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Chase Bank is one of the most popular banks around. As an ex-banker who used to work for them (and still uses them), I love their direct deposit feature, as it makes getting paychecks that much easier.

If you want to receive direct deposits with Chase Bank, you have four ways to do so:

  • You can ask your banker for a direct deposit form
  • Use the one your employer gives you and have a banker help fill it out
  • Give your employer your account and routing number verbally
  • Use the Chase Bank Mobile App and fill out a direct deposit form yourself

Chase Bank doesn’t require you to use an address for Chase Bank itself on any of your direct deposit forms. If your employer does, use your local branch’s address rather than Chase’s corporate headquarters. 

Personally, I think the fastest method is to set up the direct deposit form on your own. The Chase Bank Mobile App allows you to print it out or send it by email, saving you a trip to the bank and to your job.

If you’re new to Chase Bank or are planning on opening your account with them, your banker can print out a form for you during account opening. Two birds, one stone!

Each way is as applicable as the last, so take your time reading through them so you can decide for yourself on the best way to receive a direct deposit with Chase Bank!

How to Receive Direct Deposit with Chase Bank through a Form (Given to You by Your Banker)

When you open your account with Chase, your banker will ask if you’d like a direct deposit form. The form comes pre-filled with all of your account information, including your account number, routing number, name, address, and social security number. 

If you already have an account with Chase and have switched jobs, you might need a new direct deposit form for your new employer. 

To get a new form, simply head down to your local branch and ask to speak with a banker. If they’re busy, the associate bankers (a.k.a. tellers) will be able to print one for you as well.

I went to my local branch to print one for this article, I’ll attach my copy down below:

chase bank direct deposit form

As you can see, the direct deposit form your banker can print has all the information your employer will need.

It includes:

  • Your full legal name as it appears on your account
  • Your address
  • Social security number
  • Routing and account numbers

Chase offers this as a free service too — both the direct deposit form and the ability to deposit directly as well. 

Give this form to your employer, signed and dated, and they should be able to put your paychecks into the account of your choosing automatically. 

It may take a couple of pay cycles though, so be prepared to receive one or two more paper checks before seeing your wages in your checking account without you having to make a deposit.

How to Receive Direct Deposit from Chase Bank through a Form (Given to You by Your Employer)

Some companies require their employees to fill out one of their forms. As an ex-banker, I’ve seen this a number of times from larger corporations. They don’t accept Chase’s direct deposit form as they have their own.

If your employer’s HR department prints you a direct deposit form and you need help filling it out, your Chase banker will be more than happy to. It will only take a minute or two, but Chase bankers are almost always busy, so it’s best to set an appointment before you head in.

Sometimes, employers want to confirm the actual Chase Bank employees helped fill out the form, that way they can ensure your direct deposit paperwork has the right information on it. 

Chase Bank has a special stamp for this very reason. It’s a stamp that usually has the branch’s location and address on it and can be signed by a Chase employee. 

Due to fraud, Chase employees are more reluctant than ever to sign off on your paperwork. They’re still willing to stamp your direct deposit form though, so it varies based on the branch you go to.

If your employer doesn’t need your banker’s verification on the direct deposit form, you can fill it out yourself by using the Chase Bank Mobile App. 

How to Receive Direct Deposit through Chase Bank by Giving Your Employer Your Information

Some workplaces don’t require you to fill out an entire direct deposit form. Plenty of my customers worked for mom-and-pop shops, owned and operated by just a couple of people. 

Those clients of mine just needed to tell their bosses where to send their paychecks, often verbally.

If you fall into this category, all you have to do to find your account information is login to the Chase Bank Mobile App and click on the account you want to receive direct deposit in.

From there, click show details in the account details screen. That will show you your account and routing number, all your employer needs to use to set up your direct deposit.

If they need your address, make sure you give them the same one you give Chase. If they need an address for Chase, use your local branch’s.

How to Receive Direct Deposit through Chase Bank by Using the Chase Bank Mobile App

In my opinion, this is the fastest and easiest way to set up direct deposit with Chase Bank. You don’t have to print a form, head to the bank, or ask your boss for a direct deposit sheet. 

All you have to do is follow this simple step-by-step process and you can set up direct deposit all by yourself:

  1. Log in to the Chase Bank Mobile App: Find the Chase’s app on your phone and log in with the same username and password you always use.
  2. Click on the account you want to receive your direct deposits: If you have multiple accounts, this step is fairly important. Click on the account you want to receive deposits to, and ensure it’s the right one. 

  1. Scroll down to account services: The Chase Bank Mobile App allows its users to control a lot of their accounts from the app. This section, account services, will let you lock and unlock your debit card, replace a lost or damaged card, and — you guessed it — set up direct deposit. 

chase app account services

  1. Click on set up direct deposit form: One of the first options account services gives you is to set up direct deposit. Click on that to move on to our next step.

chase app direct deposit form

  1. Ensure your information is correct: Just like making sure you’re depositing into the right account, make sure the information you’re going to give your employer is correct. This page will have your full name, address, and it will give you the option to type in your employer’s name if you so choose. 

chase app setup direct deposit form

The bottom of the form will also show you the account you’re setting up for; again, you should confirm you have it going to the right account. 

  1. Click create form: Once everything is complete and you’ve confirmed all the information is correct, click create form.

chase direct deposit

  1. Use your new direct deposit form: For our final step, you’re all finished creating your direct deposit form. It will have all the information previously displayed on the previous page, and it doesn’t hurt to look it over one last time.

new direct deposit form

From this page, you can type and edit any information on the form as well. You can also download it to your phone or mobile device, or you can email it to whoever you want.

If you do choose to email this form, make sure whoever your emailing is trustworthy as this form has all of your most sensitive account information. 

Is There a Blank Form I Can Print Out Online to Receive Direct Deposit for Chase Bank?

There is. If you want to just print out a blank direct deposit form for Chase Bank and fill it out by hand, click here

chase direct deposit form request

How Do I Split Up My Direct Deposit into Different Accounts?

Some people don’t want to deposit 100% of their paycheck into the same account. Splitting up your direct deposit can be a good choice for anyone looking to send some of their paycheck to their savings without having to do it themselves.

There are two different types of paycheck splits: by dollar amount, and by percentage. It’s up to you how you want to split your deposits.

Either way, to split your direct deposit you’ll need to include both of the account numbers and routing numbers you plan on using on your direct deposit form. 

You can include either a percentage or a specific dollar amount next to each form, telling your employer exactly how much you want going to either account. 

What Address Do I Use For Chase Bank to Receive Direct Deposit?

This was a common question I heard during my time as a banker for Chase Bank. In the past, you’d need to include your bank’s headquarter’s address on your direct deposit form.

Now, you don’t need any address at all. Using your account and routing numbers, Chase will find your account quickly and send your payday check your way instantly.

If your boss or employer wants an address for Chase Bank though, use your local branch’s. If you opened your account online on your own, use the nearest, local, physical branch. 

You can find a branch by using the Chase Bank Mobile App. Scroll to the bottom of the home screen. You’ll find a section called “visit us”. Within that section is a button titled “ATM and branch”.

chase bank app scheduele a meeting with banker

Clicking on that will show you the addresses of all the nearest ATMs and branches. 

chase app locations

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