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Chime’s transfer system is quick and secure, and their two cards make using Chime to buy your favorite items a breeze. When you finally get your Chime Card, though, how do you activate it?

It is possible to activate Chime Card both with and without the app too. If you have the app, you can log in, and head to the activate new card area in settings. If you don’t have the app, you can activate your Chime Card by calling (844) 244-6363.

Chime offers their customers both a debit card and a Chime Credit Builder Card, their version of a credit card for people looking to either establish or improve their credit.

You can activate the debit card through the two methods I listed above, but activating the credit card is a little different.

You can only activate the Chime credit card through Chime’s app.

To do so, you can log in to Chime, head to settings, go to the Credit Builder section, and click activate card. Once the Chime Credit Builder Card is activated, you can use it anywhere Visa is accepted. 

No matter how you choose to activate your Chime Card, both ways are easy, fast, and reliable.

Once the Chime Card is activated, you’re free to use it wherever Visa is accepted. You can use it in person, type the card numbers online, or add the Chime Card to your digital wallet. 

How to Activate the Chime Card Without the App

Before you use your brand new Chime Card, you have to activate it.

Most people use Chime on their phones, so I wouldn’t blame you for thinking you’d have to activate the card there as well.

Luckily, Chime has seen through this problem and has provided their customers with a handy phone number they can call.

If you’ve just received your Chime Card in the mail, and you’re looking to activate it without logging into your app, you can go ahead and call (844) 244-6363.

I called the number to see exactly what the process was like for Chime users looking to activate their card over the phone.

calling to activate chime card

A robot answered my call, thanking me for reaching out to Chime and their card service/customer support team.

The robot then said that it found my Chime account through my phone number, which is connected to my account.

The robot then said that if I was calling about a problem related to another account, I should press one. 

I didn’t, and the robot then said we needed to verify my identity before moving forward and gave me two options: it could either verify my identity through a couple of questions, or, in a simpler manner, they could just call me back. I chose the latter.

The robot quickly hung up, and as soon as I thought the call was over, I got another call from the exact same number.

Wouldn’t you know it, my favorite robot was back, telling me that it had fully authenticated me. 

The customer service robot then gave me a couple of options again, all related to the Chime Card.

I could activate it, report it as lost or stolen, or try to speak to a representative.

To activate the card from this point, all I had to do was press one on my phone.

The customer service robot, after fully authenticating me, would then be able to activate my Chime Card fully and allow me to use it anywhere Visa is accepted. 

Even after the call was finished, I received a text message from the same number.

It was Chime reaching out to ask about my experience with their customer support robot.

I appreciated how quickly they reached out, I felt like I got the text as soon as the conversation was done!

chime sms message card activated

How to Activate the Chime Card with the App

If you do happen to have access to the Chime app, you can activate your card without talking to anyone — robots included!

Chime Card users can activate their Chime Cards straight from the app in the click of just a couple of buttons. 

You can activate your Chime Card in the app once you receive it in the mail.

It should take around 7-10 business days if you ordered your Chime Card through standard shipping, or 3-5 business days if you went the express route. 

Once you receive your card, open the Chime app. If you have a PIN to protect your account from anyone trying to access it who isn’t you, like I do, go ahead and enter it now. 

entering chime app pin code

After typing your PIN and entering the Chime app, head to your settings in the upper right hand corner of the app.

The settings is represented by a cog, the standard logo for a settings area of an app. 

chime settings to activate card

There is a section dedicated to the Chime Card within the settings portion of the app.

Head there and tap “Activate New Card” under your card.

You’ll see a button with a lightning bolt and a question that reads, “Got a new card? Activate it here!”

To activate your card in the Chime app, you’ll need to enter the CVV code on the back of the card itself.

All cards have some form of CVV, or security code, on them.

You usually need to enter it in if you want to use the card to make any purchases online. 

After entering the three digit code, Chime will ask you to create your card’s four digit PIN.

You can use the same PIN you use to enter the Chime app or another one entirely, the choice is yours. 

As an ex-banker, I have some advice on what PINs to choose and which to avoid.

The most common PIN by far is a birthday. It’s perfect, two digits for the month and two digits for the year. 

I know what you’re thinking, you can use a birthday if you just don’t use your own right?


Most people don’t use their own.

In fact, I’d wager most people’s PIN code is their partner’s, mother’s/father’s, or children’s birthday.

In short, create a PIN that isn’t a birthday.

Do four digits nobody would ever guess, just in case your card fell into the wrong hands. 

Once you’ve entered your PIN, Chime will ask you to re-enter it for confirmation.

A final confirmation screen should appear when the process has been finished successfully. 

How to Activate the Chime Credit Builder Card

Credit can be tricky for anyone, many people don’t know where to start, let alone how to get the credit scores they’re looking for.

Chime gives newcomers and those looking to rebuild a way back to their desired credit scores through their Chime Credit Builder Card.

As the name implies, Chime’s credit card is a secure credit card for those looking to begin their financial journeys with credit.

It’s not the most extravagant card on the market, but it doesn’t try to be.

You can apply for the Chime Credit Builder Card from the Chime app, and if you get approved for it, you can activate it there as well. 

chime try credit builder card

Activating Chime’s credit card is just as easy as activating the debit card.

Once you receive it in the mail, after waiting a couple of business days, head to the app. Open the Chime app and go to settings.

There is a whole section dedicated to the Credit Builder Card, where you can activate your card and check your credit score for free.

Side note — if you’re using Chime’s credit card to rebuild your credit, keeping an eye on your score is very helpful. 

chime credit tracking

In the section dedicated to the credit builder card should be a button that lets you activate it.

Follow the remaining prompts and you should be able to use your new secured card right away.

Like the debit card, you can use Chime’s credit card anywhere Visa is accepted. 

How to Activate Temporary Chime Card

Chime gives their customers a temporary card they can use while the real card is coming in the mail.

You can access the temporary card from within Chime, in the settings. 

Once you’ve gotten the real card coming, head to the settings and find the temporary card section.

Click View Temporary Card Information to see just that. 

Chime will let you know the temporary card’s numbers, expiration date, and security code.

Chime also lets you know that your card’s temporary numbers will match up with the physical card’s numbers once it comes in the mail, but you won’t be able to use the temporary card once you’ve used the physical card. 

Can I Activate My Chime Card Before it Arrives?

Yes, you can through Chime’s settings, using their temporary card. See above for more information. 

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