Is Cash App Accepted Everywhere? (QR Codes and Cards 2023)

Written By Branson Knowles

With over 44 million users, you can send money to almost 20% of all Americans just through Cash App. You can do more than send money too, as Cash App allows you to make payments through their platform.

With almost 50 million active users, many wonder: is Cash App accepted everywhere? With a user base like that, they must be, right? Yes and no.

If you have a Cash Card, you can use Cash App wherever Visa is accepted. If you don’t have Cash App’s debit card, you’ll have to scan the business’s QR code in order to transact with them. Some businesses don’t have a QR code, so if you don’t have Cash App’s Cash Card, you won’t be able to do business with them.

Cash App has recently become available to residents in the UK as well. If you’re located in the UK, you should have access to obtaining a Cash Card as well, using it wherever Visa is accepted. 

Cash App is also accepted during checkout at a lot of popular online retailers. During checkout, many retailers like Lululemon, Nike, and Target will accept Cash App as a form of payment.

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How to Use Cash App to Pay

If you don’t have Cash App’s Cash Card, you’ll have to pay through the app itself if you want to use Cash App to pay for an item. You can either scan the business’s QR code, if they have one or find their business account through Cash App by looking for their unique $cashtag

Paying with the QR code scanner is easy through Cash App. To do so, all you have to do is log into the app and click on the QR code logo in the upper left hand corner of the pay screen. 

From here, Cash App will present you with two options: you can either have someone pay you by having them scan your unique QR code, or you can pay them by scanning their’s. 

Some business owners may have you scan a QR code on their Cash App, through their phones. Others will more likely have printed their Cash App QR codes onto a large piece of paper, giving you an easy object to scan.

When you scan someone else’s QR code, their Cash App business profile should pop-up on your phone. From there, you can pay them in an instant, sending your money to their account for free.

If you’re paying for something online, it’s more likely that you can connect your Cash App account at checkout. Popular online retailer Amazon has recently partnered with Cash App’s competitor Venmo, giving Venmo users a big store to use their Venmo accounts. 

Cash App is trying to integrate themselves into more online retailers’ checkouts as well. If you are checking out somewhere and they have a Cash App button or logo during checkout, you should be able to complete your transaction using only the funds from your Cash App Balance.

The easiest way to use Cash App to pay for something, however, is with the Cash App Visa debit card — the Cash Card.

How to Use Cash App Card

Cash App partnered with Visa in order to introduce an all new way to use their platform. They came together to create the Cash Card, Cash App’s very own debit card. The Cash Card is accepted everywhere Visa is, allowing it to be used just about anywhere.

You can use the Cash Card like any other debit card, swiping it or using the chip feature when checking out at stores. It only has a full 16 digit number with an expiration date and security code, meaning you can use it online as well.

my cash app card

Cash App even lets their users start using the Cash Card as soon as they get it. When you order the Cash Card in the mail, Cash App will give you a digital copy on your app. Through the app, you can add the card straight to your digital wallet. This applies to both Google and Apple Pay.

I love using Apple Pay. If you’re not familiar with digital wallets, they use RFID technology to contactless-ly send signals to one another and to point-of-sale systems. Basically, you can buy your groceries without touching anything but your phone!

This was really handy when the pandemic was really bad, and people were advised to make physical contact with as little as possible. By adding your Cash Card to your digital wallet, you’re able to use your Cash App Balance without ever touching a point-of-sale system again.

How to Get Cash App Card for Free

A lot of users believe the Cash App card costs something. Something that useful can’t be free, right?


getting my free cash card

Wrong. The Cash Card is 100% free, Cash App even covers the cost of shipping. The only way you’d ever pay for a Cash Card is if you choose to get one of their metal or neon colored cards. They offer a neon green card for $5, and two metal cards for $50 each.

cash cards

If you want to keep your card free, you can choose between Cash App’s white or black cards. They aren’t plain, though, as Cash App will give you the opportunity to create your own unique design on them. 

The cards will have your $cashtag printed on them and whatever design you choose to make as well.

cash app card with my cashtag

On the back, the cards will include their own numbers, including the expiration date and security code.

Getting a Cash Card is simple and you can do it from the app in a matter of minutes. Let me break it down into easy to follow steps. 

