3 Stealthy Ways to Pay for Tinder Discreetly (2023)

Written By Branson Knowles

Paying for Tinder and getting the most out of the fun dating app can be exciting, but what if, for whatever reason, you don’t want that transaction popping up on credit card statements?

Say you share a checking account with one of your parents; maybe you owe them some money and they take it out of the account every so often. How awkward would it be for them to see? At the very least, that’s a conversation nobody wants to have.

Maybe you could explain it away. You could try to say it’s an old, recurring charge but why bother putting yourself in that position anyway? 

Some people may try and get around this issue by using prepaid cards on Tinder, but can you? Sadly, for the MOST part, no. Still, there are workarounds I’ll talk about in this article. 

Tinder’s help section of their website details that gift cards and prepaid cards aren’t eligible for subscriptions. This may be because prepaid cards and gift cards can run out of funds, whereas checking accounts could let you go into the negative to approve the purchases.

3 Ways to Pay for Tinder Discreetly

Tinder has reasons why they don’t accept prepaid cards, gift cards, or other payment methods that can be considered anonymous. I assume the main ones are to combat a different kinds of scams and to improve the rate of successful recurring payments.

Still, there are certain ways to pay for Tinder, not anonymously, but at least discreetly:

Through the Apple App Store payment

The most common way to pay for Tinder is through In-App purchases. And luckily for Apple device users, this is a relatively private payment method.

If you pay through Apple App Store, even if your credit card is linked to it, the specification of the payment will not appear on your bank statement. Instead, it will appear as a regular Apple App Store charge without the Tinder name.

As for Android users, it is more tricky. When you pay for In-App purchases through Google Play Store and your credit card is linked to it, it will include the name of the app on your bank statement. Read further to learn a workaround for it.

Through Apple App Store or Google Play Store with a linked PayPal or Cash App card

paypal card

What is the best way to tackle the issue if you don’t want Tinder transactions to appear on your bank statement? Right, to eliminate your bank card from the equation.

Here are 5 steps on how to do it:

  1. Unlink your bank card from the App Store or Google Play account
  2. Buy in-store or order a new payment card. Two good options are PayPal or Cash App cards.
  3. Fund your new card, preferably with cash. This can be done in Walmart, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, and other popular stores.
  4. Link your new card to your App Store or Google Play account.
  5. Pay for a Tinder subscription through App Store or Google Play with your updated payment method.

This way, you direct Tinder transactions away from your bank to your PayPal or Cash App accounts.

You can also link your PayPal account to the App Store or Google Play instead of a PayPal card.

paypal app store payment method

Using Apple App Store or Google Play Store Gift Card

apple app store and google play store gift cards

It’s probably the easiest private way to pay for Tinder. But, use the method mindfully to avoid transactions going through your bank card.

  1. Buy App Store or Google Play card online or in store.
  2. Redeem the card to top up the App Store or Google Play balance.
  3. Pay for Tinder through In-App purchases.

Until there is enough balance on your App Store or Google Play account, Tinder In-App purchases will not go through your bank card. But make sure to fund it in advance because transactions will go through your linked bank card if there is not enough balance on your App Store or Google Play account.

The good news is that you can use a combination of all 3 methods I’m offering to get more options and to increase privacy.

That said, before using App Store or Google Play Gift Cards to pay for Tinder, you can unlink your bank card and substitute it with a PayPal account or Cash App card.

What Cards Does Tinder Accept Directly?

If you want to use your credit cards directly through Tinder or are using Tinder.com, they accept three credit card companies: Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Note: Tinder only accepts American Express in select countries.

While some people would like to keep Tinder transactions off of their records, there’s no truly anonymous way to use money on the app. 

Users would probably enjoy the privacy of blockchain cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, but Tinder isn’t supporting them quite yet, and I doubt it will ever do.

What Does a Tinder Transaction Appear As On a Credit Card Statement?

It depends on how you purchase Tinder.

If you purchase Tinder through your Apple ID on an iPhone, the transaction will appear as a standard iTunes billing charge.

It may appear as itunes.com/bill and a confirmation or phone number, but won’t have a specification as to what the charge was for.

