Chime Closed Your Account with Money in it (What to Do)

Written By Branson Knowles

Chime is a great fintech company for anyone looking to have a bank account that might not be able to open one with a traditional bank. Chime still has rules though, and they’re capable of closing your account for a couple of different reasons, even if your account still had money in it.

If Chime closed your account and you still had money in it, you might be able to get it back: Chime will either reach out through the phone or through email, and they’ll let you know why they closed it, but it could be due to fraud or a mistake on Chime’s part.

There are a couple of reasons why a bank or a fintech company would close one of their customer’s accounts without telling them. Any institution that holds money for someone is under a lot of rules and regulations from the U.S. government — Chime is no exception. 

Chime also has terms and conditions that customers must agree to before being able to use the platform. If you break one of the rules in their terms and conditions, Chime may close your account.

They may also close your account due to any suspect transactions. Chime is constantly reviewing their customer’s transactions to see if there is anything suspicious afoot. They will look for any transfers with other customers they’ve flagged as potential problems.

If Chime closed your account while you still have money in it and they haven’t reached out to you, reach out to them first. You can call Chime’s 24/7 phone hotline or email their customer support team.

Why Would Chime Close Your Account?

Chime, like other banks and financial institutions, has to follow a lot of rules put forward by the U.S. government.

They’re constantly monitoring their customers’ accounts to see if any suspicious activity is afoot or if there are any fraudulent activities occurring. 

If Chime suspects you of any of this, they’ll be forced to close your account until they can get more information. They may simply freeze your account while they investigate, but ultimately closing an account entirely is their safest option.

Chime may close your account due to a couple of different reasons, including:

Potential Fraud

Chime may close your account due to potential fraud.

They may suspect you of conducting fraudulent activities and transactions. If they do find evidence of fraud, your account will be closed permanently and you may not get your money back.

Accounts closed due to fraud with funds in them may have their funds seized by the government. Never what you want to happen to your account. 

Broke Terms and Conditions

Every app has rules for you to follow if you want to keep using the app.

Chime is no different, and it’s a bank meaning it has even more rules than your everyday app.

If you break Chime’s terms and conditions, it could be a one-way ticket off of the platform, even if you have a balance in your account.

Extended Overdraft

chime overdraft fee free

Chime’s SpotMe feature is a great way to get access to some cash when you really need it.

If you qualify, you can get SpotMe to cover up to $200 of overdraft transactions, saving you from incurring any fees.

Just because Chime didn’t charge a fee, however, doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay it back.

Chime’s SpotMe feature needs to be repaid, and if it isn’t there is a good chance Chime may close your account to stop you from spending even more.

chime spot me

Using Chime for Business

A lot of business accounts at banks and fintech companies come with more requirements than normal, personal accounts.

Some business owners have realized this and have started using personal accounts for business purposes, going against the rules put forth by both the government and the bank they’re doing business with.

If Chime suspects you of using your personal account for business purposes, they may be obligated to close it out. 

There are other reasons why Chime would close your account out. Unless they tell you directly why they closed your account, there’s no way of knowing for certain. Reach out to them if they’ve closed your account and you’re not sure why.

What to Do if Chime Closes Your Account With Money in it

If Chime closes your account while you had a balance in it, it may come as a surprise to nobody that you’d want to get your balance back.

While Chime may be able to close accounts with balances in them, they’re not exactly allowed to steal the funds for themselves.

Chime is required, by law, to return any funds that aren’t theirs to their rightful owners.

That means if they suspect you of wrongdoing and find out you weren’t the criminal they thought you were, they would have to give you your money back.

On the other side of that coin, if they find out you are guilty of what they expected of you, they have no requirement stating they have to give you your money back and may be required to give your money to the government. 

How to Get My Account Back with Chime

If Chime closed or froze your account, you may be wondering how you can get it back.

It isn’t always easy, especially when they aren’t completely transparent with the reason as to why they might have closed your account, but it isn’t impossible.

If Chime closed your account and you want to get it back, thinking they closed your account by accident, you can always reach out to their review team at

They may not always be able to reinstate your account or bring it back, but they should be able to shine some light on your situation. 

Why Was Chime Unable to Open An Account for Me?

Chime accepts a lot of customers who may not be able to get an account through a traditional bank due to their inability to meet the bank’s requirements. Some banks charge monthly service fees, others have minimum balance requirements that become monthly service fees.

Chime doesn’t have any of those. Instead, they focus on serving the underbanked or unbanked customer, giving someone an opportunity to have a bank account that wouldn’t be able to elsewhere. 

But that doesn’t mean Chime will open an account for just anyone. If they can’t verify a customer’s personal information, they won’t be able to open an account for them.

Contact Chime’s review team if this happens to you and you feel like you should get your account reinstated. You can contact Chime’s customer service team from the settings portion of the app. 

my chime account

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    1. Hi Olivia,

      Would you please tell us more about your case?

      What kind of reasoning does Chime give?

  1. hi my name is jamar roberts and i have been with chime for 4years and i never had a problem with chime until my accounts was locked for 4weeks now its very upsetting and frustrating and i have sent the correct documents through my email thats on file verifying my identity to support team and review@chime and they keep sending me tickets to verify my identity or saying they will assist me but it has not happened now i think chime is the worst bank to deal with ever

    1. Hi Jamar,

      Did you verify your account by now?

      Sometimes it takes time but it goes well in the end.

  2. HI, chime closed my a count saying a broke a deposit rule! But my check was deposited when I got pd all the time! All are savings in chime!!!

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