Cash App on Amazon: Here’s How to Use It (2023)

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Cash App has evolved from a simple P2P (peer-to-peer) transfer app into one of the world’s most popular payment platforms. You can use Cash App to checkout at a wide variety of locations, but users are still asking, can you use Cash App at Amazon?

You can use Cash App when checking out at Amazon. While you can’t pay straight from your Cash App account, you can use the Cash Card at checkout. After inputting your delivery information, enter in your Cash Card details to make your purchase.

Cash App hasn’t been fully integrated into Amazon’s payment systems but Venmo has. With Venmo already being capable of being used through the online retailer, customers may be more encouraged to believe Cash App may be soon to follow. 

If you have a Cash Card, Cash App’s version of a debit card, you can purchase whatever you’d like through Amazon, so long as you have the balance to cover it. Cash App famously doesn’t let you overdraw your account, so make sure you’re shopping within your budget.

You can use Cash App on Amazon in two different ways: with the card online, or with the Cash Card through Amazon’s mobile app.

How to Use Cash App on (Amazon’s website)

There are two easy ways to browse and make purchases with Amazon: through their website and through their app. They don’t have any physical locations where you can stop in and buy your things, but their online presence is extensive.

If you’re looking to use your Cash App Cash Card on Amazon’s website, it’s as easy as using any other debit card. Let me break it down in a few simple steps:

  1. Go to from your computer or tablet: Begin by heading to Amazon’s website on the device you’re using. You can either type straight into your browser or find it by entering “Amazon” into your search bar. 

  1. Log into Amazon (If you have an account): If you have an account with Amazon, it’s a good idea to log in. You’ll have previous orders saved on there if you want to reorder something and your previous delivery addresses will be saved too. If you’ve used your Cash Card to place an order through your profile, that form of payment will also be available for you to use again.

amazon account login

  1. Find the things you want to order, put them in your cart, and check out: Whether you’re looking to pick up some new clothes for the summer or an extra jar or protein powder, Amazon has it all and you can buy whatever you need with Cash App. Place everything you’re looking for into the cart and get ready to checkout.

my amazon order - adding cash app card

  1. Input your delivery address and choose your form of payment: When you’re checking out on, the website will first ask you to choose where you’d like your package to be delivered. After you’ve chosen a delivery address, Amazon will ask you for a form or payment. Enter in your Cash Card information now, if you haven’t used it on Amazon before.

  1. Add your card and make your payment: Once you’re done entering in your card details and you’ve hit “add card”, you should be able to complete your transaction on Amazon all while using Cash App. Amazon may ask you a couple more questions about shipping and handling, and then you’re all set.

adding cash app card

After you’ve made your purchase on Amazon through Cash App, you’ll be able to re-use the same card information again, saving you from having to enter in the same details every time.

The transaction should also appear on your Cash App account right away too. 

How to Use Cash App on the Amazon App

As of 2022, there are almost 200 million monthly users on the Amazon App. With over 44 million Cash App users in the United States, it’s easy to imagine that some of these users might use both apps. If you are in fact using Cash App through Amazon, making your purchases is a breeze.

The process is very similar to making purchases with Cash App through Download the Amazon app to begin, if you have an account with Amazon, it’s always a good idea to log in as well. Nobody likes entering in the same delivery details if they don’t have to.

Once you’ve finished browsing Amazon’s wares, finding whatever it is you came from, you’re ready to checkout. Checkout is where Cash App comes in. As soon as Amazon asks you about your payment details, choose to add a new debit or credit card.

adding payment method amazon app

Like I mentioned earlier, Cash App and Amazon haven’t melded together completely just yet.  You can use Cash App during checkout with Amazon, but only if you have the Cash Card. You’ll need a debit card number in order to complete your purchase. 

adding cash app card on amazon app

Once you’ve entered in your card information though, you should be all set. The amazon app works like the website too, storing all of your information in a handy database so you don’t need to enter your Cash App details in more than once. 

adding the card

The Amazon app will also let you add your card by taking a picture of the front and back.

taking picture of the card

How to Use Cash App on Amazon Without the Cash Card

If you’re looking for a way to use Cash App on Amazon without using a Cash Card, you’re out of luck.

Currently, the only way to use Cash App on Amazon is with a Cash Card. You have to enter in your card number and expiration date in order to complete transactions.

Amazon has integrated one of Cash App’s main competitors in Venmo into their payment system. If you have a Venmo account, you can add it to your Amazon profile in order to make payments through Venmo, all without a card.

Hopefully Amazon sees the success of Venmo and expands their online bank integration to Cash App as well. Until then, you’ll need the Cash Card if you want to use Cash App on Amazon. 

Can You Buy Things Online With Cash App Without a Card

While Amazon isn’t a good example, you can certainly buy a ton of things online with Cash App without using a debit card. 

A lot of online retailers are starting to integrate popular online platforms like Cash App into their check outs, giving Cash App users even more places to use their app. 

Some popular retailers that allow you to use Cash App without the card through them include Target, Forever 21, and Lululemon. 

Does Amazon Take Cash?

While this one is a little adjacent to the article I’ve written above, I saw too many people look it up for me to miss it.

Amazon does offer their customers the ability to pay with cash. You can either go to one of their partner locations and pay for your order in person, or you can add cash directly to your Amazon balance. You would need to have a card in order to add to the balance though. 

How to Add Money From Amazon Gift Card to Cash App

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to add money from an Amazon Gift Card into Cash App. Once funds are on an Amazon gift card, it’s pretty hard to get them off.

You only have a couple of options with your Amazon gift card: you can either go ahead and use the funds on Amazon, or you can try and sell the gift card online for cash. 

The only way to add a gift card balance to your Cash App account is if it’s a vanilla gift card from one of the major card issuers, Mastercard or Visa.

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