How to Use Easypaisa on Foodpanda (All Possible Ways)

Written By Shayan Shamim

You cannot add Easypaisa as a payment method on Foodpanda, but you can use its rider collect payment feature to pay directly to Foodpanda for your cash orders.

Foodpanda is a popular choice among Pakistanis for its food delivery services. It allows users to get their food delivered to their doorstep from their favorite restaurants.

Every individual craves comfort when buying anything online, which is why many Pakistanis prefer digital banking applications to pay for their online purchases instead of dealing with cash.

But can you connect Easypaisa to Foodpanda?

This article will help you understand how to use Easypaisa for Foodpanda payments and other alternative methods to pay for your favorite meals on Foodpanda.

Can You Order Food on Foodpanda With Easypaisa?

You cannot order food on Foodpanda with Easypaisa. Foodpanda doesn’t take online payments from the digital bank but allows users to pay via other methods.

With all the features and services Easypaisa provides, there are still some areas where the digital bank lacks. For instance, you cannot make payments to Foodpanda via the Easypaisa app. This limits your ability to pay for your food delivery orders online via Easypaisa, and you have to use other banks to fulfill this need.

Can You Use Easypaisa Debit Card for Foodpanda Payments?

Easypaisa provides its users with the feature of getting debit cards to make local purchases. However, these debit cards can only be used for POS and merchant payments and cannot be used to pay online on websites or even the Foodpanda app.

This is because Easypaisa only offers its users debit cards supported by PayPak and UnionPay. Foodpanda does not support payments via these financial gateways limiting the use of such debit cards.

What Are Rider Collection Payments and How to Use Them via Easypaisa?

Rider collection payments are used by Foodpanda riders to pay for their delivered orders once they receive payments from users. Users can use this indirect method to pay for their food delivery services.

Foodpanda delivers its orders to its customers via riders. These riders have contracts with Foodpanda, allowing them to take cash payments from customers and pay them back to the company via Easypaisa or JazzCash.

Foodpanda riders get their wallet deductibles added after every successful order payment, which they have to pay back to Foodpanda after every PKR 3000 in their deductibles.

How to Use Rider Collection Payments via Easypaisa

Rider collection payments can only be used by riders, but there are some exceptions that allow customers to make payments via this method.

To make payments via this method, you first need to place an order with the Foodpanda app. At the time of payment, select the cash-on-delivery method. This ensures that the rider will receive the payment for the order in cash.

Once the rider reaches your home, you have to ask them for their rider ID. Foodpanda provides each of their rider with an ID that is used for rider collection payments and maintaining records.

Now that you have your Foodpanda rider’s ID number open the Easypaisa app on your phone and click on the search icon at the top-right of the screen.

pandafood raider collection payment step 1

On this screen, click on the Tap to Search field and enter Foodpanda.

pandafood raider collection payment step 2

Select the Foodpanda option from the results.

pandafood raider collection payment step 3

On the next screen, enter the Foodpanda ID of your rider and click on Next.

pandafood raider collection payment step 4

Do not change anything on the next page, and click on Proceed.

pandafood raider collection payment step 5

On the next page, click on the “Enter Payable Amount” tab and enter your order bill amount. Then click on Pay Bill.

pandafood raider collection payment step 6

Confirm the payment, and your Foodpanda rider will receive a notification of the money transfer from their wallet.

And that’s it. You do not have to pay your Foodpanda rider any cash now unless you want to pay any tip for their cooperation.

Can You Use Other Digital Wallets for Rider Collection Payments for Foodpanda?

Yes, currently, only JazzCash provides the service to make rider collection payments to Foodpanda other than Easypaisa. To make these payments, you need to log in to your JazzCash app and search Foodpanda in the search bar.

Click on the Foodpanda Rider option and follow the same steps as Easypaisa to make payments to your Foodpanda rider’s account.

What Are Other Alternative Methods of Paying on Foodpanda?

Though you cannot make payments to Foodpanda via Easypaisa debit cards, there are other methods users can use to make food payments to the delivery app.

These methods are:

  • Cash
  • PandaPay
  • Debit or Credit Cards

PandaPay is an in-app wallet of Foodpanda that allows users to top up their Foodpanda accounts via their debit or credit cards and use the wallet to make payments for their orders.

You first need to place an order to pay directly with your debit or credit card.

Open the Foodpanda app and the food item you wish to order. For this instance, I have chosen Biryani. Click on Add to Cart.

foodpanda order step 1

Click on View Your Cart and then proceed to the next step. Now, click on confirm payment and address tab.

foodpanda order step 2

You will see the following screen. On the Payment method tab, click on Add a payment method.

foodpanda order step 3

You can see the three methods of payment on this screen. Click on Credit or Debit Card.

foodpanda order step 4

Now, add your card details and check the box to save your card for future orders. Click on Done.

foodpanda order step 5

Place your order, and your card details will be saved.

To view or delete your card details. Go to the Foodpanda home page and click on the menu icon at the top-left of the screen.

foodpanda order step 6

Click on Credit or payment methods, and you will see your saved card details.

foodpanda order step 7


Easypaisa is one of the most successful digital banks in Pakistan and provides numerous services to its users via internet banking. Unfortunately, you cannot make direct payments to Foodpanda from your Easypaisa account.

I have used my debit cards to pay for my Foodpanda orders, and they have always worked for me. Until Easypaisa can partner with Foodpanda and allow direct payments, debit cards and cash payments are the only options we have to fulfill our food cravings via Foodpanda. 

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