Does Venmo Work Internationally In 2022 (Alternatives)

venmo international

Let’s clear the air first on this popular topic. Is Venmo international? The short answer is no. It doesn’t work for payments outside of the US, and you can’t send money from abroad to someone who’s in the US. 

Can you send money with Venmo abroad? 

Venmo says that both sender and receiver have to be physically present in the US

If you are looking for Venmo International – please check alternatives, allowing sending and receiving money abroad.

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Surprisingly, you can find people who have successfully received money while traveling or studying abroad. 

That means that it can work for some people, but those folks opened their Venmo account while living in the US. It’s hardly a long-term solution as your account cloud be terminated at any point because you’re not using it in the US. 

venmo international alternatives

Can I use Venmo with a VPN?

You’d think that Venmo would work with a VPN so that you could fool their system into thinking that you’re still in the US. It’s actually the opposite, as Venmo will give you an error message when you’re on a VPN.

Who can use Venmo?

Unlike PayPal, their parent company, as per Venmo’s terms and conditions, only people over 18 who are physically located in the United States and have a US cell phone can use Venmo’s services. 

Additionally, the phone must be able to send and receive messages from short codes. The phone number also can’t be already associated with another Venmo account. 

Still, want to transfer money? Need a Venmo alternative? Find Venmo’s international alternatives below. 

About Venmo 

Venmo was founded in 2009 by Andrew Kortina and Iqram Magdon-Ismail. Braintree acquired it in 2012, and PayPal acquired Braintree in 2013. That makes PayPal, the global online payments system, the owner of Venmo. 

What started as a simple peer-to-peer mobile payment service grew into a behemoth and a household name in the US. It had more than 60 million active accounts in 2021 and almost $160 billion in total payment volume in 2020.

Its US-based competitors include Zelle and Cash App

Just Venmo me, or why is Venmo so popular? 

Venmo is the most popular with the younger crowd, which comes as no surprise. And it’s its social component and its use of emojis that drive the popularity of the payments app. 

It’s easy to use by scanning a person’s (or business’s) QR code. Features like splitting the tab make it perfect for dinners, pub crawls, or for paying rent. Small and big companies alike now accept payments via Venmo, and the payment shows up on your feed. 

And that’s where the reason for Venmo’s popularity lies. It’s a social and payment network in one app. People like to share what they spent their money on. Couple that with messages and cool emojis, and you have yourself a multibillion-dollar app with tens of millions of users. 

Is Venmo safe?

By installing the Venmo App, you will share all your purchases with the general public by default. Let me repeat, you share all your purchases with the world. That was unheard of when Venmo appeared, and it still is. 

You have to switch off the “feature” or choose to share the transaction info only with your friends. Many people don’t bother with that, and that’s why you have websites dedicated to showing you who is buying drugs, sex, and other fun stuff. 

BuzzFeed also recently found Joe Biden’s secret Venmo account with all his connections. Other celebrities’ accounts were also found, and I’m guessing it wasn’t fun for them. Even if you set your payments to private, your friends list will remain in the open.

Scammers and hackers will try to get you the usual way – by contacting you and impersonating Venmo, and asking for your account details. As usual, the end-user is the weakest link in the security chain. 

If someone scams you out of your money, the Venmo T&C explicitly says that “Venmo was originally designed for people who know and trust each other to send each other payments” and that you should only “pay for goods or services in the app by paying an authorized business profile.” In other words, the company will not help you if you get scammed.

You also have to be careful not to send money to the wrong person as there’s no way to cancel a payment, only to request that person to give it back to you. I know, good luck with that!

Other than that, your money is generally safe, and peer-to-peer transactions are secure as well. They are protected by all the newest security features. 

Pros and cons


  • No monthly fees
  • Widely used
  • Easy to register and use
  • Make payments with your bank account, credit card, or debit card
  • Cheap
  • Instant transfers
  • Free Venmo Mastercard


  • Only available in the US
  • Privacy issues
  • Can’t cancel a payment

Venmo fees

There are no other fees than the ones outlined below.

  • 3% fee for sending money via credit card
  • 1% fee for instant cash-out transfers to your bank account
  • 1-3% fee (min $5) for adding money using cash a check feature
  • 1.9% + $0.10 when receiving money in your business profile
  • 1% fee (minimum $0.25, maximum $10) for Instant Transfers
  • 1.5-2.3% fee for cryptocurrency purchase or sale
  • $2.5 for out-of-the network ATM withdrawal

Venmo international alternatives

Because Venmo isn’t available internationally and you can’t send or receive payments from abroad, we listed many excellent alternatives to Venmo that work outside and inside the US.

