7 Possible Reasons Why Your Chime Account is Suspended

chime account suspended

Chime Bank accounts can get suspended for varying reasons. It is not a nice feeling when we try to use our cards and find that there are restrictions on them, especially if we’re certain that we’ve been operating legitimately.

Sometimes it might be something simple that led to the suspension of your Chime account, or it could be a serious matter. What are some of the reasons that a Chime account could get suspended? 

If you’re using your Chime account for anything deemed illegal, that’s a sure way to get it suspended. Also, an error, having more than one account (regardless of the reason), or breaching the agreement you signed are possible reasons for your account’s suspension.

Those are just some of the reasons our account can face suspension, so I’ve done an in-depth look and have all the answers for you below.

Possible Reasons Why Your Chime Bank Account is Suspended (And What to Do)

If your account is suspended, while it could have been an error, it’s often due to you using it for unauthorized intent. Suspensions from Chime are common because of breaking the agreement you signed with them, using the account for illegal activities, or setting up more accounts to get extra benefits. 

An example of a breach is creating a business account despite not having a registered business. Another way is by using the account to scam Chime or other individuals and businesses

Until the issue is resolved, your money will stay locked. Other reasons for your account being stopped include but aren’t confined to breaking any of Chime’s norms and standards, such as but not restricted to:

1. Might have been a System Error

2. Violation of Chime’s terms and conditions through the use of its digital products.

3. Scam or embezzlement by using Chime’s services.

4. Conducting or supporting illicit acts via Chime products.

5. Withholding information about your financial accounts or businesses that Chime requests.

6. It’s possible to gain access to your Chime account by brute-forcing it.

7. Opening more than one account to benefit from different bonus offers and other perks.

While these principles and rules are often executed by automation methods and technologies, they are not always capable of distinguishing good from harmful. In several cases, the rules of Chime have been applied too strictly, leading to an undue suspension of specific users.

However, there’s not much anyone can do if Chime decides you’ve broken the bank’s terms of service. However, individuals who believe they have been wronged by Chime’s algorithms should file a grievance to see if they may obtain a refund of any money they have already paid.

Here’s a synopsis for those looking to join Chime.

What is Chime?

chime bank

It’s no secret that Chime, a well-known financial technology business, offers free mobile banking. Central National Bank or Bancorp Bank provides the banking service, which is used by millions of people each month. The most renowned neobank in the United States is Chime, which has more than 13 million customer accounts.

Moreover, in July 2021, with an appraisal of $25 billion, it secured $750 million in funding. Affirm, Wise, and Robinhood have all seen their stock values rise after going public, so it’s expected that Chime will follow suit.

As we’ve seen, it’s subject to the kinds of flaws and drawbacks we’ve been covering here, as with any other business.

Chime Account Suspension Avoidance Tips

chime suspension avoidance tips

As a financial institution, even though it isn’t a regular bank, Chime must abide by the same rules and guidelines as conventional banking. Due to various causes, your Chime subscription might well be suspended, including:

  • Using an unapproved means to access your Chime account
  • Benefiting from many sign-up incentives by opening multiple accounts.
  • Using Chime’s products in a manner inconsistent with the company’s policies
  • Changing or removing Chime’s trademarks and copyright notices
  • Unlawful operations, like wagering or the sale of stolen items, using Chime
  • Not allowing Chime access to your accounts or enterprises
  • Scamming or laundering money through the use of Chime’s services
  • Inappropriate use of a personal bank account for commercial
  • Messing with, altering, or otherwise interfering with the Services in any way
  • Untrue, deceptive, or fraudulent information
  • All or a portion of the Services may have been copied, distributed, transferred, sold, or licensed.
  • Making it impossible for the Services’ security mechanisms to function properly.
  • A violation of a third-intellectual party’s estate or other rights by entering or using the Services.

Automated tools can readily make an error and penalize someone for no basis at all. Therefore, stay aware of these possibilities. Once the issue is repaired, your account will remain inaccessible for some time.

How to Get Your Chime Account Unblocked

It’s always preferable to get in touch with Chime through email support@chime.com. If you haven’t received a response, reach out by phone at 844-244-6363 if your Chime account has been suspended or locked. 

Keep in mind that the company doesn’t explain why this happened or what you need to do to get it unlocked, so the onus is on us to make the effort.

How Long Will it Take Chime To Unfreeze My Account?

You can expect your Chime account to get reactivated pretty quickly if it is suspended. Chime’s team must evaluate your account to identify the reason it was closed, thus there is no set period for when it will be reopened.

After receiving the notice about suspension, you should contact Chime promptly and your account will be back in operation within the next few days, but it depends on the reason why it’s been suspended.

Chime Account Suspension: What to Do Now

chime account suspension - what to do

Many Chime customers have reported that their accounts have been frozen at random and without warning. Even if a user’s account may be suspended, they may also have their money locked without a reasonable cause.

How to Get Your Money From a Suspended Chime Account

Try calling Chime’s support team first to see if anyone can assist you. The next step would be to contact Bancorp Bank, Chime’s parent firm, if they are unable to answer your questions.

User accounts were reactivated by calling the bank in many cases, as reported by members on the forums. When the bank reviewed their case, they were able to offer them reimbursement from their Chime account.

How can I prevent my Chime account from being shut down?

Issues with money and banking are never pleasant, notably if you’ve had a large sum inside an account. Because of this, it is better to maintain your money in multiple locations or accounts, so that if one of these accounts is canceled or restricted, you have several options for making your payments.

If you want to keep your account from being closed or suspended, you can do the following things:

  • Set up a system of alerts. Turn on account activity notifications if you haven’t already, so you can keep tabs on what’s going on with your account.
  • Immediately respond to any notices you get. Any caution or alert that your account will be closed should be taken very seriously and taken care of right away. The banks’ policies require that you always keep your account information and other papers up to date.
  • Separate your personal and professional lives. According to the conditions of use of Chime, the savings or spending account cannot be used for business purposes. To avoid having your Chime account shut down, always isolate your commercial activity from personal ones.
  • Out-of-date information about how to reach you. Customers are contacted by most services and financial institutions if there are any concerns with their accounts. It’s possible that, if your info isn’t up to date, your account could be closed.

As a result, you should always keep your Chime details current, like your email address and phone number, current.

  • Always Include a Fallback Plan. If you want to keep your money, don’t rely solely on Chime or indeed any provider or bank. Other ways to spend money and make payments on your bills should be available if your account is restricted or canceled.

For this reason, it is usually a good idea to have various bank accounts and use a variety of banking services.

The Bottom Line

First of all, always update your personal information and readily reply to alerts from Chime. Double-check the contract terms to ensure your activities align with what you agreed to with the bank. 

If it’s an error, you will be back on track in no time. If you’re deemed to have committed fraud or money laundering, the account will remain locked. Open a business account to not raise a red flag if you have commercial transactions.

You now know exactly how it is that our Chime bank account can get suspended and how to prevent it or respond to the suspension. The account will stay suspended unless you find a solution or reach a resolution with Chime. 

Customers who would like to regain access to their accounts will have to approach Chime directly via email or call them. I suggest doing both.

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