If you make a purchase through the Google Play Store, your transaction will only appear as “Google Play Apps” with a transaction date and number.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for anonymity it might not be on Android as it will list the app you made the purchase on as well.  

If you use your credit card directly, your Tinder transactions may appear as “GOOGLE*TINDER” or something like that. Not exactly the best for discretion, is it?

Can You Get Tinder Gold With A Gift Card?

No, as Tinder Gold is a recurring subscription you can’t buy it with a gift card or with a prepaid card. The same goes for the other Tinder tiers: Tinder Plus and Tinder Platinum.

What Can You Pay For On Tinder?

Tinder’s paid content focuses on subscriptions. They have three options users can pick from: Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum. Each subscription comes with features meant to enhance your experience, with each option better than the last. 

If you want to keep it simple, you can just buy Super Likes from the settings portion of Tinder. If you don’t know, Super Likes are a way to make yourself stand out on Tinder. If you Super Like someone, they’ll see that you did so when their profile appears for you. 

If you’re a subscriber to Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum, you get five free Super Likes a week. If not, you can buy them for the settings portion of the app for about 5 for $5, depending on your location in the world.

The Tinder Tiers are all different prices as well, ranging from $4.50 a month to $26.99 a month, depending on the tier and length of the subscription.

What is the Difference Between Spending Money On Tinder And Free Tinder?

At its core, every Tinder user will be able to swipe on potential matches to try and connect. There are three subscription tiers Tinder offers to enhance this experience, or give users more chances. 

First is Tinder Plus. Tinder Plus subscribers gain access to unlimited likes, unlimited rewinds (the ability to go back after not liking someone), the ability to appear anywhere in the world, and no advertisements!

Tinder Gold subscribers get all of these features plus five Super Likes a week, one free boost a month, the ability to see who likes them back and new top picks every day. Not bad for a mid-tier.

If you really want to get everything out of Tinder, and want every advantage when it comes to your online dating life, you may want to check out Tinder Platinum.

It comes with everything from the first two tiers plus prioritized likes, the ability to see who likes you and the ability to message people before you even match with them!

Almost like cheating the system.

How To Cancel Tinder Subscriptions 

While it may be fun to live limitlessly on Tinder, with all the likes in the world, it costs money. Better yet, it’ll appear on your bank statements, letting anyone else on the account know. 

If you ever want to cancel your Tinder subscription, you can. First, make sure you actually cancel your subscription. Closing the Tinder app or deleting it off of your phone won’t stop any subscriptions you have. 

If you made the subscription through the Apple App Store, you can cancel it through your settings: 

  1. Open your Settings app
  2. Tap your name
  3. Tap subscriptions
  4. Select Tinder
  5. Tap Cancel Subscription

If you made the purchase through the Google Play Store, the cancellation process is likely the same. To cancel your subscription using your Android phone: 

  1. Open the Google Play app
  2. Tap the profile icon in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Tap Payments And Subscriptions
  4. Tap Subscriptions
  5. Select Tinder
  6. Tap Cancel Subscription 

Finally, if you went straight through Tinder to subscribe, you can cancel by:

  1. First, go to Tinder.com or go to the app and sign in
  2. Tap the profile icon
  3. Tap Manage Payment Account
  4. Tap Cancel Subscription. 

And there you have it! Your Tinder subscription should be canceled once you complete these steps. You’ll still have access to your account for the remainder of the billing cycle, and because of this they won’t prorate you based on when you canceled. 

How To Delete Your Tinder Account

If you ever want to delete your Tinder account, don’t worry about it being a long and difficult process. It’s actually really easy.

While Tinder may not want to see you go, they allow their users to delete their own accounts in just a few short steps: 

  1. First, sign into Tinder with your normal login information
  2. Tap the profile icon
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Scroll to the very bottom of the page
  5. Tap Delete Account

Voila. Your time on Tinder is at its end. But don’t worry, if you just want to take a temporary break from the action Tinder actually has an ability to temporarily hide your account. To do so, simply follow the same steps as above except tap “Show Me on Tinder” instead of “Delete Account”.

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