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All these apps and services are used by millions of people worldwide, and you can’t go wrong by using any of them.


  • First-time transfer promotions
  • Easy to understand and send money
  • Delivery promise
  • Delivered by a specified time or the fees are refunded
  • Many delivery options

Remitly’s been with us for more than ten years already. They’re focused on making it as easy as possible for immigrants to send money back to their home countries. There’s no point giving a big chunk of your hard-earned money to the big banks. 

Their fees are transparent, and you can calculate just how much precisely the receiver will get and how much you’re paying for fees. Choose from faster or slower transfers and pay accordingly. 

Remitly supports money transfers from 17 sending countries to more than 100 receiving countries worldwide. The sending and receiving countries reflect where immigrants usually currently live and where they’re from. 

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  • Sending 90 currencies to 150 countries
  • WorldRemit Wallet
  • Fast transfers
  • Cash pickup

Another Venmo alternative is WorldRemit. This established money-transfer service has been with us for more than 10 years as well. The platform is accessible both from the WorldRemit app and desktop. There is no need to visit a physical location or wait for an appointment.

WorldRemit’s services include :

  • Mobile Money 
  • Cash Pickup
  • Bank Transfer
  • Airtime Top-up
  • Home Delivery

Mobile Money is their e-wallet service to store your cash or send and receive out of it. WorldRemit also supports a wide range of payment systems, including bank transfers, debit and credit, Trustly, and even Apple and Android pay.

WorldRemit makes its money by charging a small fee, roughly about £/$4, for its services, in addition to a margin. Pretty standard for the industry as a whole, and still far less expensive than visiting a bank and going through the process that way.

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  • Free account
  • International bank details
  • Send money to more than 70 countries, always with a low and transparent fee
  • Direct Debits in the UK, Europe, and the US
  • Spend in local currency with your card
  • Receive your salary, pension, and more
  • Pay at the real exchange rate
  • Pay online securely with instant notifications
  • Use your card in more than 200 countries and withdraw money from 2.3 million ATMs

Wise went through a recent name change, so you might still know them as TransferWise. Seems like Wise has been around forever, but it’s actually been 10 years since its inception.

They use the best exchange rate that you can get and ad a minimal fee on top. The sender saves on costs, and the recipient receives the money for free in his or her local currency. 

As with our other Venmo international alternatives, you can see the fees upfront. The exact amount and the time it takes to transfer the money are also presented to you. 

With over 10 million customers worldwide, Wise moves around $6 billion each month in over 50 different currencies.

But Wise is more than just a money transferring service. With Wise, you can open a personal or a business bank account, coupled with a debit card. They specifically focus on small and medium businesses and freelancers. 

With their multi-currency account, you can convert and hold 56 currencies and use their card in 200 countries. Spend with Apple and Google Pay, and withdraw anywhere. You can even receive payments like a local in 10 currencies and get a UK account number, Euro IBAN, US routing number, and more.

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  • Transparent
  • Low fees
  • Business money transfers
  • Fast transfers
  • Many countries supported

TransferGo is a money transfer service that offers a straightforward service to its customers: quick, secure money transfer. Both their website and mobile apps are easy to navigate, clean, and transparent regarding fees and what you can and can’t do. 

TransferGo is relatively well-rounded, with over 60 countries on its money transfer list. Included are popular options like Mexico, the Philippines, Nigeria, India, and the USA, to name a few.

The fees are based on competitive currency rates and how quickly you want the money you send to arrive at its destination. The Next Day delivery has a fee from £0-£0.99 with a conversion rate between 0 and 2.2 percent. 

The fastest delivery option that can arrive as fast as 30 minutes has the same conversion rate of 0-2.2%, but the delivery fee depends on the amount you’re sending. 

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  • Multi-currency accounts
  • Connect all your bank accounts with Revolut
  • Instant international money transfers
  • Daily discounts and cashback
  • Great for traveling and sending money abroad
  • No need for a card
  • Great security features
  • Ability to pay with a single-use card to keep your money safe
  • Trade stocks, crypto, and commodities

Revolut does it all. It’s a financial super-app that grants a bank account in three dozen currencies, easy money transfers, and investing in crypto, stocks, and commodities, among other things. 

