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  • Premium – €7.99/mo
  • SuperGreen – €16.99/mo
  • Full Bank
  • ZeroFX
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Bunq Review

bunq is a new digital bank hailing from the Netherlands. This Dutch bank aims to revolutionize banking with innovative features designed for busy customers who want to bank 100% online and on the go. bunq bank has a Dutch banking license that comes with deposit protection up to €100,000.

How to open an account at bunq

bunq bank mobile-first accounts can be opened in minutes online, and unlike many banks around the world, you don’t have to be based in the Netherlands to open an account with bunq.

bunq isn’t a bank with monthly plans because it’s not primarily designed for savings. bunq’s accounts cost a fixed monthly fee, and while cheaper accounts may be found elsewhere, bunq still offers some unique features for this fee, including instant joint accounts and affordable money transfers.

Adding funds to your bunq account couldn’t be easier. You can use traditional bank transfers and cash top-ups, and it’s also compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay in selected countries.

The bunq mobile app is available for both iOS and Android and scores consistently well – above 4/5 – with thousands of reviewers.

bunq bank offers three account types: Travel (bunq free account), bunq premium (€7.99 /mo), and bunq SuperGreen (€16.99 /mo which comes with an eco-friendly bunq metal card). There are also available bunq business accounts. While this bunq review is focused on personal accounts, there is a dedicated Digital Banks Business page to see available options from online-only banks. The bunq business account, in particular, offers great features to help businesses keep track of employee spending and manage budgets.

Savings, loans and cashback

bunq isn’t a platform geared towards savings, though there are savings mechanisms integrated into the app. All accounts at bunq will receive a small amount of interest, and users can choose to have all of their transactions rounded up to the nearest euro, while the excess is set aside in a dedicated savings account. The flexibility of opening up to 25 accounts under one name also makes managing money and budgeting that bit easier.

bunq doesn’t offer credit cards or loans, so if this is a big must for you, then you’ll probably need to look elsewhere. It also doesn’t offer cashback or a rewards program yet. But being a full-bank, bunq has all the tools and licenses to deliver these products to clients. We can expect the bunq credit card to be launched soon.

bunq travel card

It is a prepaid card that can be used around the world with no foreign transaction fees. It costs a small amount of money to set up, and ATM withdrawals do charge a small fee, but this will prove to be a convenient travel option for many Europeans.


bunq bank is a fantastic platform for cross-continental banking. If you’re based in Europe and travel a lot, bunq can offer great rates, convenience, and no currency exchange fees. It’s quick and easy to sign up with bunq bank, and couples will love the instant joint account feature. This being said, it’s a euro only account – so customers outside of the eurozone will need separate accounts for receiving salaries, and you will have to pay a monthly fee if you want an account that comes with a bunq card.

Generally, bunq is a great option if you’re often jet-setting around Europe and want a convenient, innovative, and fair bank. Their new bunq Metal Card – a stainless steel debit card with no carbon footprint – will also appeal to customers who want to bank sustainably and look chic while they do it.