11 Simple Steps to Mobile Deposit a Check on Venmo in 2023

mobile check deposit on venmo

Venmo is one of the most popular P2P (peer-to-peer) transfer apps around. It started as just that — a way to quickly send money to your friends and family — and has since transformed into a fintech banking platform that can hold balances and even allow you to deposit checks!

Depositing checks on Venmo is simple, all you have to do is follow a few short steps and you can put your paycheck straight into the app.

  1. Open the Venmo App
  2. Click on the “Me” Section
  3. Click “Settings”
  4. Scroll down to and click on “Cash a Check”
  5. Confirm your identity
  6. Accept the terms and conditions
  7. Accept the privacy policy
  8. Manually enter in the dollar amount of the check
  9. Take a picture of the front of the check
  10. Take a picture of the back of the check
  11. Confirm your deposit 

Once you’ve followed these steps you should see the check in your Venmo account within 10 business days. 

After you’ve deposited your first check, you won’t have to confirm your identity or accept the terms and conditions/privacy policy either. 

If you want more details on how exactly to deposit a check on Venmo, let me break each step down and include some handy screenshots too so you know exactly what you’re looking for.

How to Deposit a Check on Venmo (Step-by-Step)

add a check to your venmo balance

1. Open the Venmo App

If you’re looking for ways to deposit checks on the Venmo App I’m assuming you already have it downloaded. If you don’t consider downloading the app step 0.

Once you have the Venmo App on your phone, click on it. If you have a password to protect your Venmo account, log in like you normally would.

2. Click on the “Me” section

Venmo will automatically open up on the home page. On the bottom of your screen are five separate sections of Venmo. You’ll want to click on the furthest button to the right, titled “Me”. 

venmo me

If you have a profile picture tied to your venmo account, you’ll see it there as well.

3. Click “Settings”

In the upper right hand corner of the “Me” section is a gear that normally represents the settings of an app. This is no different for Venmo, click on the gears and move on to your next step in depositing a check on the popular fintech platform.

venmo settings

4. Scroll Down to and Click on “Cash a Check”

Almost all modern banking and fintech companies have a mobile app that allows their customers to deposit checks on the go.

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Chase Bank calls theirs “Quick Deposit” and Venmo calls their version “Cash a Check”, but they work largely the same. 

Scroll down through your settings until you find Cash a Check and click on it.

venmo cash a check

5. Confirm Your Identity

If you’re a Venmo user, you’ll have given identifying information to them before. Things like your full name, birthday, and social security number.

venmo confirm your identity

Venmo operates with Ingo bank for their mobile deposits, so you’ll have to re-enter and confirm your information with them before moving forward. 

Once you’ve verified your identity, you’ll see a confirmation screen. Click done to move onto the next step.

venmo all set

6. Accept Ingo’s Terms and Conditions

Again, if you’re an active Venmo user, you’ve agreed to the fintech company’s terms and conditions before. Ingo Money, as the company is titled, will ask you to do the same for them.

7. Accept Ingo’s Privacy Policy

This is basically the same thing again. You’ve already accepted Venmo’s lengthy privacy policy, and if you want to deposit checks from your mobile device, you’ll accept Ingo Money’s as well.

ingo's privacy policy

8. Manually Enter the Dollar Amount of the Check

Before taking a picture of the front and back of your check, Venmo will ask you to enter the dollar amount. Chase Bank does the same, and it’s to confirm that the app and you yourself have the same dollar amount in mind. 

venmo confirm dollar check amount

It’s much easier to adjust the deposit amount while you’re taking a picture than once the deposit is processed and is already on its way to your account. 

9. Take a Picture of the Front of Your Check

You didn’t think Venmo was just going to take your word for the dollar amount of the check, did you? 

For our next step, you’ll have to give Venmo permission to use your mobile device’s camera to take a picture of the front of your check. 

Venmo will not only be looking at the dollar amount but also the routing and account numbers, the date, the written dollar amount, and the maker’s signature in the bottom right hand corner. 

Before taking a picture, ensure that all of these portions of the check are filled out properly. If not, Venmo may not accept your deposit.

10. Take a Picture of the Back of Your Check

The same policies that apply to the front of the check apply to the back. Make sure your signature is on the back of your check before processing it. 

If you want, you may also include “For Mobile Deposit” on the back of the check as well. Many banks and fintech companies require this to be written before depositing, but Venmo doesn’t.

11. Confirm Your Deposit

Once you’ve captured the front and back of your check — either using Venmo’s auto capture mode or taking the picture yourself — you’ll be able to confirm your deposit. 

Make sure the dollar amount you’ve typed in matches the check. If it does, you’re free to click confirm and send your check straight into your Venmo balance. Your check should be available in 10 business days.

How to Instantly Deposit a Check on Venmo

10 days to receive funds from a check may be too long for many Venmo users. Because of this long waiting period, Venmo gives their users two options when depositing a check: you can wait 10 days and pay no fee, or click “in minutes”, pay a fee, and receive your funds… in minutes!

Venmo has a couple of different fees for their “in minutes” feature, depending on the type of check you have.

If you’re depositing a government check or a payroll check with a pre-printed signature, they’ll charge a small 1% fee to receive your funds within a few minutes.

If you’re depositing a hand-written check, Venmo charges a higher 5% fee, with a $5 dollar minimum being charged.

Consider using Venmo’s “in minutes” option when depositing if waiting up to 10 business days is too long for you.

Venmo’s Mobile Deposit Limit

Venmo requires a minimum of $5 per check deposit and allows a daily maximum of $5,000. You can deposit $5,000 per day through one individual check or through multiple. 

While your daily deposit limit with Venmo is $5,000, your monthly limit is $15,000.

8 Reasons Why Isn’t Your Venmo Cash a Check Working

There are multiple reasons why Venmo may not be allowing you to deposit a check on their app:

  • The image you took of the check may not be clear enough
  • You may not have provided the right ID verification
  • The check wasn’t signed on the back
  • Venmo or Ingo Money couldn’t verify the check writer’s bank account
  • The amount of the check was either less than $5 or more than $5,000
  • The check was a credit card check
  • The check was written on a closed account
  • You’ve already deposited more than $5,000 in checks that day or $15,000 that month

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