5 Possible Reasons Why Easypaisa Is Not Working (How to Fix)

Written By Shayan Shamim

The major reasons why your Easypaisa might not be working are:

  1. Too much temporary data
  2. OTP Issues Due to Permissions
  3. Wrong Method of Application Download
  4. Money Transfer Error
  5. Invalid Response Due to Service Downtimes

Fix these issues and restart the application.

Easypaisa is one of Pakistan’s biggest digital banking applications. It enables users to engage in money transactions digitally, paving the way for a branchless banking economy in the country.

The Easypaisa application was launched in 2016 to provide users with a single interface where they can perform transactions. This was another milestone in the mobile banking industry of Pakistan.

The application underwent a few updates and tweaks, which improved user interaction and engagement. However, there are a few times every now and then when the application becomes temporarily unusable.

Is Your Easypaisa App Not Working?

Your Easypaisa app can be stuck due to internal server problems. Sometimes, users are unable to perform money transfers from Easypaisa to another bank due to service downtimes.

I have been using the Easypaisa app for about four years and have been extremely satisfied with the level of their service. Though I have to admit there have been some instances where I was unable to use the application or the money transfer kept displaying errors.

If, like me, you were also unable to use the Easypaisa application, this is a guide for you. I have listed five reasons why your Easypaisa app is not working.

1. Too Much Temporary Data

One of the biggest issues with technology is that there is never enough space to store data. Even with the increasing number of phone memories, there is room for improvement.

If your Easypaisa application is taking a long time to open or display the home page, there is an issue with the cache. A cache is an auxiliary or temporary memory, making retrieving data from the device easier and allowing faster browsing and opening.

However, the opposite occurs if there is too much data stored in the cache. It is a good idea to clear your cache every once in a while to keep your application running smoothly.

Here is what you might be seeing if your app is stuck on the same loading page.

To fix this, go to your phone settings, search for apps or app management tab and click it.

app management

You should be able to see the following screen. Click on the app setting. If you are using an iPhone, you can go to settings and click on the Easypaisa app option from the list.

app settings

Scroll down to find the Easypaisa tab from the list and select it.

app settings easypaisa

You should see the following screen. Click on Storage and cache option from the list.

In this step, click on the Clear cache button on your screen. This should clear all your temporarily stored data from the device. If you want to clear any data stored by Easypaisa, you can also do that from here.

easypaisa clear cache

Open your Easypaisa application, and your issue should be fixed. If your Easypaisa app is still not working, it might be due to a service error.

2. OTP Issues Due to Permissions

If you are able to open the app but its functionality is limited, or if you are unable to sign up, there can be an issue with your app permission settings.

Whenever you open an application for the first time, a good-quality app asks for your permission to use other apps or information on your device. If these permissions are not given, they can restrict the app’s functionality rendering it useless.

One such issue is OTPs. Time Passwords or OTPs are alphanumerical characters that are important for security and privacy concerns. Easypaisa occasionally requires its users to verify information via OTPs. If your device does not have text permission enabled, Easypaisa will not be able to send you the OTP, without which you cannot proceed to the next screen.

You need to check for permissions to allow your app to function smoothly. Go to settings on your phone and select app management as before. Select app settings and click on Easypaisa from the list.

Now, instead of clicking on Storage and cache, click on Permissions.

easypaisa permissions

You should see the following screen. Notice that this device does not have SMS, phone, and other permissions enabled, which are crucial for receiving OTPs.

app permissions

Click on SMS, and the following screen appears.

easypaisa sms allow

Change the permission from Deny to Allow. Do this for the other required apps, such as:

  • Phone
  • Contacts
  • Files and Media

3. Wrong Method of Application Download

Sometimes users cannot access an app’s entire functionality if they downloaded it incorrectly. APK file format is one of the most used file formats for android phones. These packages can be downloaded from various sites and installed on your phone.

However, since these packages are not verified by the application, they can have several limitations, such as:

  • No connections to the other apps on the phone
  • No OTP integration
  • Broken application code

To ensure that you get the authentic version of the Easypaisa app, visit the Play Store or the Appstore depending on your device.

4. Money Transfer Error

Easypaisa allows users to transfer money to other bank accounts. One other digital bank that rivals Easypaisa is JazzCash. I once had an issue transferring money to a person’s JazzCash account from my Easypaisa.

I was unable to do so due to a service error. The app displayed an error at the last step of the process. I checked with other bank accounts and found no issue when transferring money. The issue has since been fixed, and I didn’t face it again.

It seems like it was only an isolated case, but it is worth noting if you cannot transfer money from Easypaisa to a JazzCash account.

5. Invalid Response Due to Service Downtimes

Like all applications, Easypaisa has to be updated and improved from time to time. This means that if you try to perform a transaction during a maintenance shutdown period, you might experience idleness and would not be able to use the app.


While Easypaisa has improved greatly compared to its early years, there are a few slip-ups occasionally, which can cause inconvenience for the users. Nonetheless, the Easypaisa application is one of the best digital banking apps I have used in Pakistan.

Sometimes, the issue is with the device, and other times, it can result from a backend server error. You can easily fix problems at your end, while the Easypaisa developers usually get the app back on its feet within a couple of minutes. 

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