Venmo to PayPal Without a Bank Account (Transferring Funds)

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Fintech companies like Paypal and Venmo are great for making transfers to other users on the app. If you’re trying to send money across platforms, though, most people would tell you to link an external bank account and use it as a middleman.

But how do you transfer from Venmo to Paypal without a bank account though?

  1. Obtain a Venmo debit card.
  2. Withdraw cash at the ATM or get cash back from cashiers after you make a purchase.
  3. Open the PayPal app and select “Add Cash.”
  4. Visit a participating retailer: PayPal has partnered with various retail stores, such as Walgreens and 7-Eleven, to allow customers to deposit cash.
  5. Generate your deposit barcode in the PayPal app
  6. Deposit cash with the cashier

If you want a more detailed guide – continue to read on or check this section.

It would be nice if you could directly send funds from one account to another or even link them by their account numbers, but you can’t.

Venmo and Paypal both operate in the same space as fintech companies, so it’s not likely that they’d work with each other.

This is strange when you consider the fact that Paypal actually owns Venmo.

You can see that Venmo is proudly owned by Paypal in the Venmo app, where they display their ownership.

venmo owned by paypal

Even though they’re both owned by the same company, they don’t work with each other.

Luckily, that isn’t the end of the world and we can just use the Venmo debit card to move cash around.

You don’t need the Paypal debit card either, just the one from Venmo.

Most people might think you’d need a Paypal debit card to deposit into Paypal, but you don’t!

paypal debit card

Paypal has partnered with a wide range of retail stores, from Walgreens to 7-Eleven and everything in between, to give their customers plenty of places to deposit their cash. 

paypal add cash at stores

All you have to do is tell the cashier that you want to make a deposit into your Paypal account, pull up the unique deposit barcode in your app, have them scan it, and make your deposit.

There is a small fee to make cash deposits through Paypal, something to be mindful of.

How to Transfer from Venmo to Paypal without a Bank Account (Using Cash)

If you don’t have a bank account to use as a middleman to help in your transfer from Venmo to Paypal, you can always use cash.

You’ll need a Venmo debit card and either an ATM or a retailer who can get you cash back.

Once you get the Venmo debit card, head over to an ATM to grab however much cash you need to transfer to Paypal.

There may be a small fee for making an ATM withdrawal with Venmo using an out of network ATM, around $5.50 altogether. 

Venmo does have in network ATMs as well, making sure their customers have some options when it comes to grabbing cash.

If you want to get some paper money from your Venmo account without paying a fee, look for MoneyPass ATMs here in the U.S.

If you don’t want to go to an ATM or are already heading to the store, you can get cashback from a cashier.

When you’re making a purchase with the Venmo debit card, let the cashier know how much cash back you want to get.

They will then charge you for your purchases and add how much cash you want to withdraw to the total, giving you cash all while completing a transaction. 

Once you have your cash, you’re ready to deposit it into your Paypal account.

If you got cash back from a cashier, chances are you’ll be able to deposit those funds into your Paypal account at the same retail location!

To deposit cash into your Paypal account, start by opening the Paypal app. Head to the Wallet section of the Paypal app, the last section of the five at the bottom of the screen.

paypal wallet

In the Wallet section of Paypal you should see a button marked Add Cash.

Click on it to do exactly that! To deposit cash into Paypal, without a debit card, you’ll need a cashier to scan a unique barcode your Paypal account will generate. 

The barcode will link your account to the cashier’s terminal, allowing you to deposit your cash right into your app.

Once you’ve made your deposit, the process is complete!

Cash is available right away in the Paypal app for you to transfer to another user or use for a purchase.

Can You Get Money Out of Venmo Without a Bank Account?

Online banks and fintech companies alike have a lot of stereotypes surrounding them that just aren’t true.

If you don’t have a bank account, you can still get money out of online banks and fintech companies, even Venmo.

While it’s always easiest to get money out of Venmo by transferring it to a bank account, it isn’t the only way.

You can also use the Venmo debit card to get cash back during your purchases and use it at the ATM.

get the venmo debit card

If you don’t have the Venmo debit card or a bank account, it may be hard to get money out of the app. You can’t directly transfer it to any other app. It has to be another Venmo user. 

If you know someone who uses Venmo, or someone who you trust, you may be able to send them the money and have them withdraw it for you.

They can either send it to their bank and make a withdrawal there or they can use their Venmo debit card and skip the bank altogether.

I’d always recommend connecting a bank account to Venmo to complete your transactions, but if you can’t, you still have options. 

Can I Transfer Money from My Bank Account to Venmo?

If you’ve just downloaded Venmo, or you already have the app, and you’re looking for ways to fund your account, transferring money from a linked bank account might be the best way to go about it.

Linking your bank account to Venmo is safe, secure, and easy. Once your account is linked, you can make as many transfers as you like, until you choose to unlink your accounts.

To link your bank account to Venmo, head to the Me tab.

It’s the fifth and last of the tabs on the Venmo app, located in the bottom right corner.

From the Me tab you’ll click a button helpfully labeled Add banks and cards.

my venmo account

Venmo uses Plaid to add bank accounts to their platform.

If you’re unfamiliar, Plaid is one of the most popular data aggregator and transfer services around. They take your data from your bank, encrypt it, and send it over to Venmo.

It’s a free service that you can opt out of. If you want to use Plaid, you can log into your bank’s online platform with your normal bank login and Plaid will do the work for you.

If you don’t want to do that, you can instead manually enter your account and routing numbers. 

Once the accounts are connected, you can transfer to and from your bank account and Venmo.

All transfers are free if you’re willing to wait a couple of business days. If you want to speed up your transfers, you can for a small fee. 

Are Venmo and Paypal the Same Company?

While Venmo and Paypal are owned by the same parent company, they are two different companies themselves. Venmo is owned by Paypal, but the two companies operate very differently. 

Venmo has prioritized a social aspect to sending money while Paypal has opted in for a more business heavy experience with tailored deals for their personal banking customers.

They’re both technically owned by Paypal, but you’d never know it using the apps. 

Venmo and Paypal don’t have any special connections to each other either.

If you want to transfer from Venmo to Paypal, or vice versa, you’re going to have to connect an external bank account, use the Venmo debit card, or withdraw and deposit cash.

How to Pay Someone On Venmo Without an Account

If one of your friends has Venmo, but you don’t, it may be tricky to pay them.

You can’t make a transfer to their account unless you also have Venmo, and you don’t want to link their Venmo to your bank account either.

If you’re trying to pay someone on Venmo and you don’t have an account yourself, your options are limited.

You can always withdraw cash and give it to them; they can deposit it into their Venmo accounts at retail locations across America.

You can also write them a check.

Venmo allows their users with a debit card to deposit checks straight into the app.

Make sure your handwriting is legible, the check is negotiable, and your recipient should have no problem getting the money into their Venmo account.

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