They’re already up to 15 million customers worldwide, with additional 500,000 businesses onboard. They expanded to the US and Japan in 2020 as well. 

Revolut lets you wire the money internationally with no hidden fees at the real “exchange rate,” so you’ll know upfront how much you’ll be paying for the transfer. 

Suppose you have more than one bank account in different institutions. In that case, the option to link all of them together in the Revolut account is godsent.

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  • The most well-known payment system
  • No fees when shopping, unless there’s a currency conversion
  • Buyer Protection
  • Check out quickly with just an email and password

Chances are you’re already using PayPal for online payments or money transfers. This fintech behemoth has been around forever, or so it seems. And, although it’s getting a lot of hate, it’s still a solid choice for money transfers and shopping. 

We already mentioned that they acquired Venmo years ago, and now they’re growing it to new heights just as they’re growing PayPal on a global scale. They keep adding more features for customers like money pools for shared savings, for example.

Their currency conversion fees are 3.00% above the base exchange rate and aren’t the best globally or even on this list. Still, it’s convenient to use, and you probably already have an account. 

It’s a case of – a known enemy is better than an unknown friend – I guess.

The bottom line

So, we can conclude that Venmo isn’t available anywhere outside of United States and that you can’t transfer money abroad or receive it from someone internationally. 

Yet, there are many alternatives worldwide that are used by tens or even hundreds of millions of people every week to send their money to friends, family, or for business purposes. 

We mentioned a few Venmo alternatives above that will satisfy your needs for sure. 

Related questions

Is Venmo available in Europe?

Venmo isn’t available in Europe, EEA, or EU countries. Revolut and Wise are the most popular digital banks there, and money transferring services like WorldRemit, Remitly, Paysend, TransferGo, and others are an excellent choice.  

Is Venmo available in Mexico?

Venmo isn’t available internationally, and it isn’t available in Mexico for the same reason. It might work if you already have a Venmo account and you traveled to Mexico. If not, it won’t work as it’s only available to the folks that live in the US.

Is Venmo available in the UK?

Unfortunately, Venmo isn’t available in the UK. It’s a shame as it would be really popular there as well. For example, there is the Starling digital bank that has free accounts. Then there are Moneze, Monzo, Wise, Curve, Wirex, and of course, Revolut

Not to mention all the dedicated money transfer services already on our list that are also available in the UK.

Is Venmo available in Australia?

There’s no Venmo in Australia, but there is Beem it, a great app you can use to send and request money. All the other apps from our list are also available, of course. 

Is Venmo available in Japan?

Unfortunately, Venmo isn’t available internationally, and so it’s not available in Japan as well. There are other money transfer apps that are on our list that you can use in Japan. 

Is Venmo available in Hong Kong?

Venmo isn’t available in Hong Kong as it’s only available in the United States for now. There are many other apps that you can use to send money, including Revolut, Wise, ZA Bank, and others on our list. 

Is Venmo available in Brazil?

Venmo isn’t available in Brazil yet, but the biggest digital bank in the world, Nubank, is. The Brazil-based Nubank was founded in 2013 by Colombian David Vélez, Brazilian Cristina Junqueira, and American Edward Wible.

The biggest neobank in the world rolled out its first product, a credit card, in 2014. It was the only financial product they could launch as they couldn’t acquire a banking license in Brazil because the law was barring foreign bank ownership.

Is Venmo available in Argentina?

There isn’t Venmo in Argentina, but you can use Uala, Revolut, and other apps to send money internationally without the need for Venmo. 

Is Venmo available in Russia?

Venmo is only available in the USA, so there’s no option to send money in or out of Russia with Venmo as it doesn’t support international money transfers. 

Is Venmo available in Nigeria?

Venmo is still not open for business in Nigeria and probably won’t ever be available. There are some other options, probably.

Is Venmo available in India?

Venmo isn’t available in India. It’s only available in the United States. There’s plenty of other options on the market, though. Some of them we mentioned in this Venmo international review. Those are Wise, WorldRemit, TransferGo, Currencyfair, and Remitly. 

Is Venmo available in Canada?

Although Canada is a US neighbor, there’s no Venmo there as it’s only available in the United States. There are plenty of other Venmo alternatives, and one of them is the attractive digital bank called Koho

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