Cash App Payments Pending: What’s Causing It & How to Fix It

Written By Branson Knowles

Cash App is known for its fast and reliable transfers that arrive in your recipient’s accounts the moment you send them. Sometimes, however, Cash App transfers don’t go through automatically. When the status of the sent payment isn’t confirmed it goes into a pending status.

There are four reasons why your Cash App payment or transfer could have gone into a pending status, with easy solutions to fix your issue: you could have a bad internet connection, Cash App’s servers might be down, your bank’s servers might be down, there could be a security issue with your account.

Again, it is very rare for any Cash App transaction to go into a pending status. Even so, most of these problems are fixable and may only take an hour or two of your time at most to get around. 

Could Bad Internet Place Your Cash App Payment in a Pending Status?

An unreliable internet connection may be behind your Cash App payment not going through, sending it into a pending status. Cash App is a great app supported by a dependable company in Square, but even they can’t beat a bad internet connection.

When you do any banking from a mobile device, you should always make sure you have a reliable internet connection. If you don’t, your payments and transfers may not go all the way through and you may be left in a pending status. 

You also need to be on the lookout for repeat or duplicate transfers as well. If you have a poor internet connection when you use your digital or mobile banks, your transfers may be left in a pending status and you may not know if they’re going to go through or not. 

Sometimes, your pending transfers go through on their own once you’re back with a reliable internet connection. Other times, they don’t, leaving your recipient unpaid. 

If the transfer is initially caught in a pending status, you may feel the need to send a second payment, thinking the first transfer simply failed. This may not be the case, and you could end up sending two payments instead of one!

Always use a good, secure, and reliable internet connection whenever you do your online banking. You should never use public wifi for this reason as well; public wifi is unreliable and can be susceptible to hackers who can steal your information.

In short, if your Cash App transfer is stuck in a pending status, first check your internet connection. If it’s bad, wait to complete your payment when you’re somewhere with reliable internet and check again. 

You can contact customer support as well and let them know your payment is in a pending status.

payment pending contact support

Cash App Payment Pending Status Because Cash App Servers Are Down

Cash App servers are also largely out of your control. Just like if the internet is down for our reason above, if Cash App servers are down there’s not a lot you can do to remedy the situation. 

When you’re sending your payments on Cash App, they should go through immediately and your recipient should see the funds on your end in the same timeframe. If they don’t they might go into a pending status because Cash App’s servers are down. 

No matter how big a company can get, they’re not impervious to shutdowns. Servers get overloaded all the time, and Cash App has a huge user base of 44 million people to support.

Their servers shut down sometimes for maintenance. Cash App needs to routinely maintain their servers, making sure they’re up and running in good shape and that they’re not weak on the cybersecurity front. 

Because Cash App is a very popular fintech company, hackers are frequently trying to test their cybersecurity, looking for ways to get in and steal customer’s information like the Equifax leak that revealed millions of Americans’ information.

For these reasons, Cash App periodically needs to shut down their own servers to keep everything in top shape. If your transfers are in a pending status, check out their website or their social media accounts to see what the servers’ current statuses are.

You can see a payment’s status when you click on it. If it doesn’t say “completed” you can contact Cash App support on the same page.

cash app payment completed

Cash App Payment Pending Status Bank’s Servers Are Down

Cash App’s servers aren’t the only ones you need to send a payment. Your bank is just as vital if you need to pull funds from them first, beforing sending a payment or making a transfer.

When I used to work for Chase Bank, our servers would go down from time to time. It wasn’t a frequent event, probably only occurring a handful of times during my tenure there. When it did happen though, we as employees were just about powerless.

Not only could we not do anything to get the servers back on (we were bankers, not internet technicians), but we couldn’t do anything without the servers either. If our customers came in looking for any help besides getting some cold hard cash, they were out of luck.

The same applies for your Cash App entering a pending status when your bank’s servers are down. 

