How to Transfer Stocks from Robinhood to Webull (2023)

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Robinhood and Webull are two of the most popular commission-free stock investing and trading apps on the market. While you can purchase and hold stocks and cryptocurrencies on Robinhood, you can transfer them as well. 

Transferring your assets from Robinhood to Webull is easy, but it isn’t cheap. To transfer stocks from Robinhood to Webull, start by opening the Webull app and heading to your trading center. Go to Transfers and click “Transfer Assets into Webull”.

transfer assets into webull

Webull will then bring up a list of popular brokers for you to choose from. Robinhood is the first to appear on the list, amongst other popular brokers like TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab. 

When you click on Robinhood, Webull will present you with a warning screen.

They will want you to make sure both accounts are under the same name.

If they are not, neither Webull nor Robinhood can conduct the transfer. 

Webul will also let you know that they require assets to be worth at least $500 if they are to be transferred. If they are less than $500, they will be rejected.

Lastly, Webull advises their customers to hold at least $75 in their balance, as most brokers will charge at least $75 for an ACATS transfer. 

transfer stocks webull

Webull is helpful in their advice and on the money — well, maybe just shy of it as Robinhood charges $100 for anyone looking to transfer their stocks or crypto out of their platform.

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How to Transfer Stocks from Robinhood to Webull (Step-by Step)

Before the crypto-craze that took the world of finance by storm, Robinhood was king.

It was the number one app for both people brand new to the world of investing and veteran traders who knew their way around the market.

Robinhood was caught manipulating the market, protecting corporations, and taking fair opportunities from their customers.

They lost half of their customer base because of it, with most of their clientele moving to other trading platforms like Webull.

This exact scenario happened to me.

I was an avid Robinhood user, I loved the app because it made trading so easy and accessible.

Once they were caught manipulating the market on the side of the corporation, turning their back on their customer, I was gone. 

I too moved all of my assets over to Webull.

It’s a free app that is easy to use as well, and not once have they paused trading so their billionaire friends can recover their assets. Their user base grew substantially during Robinhood’s mass exodus.

If you are one of the people who wants to move their Robinhood stocks over to Webull, you can. You just have to pay Robinhood’s $100 fee.

To move your assets over, including both your traditional stocks and cryptocurrency, start by opening the Webull app.

Head to the trading center by clicking on the middle logo of the five towards the bottom of the Webull screen.

If you have a trading password like I do, enter it now.

my robinhood dashboard

Head to the “Transfers” section towards the top. Click “Transfer Assets into Webull” and then click on Robinhood when Webull gives you a list of popular brokers to choose from.

Webull will also give you that warning screen I mentioned in the beginning, click continue to move forward.

webull choose brokerage

Webull will need your Robinhood account number to make the transfer request. They even have a handy picture detailing where you can find your Robinhood account number.

If you’re having a hard time finding your Robinhood account number, open your Robinhood app and click on your profile, the fifth and final button of the five towards the bottom.

Click on the three horizontal bars in the upper left hand corner.

Scroll down on the menu portion of Robinhood until you reach the very bottom, where your account number is.

There are two account numbers here, one for RHS and one for APEX. Use the one next to RHS to transfer your stocks.

robinhood stock account number

Head back to Webull with your Robinhood account number and input the number into Webull.

Once you input your account number, Webull will give you two options: you can either make a full transfer or a partial transfer.

The transfers are just as they say, you can either transfer all of your assets from Robinhood to Webull or you can transfer a portion of them.

Both transfer types will cost $100 from Robinhood. 

When you click on full transfer, Webull will ask you some questions.

They will want to know if you’re currently holding any options contracts, crypto, warrants, units, or rights in your original account.

webull full transfer

You must be eligible for options trading if you want to bring options contracts from Robinhood to Webull.

Webull does not allow the transfer of crypto, warrants, rights, or units at this time either. 

If you choose to only transfer a portion of your Robinhood assets, Webull will only ask for the total dollar amount you’d like to transfer. They will also ask for the position you will be transferring.

To input the individual positions you are transferring into Webull, you must find them from a search bar Webull gives you.

You can find both the stock you’re looking for and the market they’re traded on from Webull’s search bar.

Once you have input your Robinhood account number and transfer type into Webull, they can begin the process of bringing your assets over.

It will take them between 5-7 business days to bring everything over, so be patient. 

If your transfer is taking more than 7 business days Webull recommends that you reach out to their customer support team for help.

You may need to reach out to Robinhood as well if you have any difficulties getting your funds from their app.

How to Transfer Stocks from Robinhood to Webull for Free

Transferring your stocks from Robinhood to Webull using a traditional ACATS costs $100.

If you have anything less than $500 to transfer, Webull won’t even accept it in the first place.

Luckily, there is one way to move your money from Robinhood to Webull for free, and Webull even recommends it.

If you don’t have that many assets to move, Webull and I both recommended liquidating your assets (selling them to get cash), moving the funds to a linked bank account from Robinhood, before finally sending them to Webull.

The process is entirely free as it doesn’t cost any money to sell your stocks, transfer the cash to your bank account, or to transfer the funds into Webull. 

It isn’t the cleanest solution to your problem though, as moving your money from one fintech trading app to another takes some time. 

Moving money from Robinhood to your bank account takes anywhere between 3-5 business days, and moving that same money to Webull can take up to 4 business days.

Transferring your stocks automatically through an ACATS takes 5-7 business days, so the processes are similar in timeframe. 

How Long Does it Take to Transfer Stocks from Webull to Robinhood?

Transferring stocks from Webull to Robinhood isn’t instant.

In fact, it takes a couple of business days no matter which of the two transfer methods you choose from.

If you choose to send the funds automatically using the ACATS transfer method, Webull will take anywhere between 5-7 business days to process your request.

If it takes any longer than 7 business days, something irregular may have occurred and you should contact Webull for help.

Selling your stocks in Robinhood, transferring the funds to your bank account, and then finally transferring the money to Webull takes between 7-9 business days, just a little bit longer than the traditional method.

Moving cash between the two accounts is free though. 

To make sure your stock transfer doesn’t get impeded, make sure your Robinhood account is in good standing.

Check to see that you don’t have a negative balance or a margin call coming up.

Can I Transfer My Robinhood Stock to Another Platform?

If you have stock on Robinhood you can always transfer it to another platform so long as your account is in good standing.

If you have any negative balances or account penalties, you may not be able to transfer anything off of the Robinhood app. 

How Much Does It Cost To Transfer My Stocks From Robinhood?

Unfortunately, Robinhood charges a hefty fee for any investor who wants to take their stock off of their platform and move it somewhere else.

If you want to move stock off of Robinhood using a traditional ACATS transfer method, Robinhood will charge you $100.

You can always liquidate your assets, transfer them to a linked external bank account, and finally transfer the funds to the broker of your choice for free.

The process is a little more hands on and may take an extra business day or two to complete. 

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