Cash App Limits in 2023 (Is It Possible to Send $10,000?)

Written By Branson Knowles

Cash App is one of the handiest fintech payment platforms around. You can send and receive funds from your friends and family almost instantly, all without a fee! Many Cash App users wonder, however, if there’s any way to increase your limits with the finance platform. 

If you’re looking to move a lot of money in one transaction on Cash App, you’re out of luck.

Cash App limits their user’s sending to $2,500 per week. That means if you want to send $10,000 through Cash App, you’ll have to do it over four separate installments, each a week apart.

There are a ton of articles out there claiming that they can increase your limit up to $7,500 a week, but I reached out to Cash App to verify that information and they declined it, saying there is no surefire way for a user to increase any of their limits beyond the initial increase.

I mention the initial increase because a non-verified Cash App user can send up to $250 and receive up to $1,000 a week before confirming their identity. Once you confirm the last four of your social security number, full name, and date of birth, you can receive an unlimited amount.

I have read separate reports online about different limits people have when it comes to how much they can send on Cash App. While Cash App themselves isn’t transparent about this information, it could be true.

They do have different referral amounts they let their customers have. If you refer another user to start using Cash App and they’ve never used it before, you could get anywhere between $5 and $30 for doing so.

The amount ranges wildly, and I even reached out to Cash App to see why it does and if there is any way a normal user can increase their referral amount. They said there isn’t, and the referral amounts themselves are random. 

How to Send $10,000 on Cash App

Other websites claim you can send up to $7,500 a week through Cash App. Everything I’ve seen, from my own Cash App limits to my conversations with their support team, has led me to believe otherwise.

And these low limits make sense when you consider what Cash App was designed to do. Cash App was initially just a peer-to-peer (P2P) transfer app. All it was initially built for was to quickly send money to your friends and family, and who sends thousands of dollars to their friends on a regular basis?

A really good friend, I guess. I don’t know about you, but none of my friends are millionaires who feel the need to send me that much money on that regular of a basis anyways. If you’re looking for a way to send that much money that frequently, Cash App may not be right for you. 

According to my own Cash App limits, the same limits I had confirmed by the Cash App “Ambassador” (Cash App’s fancy name for a customer service employee), limits are almost entirely universal after you’ve verified your own basic information.

You can send up to $2,500, add $2,500 in cash, and cash out $25,000 per week. Each new week resets these limits. You can receive an unlimited amount though, so no worry there.

These amounts mean it would take you four separate $2,500 transactions over a four week period in order to send your $10,000, not exactly the fastest process for anyone sending some funds.

Crypto limits are much higher. You can sell an unlimited amount of bitcoin through Cash App and purchase up to $100,000 in bitcoin per week. 

Sending bitcoin to another Cash App user has lower limits, much closer to the spending limits. You can send up to $2,500 in bitcoin per week and $17,500 per month. Again, you can receive an unlimited amount.

How Much Money Can I Send On Cash App in One Day?

Cash App doesn’t have any daily sending limits. Instead, their limits are divided into weekly and monthly segments. The normal limit Cash App users have after they’ve verified their accounts is $2,500 per week, so it’s safe to assume you can send that per day as well.

Just be sure you don’t need to send any other transfers that week, as you would have already hit your limit.

Can I Increase My Cash App Limit Past $2,500?

I saw a lot of conflicting information on this one across a wide variety of different websites. Almost all of them claimed that by verifying even more information, like a driver’s license, you could increase your weekly sending limit to $7,500 all by yourself.

As with any piece of information I can’t verify via a secondary source, I headed to the primary. I messaged Cash App directly through their in-app chat service and got an answer straight away.

checking with cash app about increasing the limits

The answer is no, you can’t increase your second sending limits past the first increase. I even asked about the driver’s license, to see if there was any change there. There wasn’t. If Cash App is going to increase your limits, it looks like it’s completely out of your control. 

Do You Have to Pay a Fee to Receive $10,000 on Cash App?

While you can’t send $10,000 in a single transaction on Cash App because of limits, there are no limits to receive those funds.

In fact, Cash App barely charges any fees across their entire platform. This includes fees to receive large amounts of money, Cash App will never charge you just to receive your funds. 

The only fees Cash App will charge you are fees to deposit your funds instantly into your connected checking account or debit card.

If you want to transfer those funds to your bank for free, it may take anywhere between 1-3 business days. 

If you’re in a rush, however, and are needing to get those funds sent over right away, Cash App charges .5% – 1.75% with a minimum charge of $.25.  

How to Check Your Cash App Limits

If you’re curious as to how to check your own Cash App Limits, it’s simple. Cash App has a handy button within the settings that will allow you to check your limits all by yourself! Let me break it down for you in easy to follow steps:

  1. Open Cash App: Find the app for Cash App on your phone or tablet. If you’re not sure where the app is within your phone, you can use your device’s search bar and type in “Cash App” as well.
  2. Head to your profile: In the upper right hand corner of the app is a button taking you to your profile. If you have a profile picture, it will be there. If you don’t, you should see the standard silhouette representing your profile.

checking my cash app limits

  1. Scroll down until you see “Limits”:  Like I said, Cash App makes it easy to see exactly what all of your limits are. On the profile page, there is a button conveniently titled “Limits”. Click that to move forward.

checking my cash app limits 2

  1. Review your limits: Whether you have the barebones version of Cash App or you’ve given them the rest of your information to increase your limits, Cash App will tell you on this page exactly how much you can send, receive, add, and cash out. 

checking my cash app limits 3

If you have any questions about your limits like I did, feel free to reach out to Cash App support through the app to get more information. I would reach out to them directly or come over to for any Cash App related information. The internet has too many wrong answers, probably sourced from each other. 

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9 Responses


    $25, 000… yes.! 25 thousand.

    I got an email stating the increase & looked in my Cash App account & verified that the email was correct.!

    1. Hi Brittany,

      It seems Cash App can increase it for a very small number of accounts with high trust.

  2. Hi, I was reading your article because I was searching for an answer online to the maximum amount that it cashapp limits can increase to because I got a notification from the app today that told me my limits had increased again! They increased once randomly a few months ago as well. The first increase brought me up to the numbers you were talking about $7500 / $17500 for my weekly/ monthly limits. Now they are at $25,000 / $50,000 for my weekly / monthly sending limits! Pretty crazy because I can’t find any mention on google of anybody else having such high limits. I can send screenshot of my limit page to you email to show you if you would like to help with your research. Have a good day. Hope this has helped some.

    Robert Cooper

    1. Hi Robert,

      You have very high Cash App limits, which are custom for you.

      We didn’t see anyone else have such high limits on Cash App.

  3. I was curious about this when I received a notification today about my send limit per week being increased to $25,000.00

    I found it interesting and quite unusual, but I guess it is possible to get higher limits that the $7,500.00/week send limit.

    1. Hi Mark,

      That’s interesting. It’s likely that Cash App segmenting customers based on account history.

  4. Interesting, I wonder why my send and add cash limits are both $15,000 per week/$45,000 per month. Like how does that even add up.

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