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Looking sleek and luxurious, metal cards are something of a status symbol. Metal cards are symbols of premium accounts, making their holders stand out from the average customer with their everyday plastic card.

But are these status symbols worth the extra money? Is a metal card nothing more than a novelty, or are digital banks that offer metal card programs providing a much-needed product?

Here are the leading metal card programs from digital-only neo banks

N26 metal card

N26 has a stainless steel card that comes in Charcoal Black, Slate Grey, or Quartz Rose. As well as an engraved contactless Mastercard, you’ll be paying for premium features from one of the UK’s leading neo banks.

N26 Metal Card customers get priority support by phone or through in-app chat.

The Metal package also includes comprehensive travel insurance. You’ll be covered for lost luggage, foreign medical expenses, flight delays, and canceling your trip due to injury or illness. Travelers can also take advantage of LoungeKey access, paying £20 for access to more than 1,000 airport lounges.

N26 Metal costs £14.90 per month.

Metal cards provide access to discounts and special offers, including reduced rates on hotel stays, though these deals are also available on the cheaper N26 You plan that costs just £4.90 per month. The two packages’ other benefits include free overseas ATM withdrawals and ten sub-accounts called Spaces for organizing your money.

Revolut metal card

With the Revolut Metal card, users earn up to 1% cashback on any currency they spend. They’ll earn 0.1% on spending in Europe, and 1% on spending outside.

While N26 provides free overseas ATM withdrawals, the same isn’t true of Revolut. You’ll withdraw up to £600 free, which should be plenty for most Metal customers.

With Revolut, you’ll have access to a 24/7 concierge. You can call for flight bookings, hotel reservations, and access to exclusive events.

Instead of paying £20 to access an airport lounge, Revolut’s metal account gives you one completely free LoungeKey. After this, further lounge access will cost £22 a time.

With Revolut’s metal account, costing £12.99 per month, you will also get features including overseas medical insurance and delayed flight and baggage insurance. You will also get priority customer support, disposable virtual cards, and access to cryptocurrencies. However, all of these features are also available on the Premium account for the lower price of £6.99.

Comparing Revolut and N26

N26 costs £14.90 per month. Revolut is slightly cheaper, at £12.99 per month.

Both packages will provide travel insurance, including insurance for delays and overseas medical costs. With N26, travel insurance is slightly more comprehensive.

Metal card customers with both banks will have access to priority support.

LoungeKey access is slightly cheaper with N26 – £20, compared to £22 with Revolut – although with Revolut, you’ll also get one free pass to make this higher cost more palatable.

Benefits specific to Revolut include disposable virtual cards. You will also get cashback on purchases and access to a concierge service. With N26, you’ll have access to discounts and offers and can choose the colour of your card. N26 also provides Spaces to help with your budgeting.

Something different: the Bunq metal card

Bunq’s metal card isn’t explicitly advertised as a premium offering. Instead, it’s the Green Card, for those that are feeling eco-friendly. It’s a prepaid Mastercard, which means that you’ll need to top it up from any bank account or transfer money in from elsewhere. But, you don’t need to be an existing Bunq customer to get hold of your own Green Card.

Bunq’s Green Card costs €99 per year, which works out at about £85 (or a little over £7 per month). For this money, you get a prepaid spending card rather than a full-featured Bunq account.

Every time you spend €100, Bunq donates a tree on your behalf. Trees are planted by Eden Reforestation Projects.

Your metal card will be contactless, with instant spending notifications through the Bunq app. You will also get ten free worldwide ATM withdrawals every month. Withdrawing from Bunq at a cash machine usually comes with a charge, but is free for your first ten withdrawals using your Green Card.

If you want the premium look of a metal card, and would like to do your bit for the planet, then Bunq could be an alternative to N26 and Revolut, but don’t expect the same levels of packaged premium features. 

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