When you want to send someone a payment or transfer them money within Cash App, but you don’t have a balance, you have two options: you preload the money into your Cash App account by requesting it from your bank account, or you can complete the transaction without funds and have Cash App initialize the transfer request for you.

If you pull the funds from your bank before initiating the transfer, your payment won’t go into a pending status. It won’t go into any status at all, as you can’t start transfers or payments on Cash App without funds.

If your bank’s servers are down and you do end up having Cash App initialize the transfer for you, the payment could go into a pending status. 

This may happen because Cash App operates in good faith with some of their customers who have a good history with the fintech company. Banks largely work in the same manner, waiving certain fees for customers who don’t usually incur them.

Cash App may have begun to send the money over to your intended recipient before realizing they couldn’t pull the funds from your bank. Cash App won’t know that your bank’s servers are down, just that there was a problem that stopped them from pulling funds. 

If your Cash App payments go into a pending status and you have a secure internet connection, and Cash App’s servers aren’t down, check to see if the problem lies with your bank.

While their internet servers may be down, they should still have a phone number you can call to confirm. You can even call your bank’s local branch, as they’re probably affected by the problem as well.

If There Is a Security Issue With Your Account, Will Your Cash App Payments Go Into A Pending Status? 

Cash App has strict regulations that have to be followed in order to conduct business as a finance company within the U.S. They also have their own tight set of rules, making sure no wrongdoers can use their platform for malicious reasons. 

If Cash App suspects you of conducting these bad transactions, transacting with wrongdoers, or sees a history you have of being a bad customer, they may place your transactions in a pending status. 

Coming from a traditional bank, I can say first hand that regulations are tight and banks work hard to abide by them by being constantly vigilant about their customers. They vet all customers before they open their accounts, but they don’t stop there.

The whole time you have an account with a bank or a fintech company like Cash App, they’ll be checking your transactions and who you transact with to get an idea of who you are and if you do business with wrongdoers.

If they think you do, they’ll most likely freeze your account before contacting you further. When I worked at Chase, I saw this transpire in two ways: either Chase would suspect you of wrongdoing and freeze your account, giving you a chance to proclaim your innocence.

The other way was if Chase thought they had much stronger evidence, and would shut down your account entirely and bar you from doing business with Chase in the future. 

I would imagine Cash App operates in the same manner. If you’re suspected of wrongdoing, they will probably freeze your account and place any transactions you hope to be involved in into a pending status before investigating further.

If this happens to you, I’d recommend reaching out to Cash App directly and seeing if there’s anything you can do to speed up the investigation and get your account unfrozen, releasing your transactions from their pending status. 

cash app payment pending

How to Get Your Cash App Transactions Out of Pending Status

When your Cash App payments aren’t going through like they normally would, it could be because they’re in a pending status. Cash App may have an issue with your account, but it’s more likely that they just need a piece of information or two to clear up the issue.

If you look into your transaction history and see a transaction in pending status, Cash App recommends that you click on it. When you click on the transaction in question, Cash App will usually let you know why it didn’t go through. 

They will also give you a way to finalize your payment and get it out of the transaction status. If it’s a piece of information they need, like your full name or date of birth, they’ll give you an area to enter it in.

Other times, the issue may be more complicated and you may have to get in touch with Cash App support. You can contact support through the app and chat with them through text, or you can call Cash App’s hotline at 1 (800) 969-1940 from 9am to 7pm EST.

making a call

Will Cash App Contact You If Your Payment is Pending?

Cash App probably won’t reach out to let you know your payment didn’t go through. If they’re doing an investigation, they will take their time until they have a definitive answer. If their servers are down, they most likely don’t have a reliable means of reaching you anyways.

If you’re ever unsure if your payment on Cash App went through, or the person who was supposed to receive the money never did, I would recommend checking your Cash App transaction history.

There you can see all of your payments on Cash App, including the ones that went through already and any that haven’t. If your payments are in a pending status, you should be able to release them by following whatever steps Cash App lays out for you. 

Cash App will only notify you when your payments have been completed. 

payment completed

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