How to Verify Your Cash App Card for Apple Pay (2023)

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Separately, Cash App and Apple Pay make up two of the most popular payment methods in America. Cash App has pioneered peer-to-peer transfers, while Apple Pay has almost created an entirely new way to pay. Users of both finance platforms often ask: how do you verify the Cash App card for Apple Pay?

You can verify the Cash App card for Apple Pay through two different methods: either through Cash App or through Apple Pay itself. Through Apple Pay, you’ll need the physical Cash Card in your possession. You do not need a physical card to add it through Cash App.

Cash App’s Cash Card is Cash App’s very own version of a debit card, giving their customers the ability to spend their Cash Balance anywhere Visa is accepted. Apple Pay is the most popular form of contactless payment in America, so many users often wonder how to combine the two to create one seamless transaction. 

If you want to add your Cash Card directly through Apple Pay, you’ll need the physical card with you. Apple Pay requires you to manually enter the card’s details into the app, so you’ll need the card in your hands to see the numbers, expiration date, and security code. 

When you get a free Cash Card from Cash App, Cash App will give you a digital version to access within the app. The card in the app will have your card’s numbers but not the card’s expiration date or security code.

Luckily, Cash App knows their customers probably don’t want to have to wait to receive their cards in the mail before adding it to Apple Pay. You can add your card to Apple Pay and use it the same day as you get it through Cash App.

How to Add Your Cash App Card to Apple Pay through Cash App

If you’re looking to add your Cash App Cash Card to Apple Pay, this is the method I would recommend. Why wait the 10 business days Cash App takes to send you a Cash Card when you can just add your new card right away through Cash App?

Adding your Cash Card to Apple Pay through Cash App is easy. All you need to do is open Cash App and head to the Cash Card portion of the app. If you’re wondering where to find it, look for the button that looks like a debit card towards the bottom of the screen.

Click on the image of your Cash Card as it appears on your screen (with all of your fun designs if you choose to personalize your card), and click add to Apple Pay. 

Cash App will then give you a few more short steps to walk you through the process of adding your new card to Apple Pay. 

How to Add Your Cash App Cash Card to Apple Pay through Apple Pay

The process is simple if you want to add your Cash Card to Apple Pay, making it easier to use your Cash Balance for your everyday transactions. All you have to do is get your physical Cash Card in the mail and open up the Apple Pay Wallet app.

Let me break down adding your Cash Card to Apple Pay into a few simple steps:

  1. Get the Cash Card: Just because you have an account on Cash App doesn’t mean you automatically have a Cash Card. If you want one, you can apply for it directly through Cash App. Click the card logo towards the bottom of the screen and click through until you’ve gotten your Cash Card.

  1. Receive the Cash Card in the mail: You’ll need to have your actual Cash Card in your hand if you want to add it to Apple Pay through Apple Pay. There’s a digital version of the Cash Card on Cash App, so you can use it for online purchases where applicable, but it doesn’t have the expiration date and security code needed by Apple Pay to finalize the addition of a new card.

  1. Open up the Apple Pay Wallet App: Apple’s Apple Pay resides in an app that comes with every iPhone, Wallet. Find it on your iPhone and open it once you’ve received your Cash Card in the mail. 

  1. Click the plus sign: When you open your Wallet app on your iPhone, you’ll see any cards or passes you’ve previously added to your Apple Wallet. In the upper right hand corner of the same screen is a plus sign, allowing you to add new cards or passes to Apple Pay. Click on it to move forward.

  1. Click Debit or Credit Card: Apple will let you use debit and credit cards through Apple Pay as well as any transit cards you may have or select state IDs. Cash App’s Cash Card is a debit card, and you’ll add it to Apple Pay like you would any other debit card.

add to wallet debit or credit card

  1. Click continue: Apple will ask you for permission to continue from here, giving you a brief message about the benefits and uses of adding cards you may have to Apple Pay.

apple pay continue with the card

  1. Add your card: You can add your Cash Card to Apple Pay by scanning the front and back of it, or you can add the details manually by typing in your card’s number, expiration date, and security code.

add card

Once you’ve followed all of the steps and added your Cash Card to Apple Pay through the Apple Wallet, head over to Cash App and verify that everything has been confirmed on their end.

apple pay card details branson

Why Can’t I Add My Cash App Card to my Apple Wallet?

Not everyone has the easiest time adding their Cash Card to their Apple Wallet. If you’re having this problem, it could be due to a couple of reasons:

  • You entered the wrong numbers: If you chose to add your Cash Card to your Apple Wallet manually, you might have entered the wrong numbers. If you’re unable to connect the two, I’d first check to make sure you entered every number correctly, including the card’s numbers, expiration date, and security code. Being even one number off means, you won’t be able to use your Cash Card with Apple Pay.

  • Your iPhone didn’t scan your card correctly: The other way to add your Cash Card to Apple Pay through the Apple Wallet is to scan its front and back. If your phone’s camera isn’t working well, or you simply didn’t get a good image of your card, you may need to rescan it. 

  • You aren’t using the latest iOS or Apple Software: To use your Cash Card in conjunction with Apple Pay you’ll need the latest version of the Wallet app and the latest version of Cash App, just to be sure. If you’re not sure if you’re currently using the latest version of either, head to the App Store and look up each app. If your app has a button that reads “update” next to it, you may have found your problem. 

  • You have too many cards in Apple Pay: Apple Pay limits its users to 8 cards per device. If you already have debit and credit cards in your Apple Wallet, totaling a maximum of 8, you won’t be able to add another one. If you want to add your Cash Card, you may need to remove a card from your current digital rotation.

If you still can’t add your Cash Card to Apple Pay after running through all these steps, you may need to contact customer service.

cash app support

Cash App’s customer service is easy to contact through their app, but you should probably start with Apple customer support. 

Contact them and let them know that you can’t add your Cash Card to your Apple Wallet. They should be able to walk you through some steps to find and fix the problem. 

cash app chat

Why is Apple Declining My Cash Card?

Once you’ve added your Cash Card to your Apple Pay digital wallet, you should be able to use it like any other debit or credit card you’ve added. Sometimes users run into problems using their Cash Cards and get declined when checking out. 

If your Cash Card is being declined by Apple through Apple Pay, there are a couple of things to consider.

First, it could be a simple issue of you not having a sufficient balance in your Cash App account. Cash App famously doesn’t let their users overdraft their accounts and will decline you if you’re trying to spend more than you have.

You may have also temporarily locked your Cash Card. If you have, you won’t be able to make any purchases until you’ve unlocked the card through Cash App. The Cash Card also has several different spending limits, so if you’ve spent big in the past couple of days, you may want to check.

The one time transaction limit for Cash Cards is $7,000. It will get declined if you’re trying to buy something for $8,000 using your Cash Card. $7,000 is also the limit for purchases per day. Cash App also imposes a $10,000 weekly and $15,000 monthly limit. Not the best for heavy spenders.

If you have used your Cash Card a lot in the past couple of days or weeks, you may have hit your spending limit. Contact Cash App to see if there’s any way around this. 

Another reason for your ‘Cash App transaction to be declined is that you have entered an incorrect PIN code. When creating your Cash App account, you can create a PIN code to access it. The same goes for the Cash Card. 

cash app card pin code

Like other debit cards, you can set up a unique four-digit code to protect your card and add another layer of security.

How to Transfer Money From Cash App to Apple Pay Instantly

If you want to transfer money from your Cash App Balance to your Apple Pay account, you can do so if you’ve already added your Cash Card to your Apple Pay account.

You can also add money to your Apple Cash balance directly from Cash App. 

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