Chime and Wire Transfers: What You Need to Know (2023)

Written By Branson Knowles
  • Chime does not accept wire transfers, as it is not built for large dollar transfers or larger international transactions.
  • Chime does accept ACH transfers, with a daily limit of $10,000 and a monthly limit of $25,000.
  • You cannot send wire transfers from Chime; consider using Wise or traditional bank accounts for wire transfer services.

Chime does not accept wire transfers. It’s unlikely their policy is going to change in the future as Chime isn’t built for large dollar transfers or larger international transactions. 

Most fintech companies like Chime operate in a similar manner.

Their accounts are more often geared towards the underbanked or the unbanked, people who are much less likely to receive a wire transfer than anyone else. 

Wire transfers are almost always used for extremely large dollar amount transfers, like the purchase of a house, or a large international transfer. As an ex-banker, I rarely sent out transfers for less than $10,000.

Chime does accept ACH transfers. It has a limit of $10,000 per day and $25,000 per month for any ACH transfer coming in or out.

ACH transfers are similar to wires, but operate on a much lower dollar amount scale, as you can see. 

chime ach transfer limits

A Chime user actually reached out to the company on Twitter not too long ago. The user asked Chime directly if their Chime account could receive an incoming wire transfer. 

Chime was straightforward with their response, telling the Twitter user that no, Chime does not accept wire transfers.

Chime furthered the point by telling the user that any wire transfers sent to a Chime account will be redirected back to the person who sent them.

If you’re looking for a wire transfer service, Chime recommends Wise. 

Does Chime Accept Money Transfers?

While Chime doesn’t accept wire transfers, they do accept other types of transfers.

To complete a transfer you more often than not don’t need much more than a routing number, an account number, the name of the person or business you’re sending it to, and the name of their bank.

Chime provides each and everyone of their customers with this information right when they open their accounts.

You can find your routing and account number easily as well, Chime gives them to you in two different places.

The first place you can find your routing and account numbers is in the settings.

Click on the settings button in the upper left hand corner of the Chime app and scroll down to the Account info section. 

looking for chime account details

The Account info section has your routing number, account number, button to set up direct deposit, and a button that will take you to your limits. 

Speaking of limits, you should have your Chime limits in mind if you’re planning on receiving transfers on the Chime app.

It’s better to know ahead of time, that way you can avoid an important transfer being rejected and returned.

Like I said in the beginning of the article, Chime has a daily $10,000 limit and a monthly limit of $25,000 for incoming and outgoing ACH transfers.

If you’re using the Pay Anyone feature to… pay anyone, the limit is $2,000 per day and $10,000 per month.

Can Someone Send Money from Their Bank Account to My Chime Account? 

While you can obviously transfer funds from your bank account to your own Chime account, can others?

If your friend wanted to pay you $20, could they transfer it from their bank account directly to your Chime account?

Unfortunately, the answer is no, they cannot.

The only person who can transfer money from a bank account into your Chime account is you. 

chime transfer from other banks

In order to transfer funds from a bank account to Chime, you need to link the two using Plaid.

Plaid is a popular fintech connection service used by fintech companies across America.

While Plaid is very handy, it is used to connect a single bank account to Chime at a time. 

If someone has money in their bank account and wants to send it your way, try to convince them into downloading Chime.

The app is free, having an account is free, and sending money is free too so the only downside is the space it takes on your phone.

Does Chime Accept ACH Transfers?

Chime doesn’t accept wire transfers, they do accept ACH transfers.

ACH transfers are very similar to wire transfers in what information they need before they can be sent out, but they’re different in their dollar amounts.

ACH transfers are usually made for smaller dollar amount transfers, either domestically or internationally.

All you need to make an ACH transfer is the recipient’s account number, routing number, the name on the account, and the name of the bank you’ll be sending money to. 

If those requirements sound familiar, they should. That’s exactly what you need to send a wire transfer as well. 

ACH transfers are usually much lower in dollar amount, usually in the thousands of dollars of range.

When I worked at Chase Bank, the most common place I would send wire transfers to were title companies, so my customers were never usually sending less than six figures.

If someone is sending you an ACH transfer, it’s probably in the amount of $2,000 – $10,000. Any more than that would most likely be sent in the form of a wire. 

$10,000 is actually Chime’s limit for ACH transfers, daily, while their monthly limit is $25,000.

That’s to send or receive ACH transfers, initiated from Chime. 

chime 25000 limit

If you do need to receive a wire transfer, I would recommend a traditional bank account over an online bank.

Traditional bank accounts are better equipped for wires as banks are set up in the wire system. 

Traditional banks may have a fee to send or receive wires as well, so be mindful.

Can I Send Wires From Chime?

No, you can’t send wire transfers from the Chime app, and you shouldn’t have to.

With Chime’s Pay Anyone feature, you really can pay anyone from the Chime app.

The Pay Anyone feature works simply: you can pay anyone from Chime so long as they have an active debit card. They don’t even need a Chime account or the Chime app to accept it.

chime pay anyone

When you use the Pay Anyone feature to pay someone, you’ll send them a link through Chime that will let them accept the money.

They can click on it through their phone and enter their debit card information to retrieve it. They have 14 days to do so. 

The Pay Anyone feature is free and you can send the link through text message or through email. 

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