3 Simple Ways to Withdraw Money From Payoneer in Pakistan

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You can withdraw money from your Payoneer account via:

Freelancing and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) are on the rise in Pakistan. Thousands of individuals work with clients across the globe and earn money in various currencies. However, due to the absence of PayPal in Pakistan, one platform has emerged as one of the first choices of freelancers in Pakistan.

Founded in 2005, Payoneer has become one of the leading international money transfer gateways among Pakistanis due to its ability to collect payments from multiple countries.

This guide will help you understand the three ways you can withdraw money from a Payoneer account in Pakistan.

How to Withdraw Money From Payoneer Account to Bank Account

You can withdraw funds from your Payoneer account directly to your bank account by adding your bank details and clicking on withdraw. There are some minimum amount transaction limits when making bank transfers.

Payoneer is a digital banking platform allowing users to receive money and send it to bank accounts globally. Pakistani users can open their Payoneer account and receive payments from their clients directly to their Payoneer balance.

Fasyal bank partnered with Payoneer to provide direct banking solutions to Pakistanis. Users can connect their Burraq Digi bank accounts and transfer money from Payoneer.

For wire transfers to their local bank account, users have to open their Payoneer app or visit their website. After signing in, they will see the following home page. Click on “Withdraw and transfer.”

payoneer dashboard

On the next screen, click on “Withdraw to bank.”

payoneer withdraw to bank

If you are making a transaction for the first time, you must first add your bank account details. Click on “Add new account” on the top-right of the page.

payoneer adding new bank account

I already have two bank accounts linked to my Payoneer wallet. Users can add up to a total of three accounts. Click on the “Add bank account” option.

payoneer added bank accounts

Now, enter the currency and country of your bank account. In this case, it is PKR and Pakistan. Click on “Next.”

In this step, you need to add your bank account details. Click on the checkbox and proceed.

payoneer adding bank account details

You will now be asked to confirm your Payoneer details, including your date of birth and account password. Enter these details and click on “ADD BANK ACCOUNT.”

payoneer confirming bank details

Your bank account will now be sent for approval which can take up to three business days but usually takes less than a few minutes.

payoneer adding bank details success

Once your withdrawal method is confirmed, you will receive an email regarding it. Now, go back to step number two and enter the withdrawal details. You should now be able to see your bank account from the list of available accounts. Enter the amount and click on “Review.”

payoneer withdrawal

In the next step, click on send, and your money will be credited to your bank account within 5-7 business days.

How to Withdraw Money From Payoneer Account to JazzCash

JazzCash allows users to withdraw money from their Payoneer account directly to their mobile account. You can use the JazzCash app to integrate your Payoneer account with the app.

JazzCash is one of the most popular mobile banks in Pakistan. It provides basic banking services to its users and other perks befitting a digital bank.

A few years ago, JazzCash and Payoneer united to provide seamless international banking solutions to the vast Pakistani freelance market. JazzCash’s integration with Payoneer allows Pakistanis to withdraw funds to their mobile wallet instantly.

Contrary to bank transfers, Payoneer has set a minimum transfer limit of just one dollar, making it easier for users to transfer small amounts from their Payoneer wallet.

To integrate your Payoneer account with your JazzCash account, follow these steps.

Open your JazzCash app and sign in. Scroll down to click the “Payoneer” tab under the Money Transfer sub-group.

jazzcash payoneer

You should see the following screen. Click on the “Link Account” option.

payoneer linking jazzcash account

You now need to sign in to your Payoneer account.

payoneer linking jazzcash account

If you have two-step verification enabled, you will receive a text message on your phone. Enter the code to proceed.

payoneer two step verification

On the next page, click on “AGREE” to proceed.

payoneer jazzcash linking accounts

You will receive an alert indicating that your JazzCash is now linked to your Payoneer account. Click on OK.

payoneer connection successful

You can now see your Payoneer Account Balance of all your currencies. To transfer the money, enter the amount and click on Transfer.

payoneer balance jazzcash

Your money will be transferred to your JazzCash account after conversion into local currency.

How to Withdraw Money From Payoneer Card in Pakistan

You can order a Payoneer card once you have $100 worth of transactions in the last six months. Payoneer debit cards allow you to withdraw money from ATMs across the globe.

Payoneer provides its users with seamless money transaction services. In addition to foreign currency accounts, users can also order Payoneer debit cards supported by Mastercard to make international transactions and withdraw funds from millions of ATMs worldwide.

You need to follow these steps to order a Payoneer Mastercard debit card.

Sign in to your Payoneer account and click on the “Bank & cards” tab. Then click on the “Payoneer cards” option.

payoneer dashboard cards

On the next page, click on “ORDER NOW.” If you do not have $100 worth of transactions in your Payoneer account in the last six months, you might not be eligible for a debit card.

ordering payoneer card

Payoneer offers two types of debit cards to its users – Physical and Virtual. Users who want a physical card can select the option from the two and click “NEXT.”

choosing payoneer card

Now, select the currency in which you want to order your card. Click on Next.

choosing payoneer card currency

Enter your shipping address and details to proceed.

entering card delivery address

You can either choose the Standard shipping option, which is free, or the Express shipping option, which costs $40 and delivers within a week. Once you have made your selection, click on “ORDER CARD.”

choosing type of delivery

Users who want the Payoneer virtual debit card can select the Virtual card option from the list and proceed.

if virtual card is chosen

Again, they need to choose the currency in which to keep their account. Once you are done, click on “ORDER CARD.”

choosing virtual card currency

Other Useful Information

Users can make international payments via the Payoneer debit card. Payoneer is one of the preferred international transaction platforms for Pakistani freelancers.

Payoneer has established itself deeply within the Pakistani freelancing community, which is the prime user of the platform in the country. With its integration with JazzCash, the digital bank has empowered individuals with small earnings to bring their money home for use.

How to Make International Payments via Payoneer

Payoneer users can order Payoneer debit cards, which allow them to carry out international transactions and make payments online or in-app. Once you get your debit card, you can use it like any other bank card to make international payments.

Enter the card details online and pay for your purchases. Bear in mind that there is a 3.5% charge, including other possible charges, for each international transaction via the Payoneer debit card.

Is Payoneer a Reliable Payment Gateway in Pakistan?

Payoneer is a reliable payment gateway and is used by individuals across the globe. Its multi-currency accounts provide users with a one-stop wallet for all their international payments.

In Pakistan, Payoneer has become hugely popular mainly owing to its money transfer services and also due to the unavailability of PayPal.


Payoneer is one of the leading digital banks in the world and is one of the favorite modes of international money transfer for Pakistanis. Users can withdraw their earnings from their Payoneer account via wire transfer, JazzCash app, or Payoneer Mastercard debit card.

Not many users in Pakistan opt for the third option as it has a lot of charges. Most users prefer to use direct bank transfers for large transactions or the JazzCash app for smaller ones. 

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