  1. Open Cash App: If you want to get a free Cash App card in order to use your Cash App Balance when you’re making purchases, you can order it straight from the app. Start by finding Cash App on your mobile device and opening the app.
  2. Click on the card logo: When you’re in Cash App, you’ll see five logos on the bottom of the screen each representing a different part of the app. Click on the one that looks like a debit card, the second from the left.
  3. Click “Get free Cash Card”: If you don’t have a Cash Card, Cash App will present you with a button taking you to the next screen where you can get one. 
  4. Choose your style: As I mentioned earlier, Cash App offers a wide variety of card designs for their customers to choose from. 

You have the free white or black cards, the $5 glow in the dark card (perfect for people who lose their debit cards in dark places), or the $50 chameleon metal or black metal cards.

glow in the dark card

No matter what design you get, your $cashtag will be in the upper right hand corner with your card information on the back. You’ll also be able to personalize your card with fun designs as well. 

  1. Order your card: Once you’re done picking out your style and designing your Cash App to be the perfect debit card for you, go ahead and order it. 

Cash App will confirm your address with you before sending you your new card, free of charge. Cash App also wants their customers to know that the card should take somewhere around 10 business days to reach you. 

  1. Add your card to your digital wallet (optional): If you want to, you can add your card to your digital wallet as soon as you have it coming in the mail. 

Cash App will give you a digital copy on the app, allowing you to add the card to whatever digital wallet you have. This works with both Google and Apple Pay, and once the card is added to your digital wallet, you’ll be able to use it for purchases right away.

How to Activate Cash App Card

If you’ve just received your Cash App Card in the mail, activating it is simple. You have two ways of doing so through Cash App: with the QR code and without the QR code. 

If you want to use the QR code, start by opening Cash App. Next, click on the Cash Card tab towards the bottom of the screen. It should be the second logo from the left. Next, tap the image of your custom Cash Card on the screen.

Once you’ve clicked on your Cash Card, click Activate Cash Card. Tap OK when Cash App asks you for permission to use your camera if you’ve never used your camera through Cash App before, and scan your QR code.

If you don’t have the QR code meant for activation or don’t want to use it, you’ll still activate your Cash App card by heading to the app. 

You’ll again be heading to the Cash Card section of the app, and you’ll then want to click on your Cash Card as it appears on your screen. 

To activate your Cash Card without the QR code, you’ll need the physical copy of the card on you. Cash App will ask for the card’s CVC code, the security code, and the card’s expiration date. 

Once you’ve entered that information correctly, your brand new Cash Card should be fully functional. You can use it anywhere where Visa is accepted. 

Lost Cash App Card

If you’ve just lost your Cash App Card and are wondering what to do next, let me tell you. Whenever you lose a debit or credit card, there are a couple of key things you must do to make sure wrongdoers aren’t getting ahold of your funds.

  • Contact Cash App: If you think you may have lost your Cash App card, the first thing you should do is contact Cash App. Cash App makes this simple through their easy to use customer support interface. 

Once you’re certain that you’ve lost your card, open your Cash App and click on the card tab towards the bottom. From there, go ahead and click on Cash Card Support and then Report your Cash Card. Select Card Stolen or Card Missing and follow the remaining steps to report your lost card. 

A Cash App Support member may reach out to you after that to gather more information.

  • Check your transaction history: If you’re wondering whether your Cash Card was stolen or if you just misplaced it, you can always check your transaction history. It’s pretty easy to find out that your card has been stolen once you see a transaction there past the date it was lost, if you haven’t reported it yet. 

Or, you can see old transactions that you didn’t do. Either way, this is a surefire means of finding out someone is using your card and they aren’t you. 

  • Move any balances out of Cash App: If you have any money on Cash App after you’ve lost your card, consider moving your funds out to another account. 

While your money won’t necessarily be lost to the wind, it’s always a good idea to bring your account down to a zero balance if you have any thought that someone might have access to it.

i'm making cash app instant deposit

Never forget that you are not held liable for purchases you authorize. If someone stole your card and you didn’t give them an OK to make purchases on your account, you can file a claim, and Cash App will work hard to cancel those payments and get your money back.

You can dispute any transactions on Cash App from your transaction history. Once you do, Cash App will most likely freeze your account to prevent any more unauthorized purchases from coming through. 

If you know your card has been stolen, you need to report it as soon as possible. The sooner Cash App knows the card wasn’t in your possession, the sooner they can file claims for you. They will also be more likely to believe that your card was stolen. 

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