How to Add Money to Apple Pay from Bank Account w/out Card

Written By Branson Knowles

Adding Money to Apple Pay is simple, and you can do it without a card.

To add money to Apple Pay without a card, you’ll first have to link a bank account to Apple Pay. Open the Wallet app on your phone and head to your Apple Pay details. From there, you’ll see a handy button to add and remove bank accounts.

To add a bank account to Apple Pay, you’ll need your bank account’s account and routing numbers.

Your routing number is most likely public, as it’s what your bank uses to classify a large group of their customers by area. Your account number is unique to you alone. 

After you’ve entered your account number and routing number into Apple Pay, the fintech platform may then run a few trial deposits with your account. 

Whenever you link an online bank to your regular bank, they usually like to communicate through small dollar transactions to make sure they’re correctly linked and linked to the correct account. 

When that is said and done, and your bank account is fully linked to Apple Pay, you can now add money from your bank account straight to your phone without a card at all. You can also move the money from Apple Pay to your account, if you want to move funds that way. 

How to Add Money to Apple Pay from Bank Account without Card (Step-by-Step)

Adding money from a bank account to Apple Pay is one of the easiest ways to do it. You don’t need a debit card at all in the process, and using your bank account to fund your Apple Pay account works just as well. 

Follow these easy instructions and you’ll be able to move money over to Apple Pay from your bank account quickly and securely — and without a card.

1. Open the “Wallet” App

Apple Pay doesn’t have its own app on the App Store. Instead, it’s located in the Wallet app.

The Wallet app comes free and pre-downloaded with every iPhone, giving Apple users a place to store all of their digital cards, passes, and identifications. 

my wallet app

You can also add debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, tickets to concerts, plane passes and more to the Wallet app, allowing you to scan your phone as a way of entry over having to bring a physical ticket with you. 

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the Wallet app and use it whenever I have the chance.

You will too, if you’re looking to add money to Apple Pay from a bank account.

2. Click on Apple Cash

Apple Cash should be represented as a card in your digital wallet.

It should be black with a white Apple logo and the word Cash in the upper left hand corner, I’ll include an image below. 

Clicking on it will expand the card, showing you your recent Apple Pay transactions.

You can also send or request funds from other users from this screen. 

3. Click on the three dots

In the upper right hand corner of the Apple Pay screen is a button that looks like a hollow circle with three dots in the middle.

Click on that button to proceed.

looking for apple cash card details

4. Click Card Details

The three dots button will give you a couple of options.

You can add money, if you already have a linked account, or you can transfer your balance to your bank, again if that’s something you already set up. 

apple cash card details

You can also see your Apple Pay card details, details like whether or not you want to automatically accept payments or if you want to accept them manually.

Here you can also contact Apple Support for help and check out your Apple Pay card details as well. 

5. Click Bank Account

Clicking on the button titled “Bank Account” will let you check on any bank accounts you currently have linked to Apple Pay as well as add or remove any others. 

I’ve had my bank account linked to my Apple Pay for some time, so it shows up on my screen.

When I click on the bank account I have currently linked, Apple Pay gives me the option to edit the account’s information.

apple cash bank account

It also shows me the last four digits of both my account number and my routing number, making it easy to differentiate from other accounts I could link. 

Lastly, I have the option of deleting the bank account information entirely, wiping the slate clean and starting over with a new bank account linked to Apple Pay.

For Apple Cash, you can only have one account linked at a time. 

6. Click Add Account

To add a bank account to Apple Pay, you’ll need your bank account’s account number and routing number.

If you don’t know them, you can find them on your bank statements online if your bank has an app. 

Once you input the numbers, you may receive a trial deposit from Apple confirming it has the right account linked. 

editing bank account details

Trial deposits usually occur in amounts less than $1, so if you see one to two $.50 withdrawals and deposits in your account from Apple just know it’s them confirming the transaction looks good on their end. 

7. Click Add Money

Once your bank account is finally linked to Apple Pay, you can add money from it to your Apple Cash account. 

Adding money from your bank account is instant, and once it’s in your Apple Cash balance you can send it to any other Apple Pay user. 

add money

If you’re looking to move money from Apple Pay to your bank account though, you may have to wait 1-3 business days. 

The process for adding money from a bank account to Apple Pay is easy, even if you didn’t already have a bank account set up.

Transfers are always free, and moving money from your bank account to Apple Pay is instant.

Once your bank account has been added, you can move money in the click of a couple of buttons. 

How to Add Money to Apple Pay from Gift Card

Unfortunately, you can’t add money from a gift card to your Apple Cash balance.

What you can do, however, is add the gift card to the wallet app and use it from there. 

Some finance platforms and fintech companies will let you add balances from certain Visa or Mastercard Vanilla gift cards, gift cards that aren’t assigned to a certain store and can be used just about anywhere. They’re treated as cash by most businesses.

Apple Pay doesn’t allow this, and the only ways to load up your balance on Apple Pay are to receive a transfer from someone else or load the balance yourself from a linked bank account or debit card. 

How to Transfer Money from Apple Pay to Bank Instantly 

Unfortunately, there is no way through Apple Pay to transfer money from Apple Pay to your bank account instantly.

Transfers take 1-3 business days.

I use Apple Pay pretty frequently and can personally report that my transfers never usually take more than one business day to reach my account.

If you’re needing to move funds from Apple Pay to your account as quickly as possible, consider adding your debit card to Apple Pay.

If your debit card is linked to your bank account, any funds that were going to hit your card will wind up in your account.

Also, when you add a debit card to Apple Pay, you can unlock the instant deposit feature.

The name is spot on, as it’s Apple’s way of allowing you to deposit your funds straight to your debit card instantly. 

How to Add Cash to Apple Pay

Adding physical cash to Apple Pay isn’t very easy.

Apple isn’t a bank and doesn’t offer their customers a debit card beyond the Apple Cash card, which is digital.

If you have some cash on you and you’re looking for a way to add it to your Apple Pay balance, you’re going to have to get creative.

One option I always recommended is giving one of your friends or family members cash and asking them to send it over through their balance, if they have one.

If you have a bank account or a debit card, you can add it there before sending it over as well. 

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  1. Yeah, doesn’t work. Click on add money & says can’t do it with a bank account. Have to have debit card or prepaid card. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. Hi Kay,

      Do you see an option for adding your bank account by entering your Account and Routing Number?

      Overall, it works for most users.

      You may try adding your other bank account.

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