Does Easypaisa Work Internationally? (All The Answers 2023)

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Easypaisa is a local microfinance bank that does not provide services outside Pakistan except for receiving transfers from abroad. You can use other applications and mobile wallets to make transfers internationally.

Easypaisa was created with the idea of providing a simple way of banking for the people of Pakistan. The mobile wallet was the first of its kind in the country and has since managed to become a leader in the digital banking industry.

Users can use the app for basic banking and other financial services, including ticketing, top-ups, and mobile phone packages. However, for people outside Pakistan, the situation is a bit different.

This article will help you identify whether you can use Easypaisa outside Pakistan and whether there are any other alternatives to it.

International Transactions Via Easypaisa

You can use Easypaisa to receive international remittances from other countries free of charge. This feature is used in all banking applications and bank accounts that the government of Pakistan initiated.

Easypaisa allows users to transfer money from one wallet to another and from the Easypaisa mobile account to any other bank account. However, these transactions are limited to the local banking channels.

Do Easypaisa Cards Work Internationally?

PayPak and UnionPay cards you can get with an Easypaisa account cannot be used outside Pakistan at ATMs or on Point-of-Sale terminals.

So, before traveling outside of Pakistan, plan accordingly by taking cash or bank cards that will work abroad.

Online Shopping

Easypaisa provides its users with the option to get debit cards which can be used at any ATM across Pakistan. However, these cards cannot be used to make online purchases, limiting their usage.

But Easypaisa users can make online purchases on sites and applications which allow payments via the Easypaisa app, such as Daraz.

To top up your Daraz wallet, you first need to open your Easypaisa application on your phone.

Click on the Three dots as shown in the picture below.

easypaisa daraz

Now, scroll down to the Daraz icon and click it.

Enter the Daraz Mobile account number and the amount you want to send. Click Next.

entering daraz account number

You will see the following screen. Check that everything is in order, and then click on Topup Now.

daraz topup voucher

International Remittance

The government of Pakistan has worked to facilitate the process of international remittance, which is an important part of the country’s economy. These remittances can be received from countries other than Pakistan.

Via Easypaisa, users can receive remittances from people working abroad directly into their Easypaisa account.

To receive remittance in your Easypaisa account, you need the reference number of the banking transaction. Ask the remittance sender to provide you with the reference number, and then select the Remittance option on your Easypaisa app.

easypaisa remittance

Enter the required number and all the other details. Click on Proceed.

remmitance details

Click submit on your next screen, and you will get the confirmation on your app.

Do You Need a Pakistani ID to Use Easypaisa?

Yes, a Pakistani ID is mandatory to create an Easypaisa account, and foreigners cannot create an Easypaisa account on their country-of-origin ID card.

Easypaisa accounts are easy to create and maintain. Pakistanis can register their Easypaisa account via mobile application and Cellular Banking.

However, to create your Easypaisa account, having a CNIC is mandatory. A CNIC or Computerized National Identity Card is the official identity document of Pakistani citizens.

Users who do not have CNIC cannot open an Easypaisa account. Users who are Pakistan nationals and hold a CNIC can open an Easypaisa account via the application. However, they will not be able to use it outside their home country. But they can send money via remittance to their Easypaisa account from their foreign bank account.

Can You Use Your Easypaisa Account Abroad?

No, you cannot use your Easypaisa account abroad, as Easypaisa only provides services within Pakistan. You can use your account for transactions within Pakistan even if you are sitting outside the country.

Easypaisa wallet was created with the idea of providing daily banking solutions to the Pakistani market. Unfortunately, the system was only designed for the local industry and did not cater to foreign users.

If you have an Easypaisa account but live outside Pakistan, you cannot use it for international money transfers. However, you can use your account for domestic money transfers within the country even if you are living abroad.

For example, you can use an Easypaisa account to transfer money to a Pakistani bank account. Any person can top up your account from any Easypaisa cashpoint within the country.

However, you must use other mobile wallets and digital banks for international money transfers.

What to Use Instead of Easypaisa Internationally?

international travel

Wise is one of the cheapest digital wallets in the world. It allows you to receive, send, and convert money in various currencies, making it a great choice. Payoneer is the most preferred payment method among the Pakistani freelance community.

With the limitations of Easypaisa, users who want to perform international transactions often have to search for other methods and wallets. Some users prefer the conventional banking system for monetary transfers, and others use a more digital approach to money transfers between currencies.

There are a variety of digital wallets and banks that allow users to send and receive money from all over the world. Some of these are listed below.

Wise (Formerly Transferwise)


Wise is a London-based digital banking company founded in 2011. This payment system allows users to receive, send, and convert money between currencies. Wise, formerly Transferwise, provides its users with almost the same banking solutions as conventional banks.

I have been using wise for the past four years, and it has been, so far, the cheapest money transfer wallet I have experienced. Wise often provides the cheapest money conversions and has the best rates in the currency conversion market.

I have used Wise for USD, EUR, GBP, and PKR transfers, and it has never disappointed me. The transfer times of Wise vary by currency, but it usually does not take more than two working days. I have even received money from abroad within a few seconds several times.

Users living abroad can use this application to perform monetary transfers since they cannot use Easypaisa.



Payoneer is the US version of Wise and allows its users to receive and send money in various currencies. It was founded in 2005 with the aim of providing seamless digital banking solutions to its users. Some of the services Payoneer provides include:

  • Bank accounts in various currencies
  • Mastercard Debit card
  • Global Payment Solutions

I have used Payoneer for several years and have found it a great platform for receiving payments. It is compatible with several freelance marketplaces, which makes it a great choice for such professionals.

Freelancers in Pakistan often use Payoneer as an alternative to PayPal since the latter is unavailable in the country. Payoneer became more popular among freelancers after its integration with JazzCash, a leading mobile bank in Pakistan.



Originally intended for searching remittance services, Remitly has become a prominent player in the e-wallet sector.

The service allows users to receive money in a variety of currencies. The money can be deposited in either the receiver’s bank account or they can get it in cash via post offices and bank branches.



The world’s biggest and most famous money transfer service, PayPal, was founded in 1998. It allows its users to send, receive, and convert currencies virtually. Millions of people around the world use PayPal for their daily transactions.

One of the cons of PayPal is the huge transaction fee the company charges. On average, the fee can be as much as 5% of the transaction amount, which is a big margin. On the other hand, Wise charges a significantly low fee, which is why I use it all the time.



Skrill is an online payment solution established in 2001. It allows users to operate in 40 currencies and receive funds from more than 130 countries. It also provides a remittance service to its users, which is a great option if you are considering sending money home to your family.

Best Option for Local Transactions

Easypaisa is one of the best local money transaction options, providing a one-stop shop for all your basic banking needs. JazzCash is another great alternative to Easypaisa.

Easypaisa provides a simple banking solution to the Pakistani market. Though the application is not suited for international transactions, it is one of the best for local transfers.

Easypaisa has almost all the features you need in a mobile payment solution; whether it is money transfer, mobile top-up, or bill payment, Easypaisa covers it all. If you are looking for another great option in the local market, JazzCash is an excellent contender for the spot. But which is better – JazzCash or Easypaisa?


Money transfers are a part of our everyday life. Whether you are buying groceries, shopping with your pals, or paying for a service, getting through the hassle of cash can be annoying. Digital wallets have made life easier for users to send and receive money instantly.

Easypaisa is a great option for domestic money transfers, but the application falls short when it comes to international transactions. To perform these transactions, you should use other great alternatives, such as Wise and Payoneer. 

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