Convenient: Using Apple Pay at Target In-Store and Online

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Target is one of my personal favorite stores to go to. They have just about everything I need for a reasonable price, what else would I want from a department store? The ability to accept Apple Pay of course! With the rising popularity of contactless payments, many customers wonder, does Target take Apple Pay?

Target accepts Apple Pay. You can use Apple Pay in Target through their self-checkout machines or with a cashier. If you like using Target’s mobile app to do your shopping, you can use Apple Pay at checkout as well. 

me and my girlfriend entering the target store

You can use just about any credit or debit card through Apple Pay and contactless payment. I have Apple’s credit card and make that my go-to card whenever I use Apple Pay. Target accepts the Apple credit card in both its physical and contactless versions. 

If you like to swipe your phone to make your purchases, you’ll have no problem doing so at Target. I stopped by the red-circle-superstore with my girlfriend the other day to try it out myself and had a fun time doing so!

us checking dental section

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Does Target Take Apple Pay? My Experience at Checkout

As I said at the top of the article, I’m a big fan of Target. They’re never too far and usually have what I need for a reasonable price. Some even have a grocery section, allowing me to grab some bananas and toothpaste all in one spot! 

I went down to Target the other day to grab some items and ultimately try to pay for them with Apple Pay. The Target I went to had a grocery section, so after I spent some time grabbing a few snacks, I completed my shopping spree in the toothpaste aisle before finally going to checkout. 

walking at the target store

I’m a big fan of self-checkout. I never get too many items in one go, and I wanted to see if the machine accepted Apple Pay as well. I scanned my items, placed them in some $0.10 bags, and got ready to pay.

As I was going to pay, the point-of-sale system informed me that I could pay by:

  • Cash
  • Physical card
  • or through a contactless payment — like Apple Pay!

I pulled out my phone and pulled up my Apple credit card through Apple Pay, and scanned it over the machine. 

The machine read my payment instantly and accepted it. After a quick beep verifying my payment, the terminal then thanked me for coming in and printed my receipt, sending me on my way. 

Using Apple Pay at Target was a breeze.

I use Apple Pay pretty frequently as I get a good amount of money back by using my Apple credit card, and paying with my phone is a lot faster than paying with a physical card. 

us looking a way to the target selfcheckout cashier

The cashiers at Target accept Apple Pay as well. If you’re ever buying too many items to go through self-checkout and need the full conveyor belt, don’t worry. 

After scanning your items, Target’s cashiers will ask how you’d like to pay. You have the same options at self-checkout:

  • Cash
  • Physical card
  • Contactless payment

Tell them that you’d like to pay through Apple Pay and scan your phone over the payment terminal. 

Can You Use Apple Pay on the Target App?

One of my favorite ideas to have gained a massive amount of popularity in the last 10 years is the ability to place orders for pick-up. The notion of placing an order online, heading to the store, and having an employee bring it out to your car is incredible, on par with sliced bread. 

I like staying in my car — if you couldn’t tell — and I can do that while getting my Target order through the Target app. The Target App lets you shop like you’re actually in Target, browsing through the aisles, not sitting at home in your PJ’s.

Even better, the Target App accepts Apple Pay. You can stay in your car, and you don’t even have to open up your wallet to get a card out! 

To use Apple Pay on the Target App, shop like you normally would. After you’ve placed all the items you’re looking to buy into your cart, head to checkout, where you can select Apple Pay as your method of payment.

The transaction should appear immediately on your Apple Pay transaction history as soon as you place it, and the employees over at the Target you ordered from will get to work assembling your order. 

making an order on target app and paying with apple pay

Once you head to the store, find one of Target’s designated mobile pick up parking spots. Each one has a number, indicating which customer you are to the Target employees. Enter that number in the app, and the Target employee should arrive soon with your cool stuff. 

How Do You Use Apple Pay at Target?

Using Apple Pay at Target is even easier than using a traditional debit or credit card, in my opinion. 

If you want to use Apple Pay to complete your transaction at Target, all you have to do is bring your iPhone. You can either tap your lock button twice, bringing up your mobile wallet, or you can head to the “Wallet” app on your iPhone. 

Bring up the card you want to use on your phone and hold the phone next to Target’s scanner. The scanner should have a logo indicating that it accepts contactless purchases. Tap your phone on the device where the logo is, or waive your phone right above it. 

target grocery section

Once you’ve heard a beep, the machine should accept your form of payment. Your receipt should print out automatically, and your transaction will be complete.

Using Apple Pay on the Target app or through Target’s website works just as easily. Shop like you normally would, head to checkout, and choose Apple Pay as your method of payment. 

Does Target Take Apple Pay Online?

Target accepts Apple Pay in their stores and through the mobile app, but do they take Apple Pay online through their website?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay as your method of payment when shopping on If your local Target doesn’t have an item you’re looking for, but they have it on their website, using may be your best option. 

To use Apple Pay on Target’s website, go to and shop for your favorite items. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for and have placed the items into your bag, head to checkout. Target will ask for you to sign in if you’re a member of their rewards program. 

After you’ve signed in and entered your shipping address, confirming you want to purchase all of the items in your cart, Target will ask how you’d like to pay. Find Apple Pay from the list of approved payment methods and complete your transaction. 

Does Target Take Google Pay?

target food section

Apple Pay isn’t the only way to use your credit cards without ever getting them out of your wallet. Google Pay is another hugely popular way to make contactless payments. With over 25 million users in the U.S. alone, Google Pay is right behind Apple Pay in the user base as well. 

Target accepts Google Pay as well, leaving room for just about any means of contactless payment at their terminals. If you use Google Pay, you can use it whenever you’re making a purchase at Target or through their mobile app. 

You can use Google Pay on as well, giving you the ability to link your bank card to your Google account to make your transactions that much faster.

Does Target Take Samsung Pay?

As the third most popular way to make contactless payments, Samsung Payment is accepted at Target as well. Samsung Pay supports over 16 million users in the U.S. alone, and Target has made sure all of its users can use the popular platform at their stores. 

Samsung Pay works online as well. If you’re a fan of the Target App and want to use Samsung Pay to complete your transactions, you can.  

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