Can You Load Your Cash App Card at Family Dollar (Alternatives)

can you load your cash app card at family dollar

Family Dollar is an epitome of an American retail store and is going strong even in its seventh decade. In fact, there’s a great chance you have a Family Dollar store nearby.

In this case, you might be wondering, can you load your Cash Card there? Here’s the answer.

You can effortlessly add money to your Cash App Card at Family Dollar retail stores. But that’s not all because you can do so at ten more retail brands such as 7-Eleven, Walmart, Walgreens, GoMart, Dollar General, and others. 

How to Add Money to Cash App Card at Family Dollar Store

Cash App calls it Paper Money Deposit, and that’s what it is. It’s also easy to do at participating Family Dollar stores.

To deposit some cash, go to the cashier and ask them if you could deposit money to your Cash App with a barcode. It’s important to emphasize this as not every employee is well versed in all things at the store.

In some instances, the cashier or sales assistant will demand that you swipe or insert your Cash Card to make the deposit. That isn’t the proper way of doing it, though, and you should advise them to scan the Cash App’s barcode instead.

If they’re still not sure how to continue, simply offer them instructions on your phone by tapping the “?” on the Cash App map where you find the nearest Paper Money Deposit location. More on that below.

Trust me; I supervised at a gas station. Employees change all the time, and by the time you train a person, they are gone.

The only way to add cash to your Cash Card is by scanning your Cash App barcode. 

The funds will be transferred to your Cash App balance right after the sales assistant scans the Cash App barcode and you hand them the money, i.e., after it’s put through the till. You’re also advised to keep a copy of the receipt.

Once your Cash App Card deposit is made, check your new balance on an electronic device to confirm the transaction was successful.

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What Retailers Support Cash App Card Paper Money Deposits?

retailers support cash app card paper money deposits

Paper Money Deposits or Cash Deposits are nowadays supported only at the following stores:

  • Family Dollar
  • Walgreens
  • 7-Eleven
  • Walmart 
  • StopNGo
  • Dollar General
  • GoMart
  • Speedway
  • Sheetz
  • KwikTrip
  • H-E-B

It doesn’t seem like much, but these merchants have tens of thousands of locations all over the United States. There’s a big chance you live just a few blocks from the nearest location. 

And how do you find a participating store? Keep on reading.

How to Find The Nearest Cash Deposit Location to Top-up Cash Card

Finding a store where you can deposit cash to your Cash Card is easy. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Select the “Banking” tab in Cash App
  2. Select “Paper Money”
  3. Use the search bar and type in an address or find a location near you via location finder

Cash Deposit Fee

Cash deposits usually come with a set fee. In the case of Cash App and Family Dollar (and other participating stores), the fee is only $1. That’s not so bad, considering some other digital banks and not to mention prepaid cards. 

More Ways of Adding Money to Cash App

The most direct way of adding funds to your Cash App, and the one that’s the easiest, is to add money to your balance from a connected bank account.

To add funds to your Cash App:

  1. Tap the Banking tab in your Cash App
  2. Tap Add Cash
  3. Select an amount
  4. Tap Add
  5. Use Touch ID or type in your PIN
  6. Confirm

To add money to your Cash App and Cash Card, you need to have an existing bank account that’s linked to the app. If you didn’t link one yet, here’s how to do it in a few minutes.

To add a bank to your Cash App:

  1. Tap the Profile Icon in the Cash App
  2. Select Linked Banks
  3. Tap Link Bank
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts

If you’d like to modify a linked bank account:

  1. Tap the Profile Icon in the Cash App 
  2. Choose Linked Banks
  3. Select the bank account to replace or remove
  4. Tap on Remove Bank or Replace Bank
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts

How to Put Money On Cash App Card at ATM

You can’t directly add money to your Cash App account or card at an ATM, but with this workaround, you can deposit paper money into another bank account that does support cash deposits at ATMs and then simply transfer the money via the app between your linked accounts.

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How to Increase Cash App Limits

When you open a Cash App account, you’re presented with some limitations. Namely, how much money you can send and receive each month ($1,000). 

If you aren’t happy with these limitations and you want to be able to send and receive more money, you’ll have to verify your Cash App account by giving the company your date of birth, first and last name, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. 

This is an integral part of the KYC – Know Your Customer methodology, and Cash App is simply complying with the anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering legislation. 

This is also needed to get the Cash Card in the first place, so if you have one, your limits are already as high as they can be at the moment.

When interacting with celebrities, brands, public figures, and additional accounts of public interest, usually have the blue verification badge that makes it easy to distinguish between genuine accounts and scammers, for example.

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To conclude, you can easily load your Cash Card at the Family Dollar stores and other participating merchants like Walgreens, Walmart, Dollar General, 7-Eleven, etc.

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