chances are you’ve ran into trouble with one of your vendors.

Maybe they didn’t follow through with the product on time, or they gave you a finished product that wasn’t up to your standards. 

If you told your vendor you weren’t satisfied with your order and they gave you a refund, it shouldn’t take too long to hit your account.

It could take up to 10 business days to receive a refund, and once Cash App has received the funds, they will be ready in your balance. 

If it has been more than 10 business days and you still haven’t received your refund, Cash App recommends reaching out to the merchant directly to see if there was an issue. 

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