Separating Finances: How to Have Two Cash App Accounts (2023)

Written By Branson Knowles

With all the wonderful features on offer, Cash App users still wonder, can you have two Cash App accounts?

You can have two Cash App accounts. In fact, you can have as many as you want so long as each one is connected to a separate email and phone number. You can’t have two Cash App accounts connected to the same phone number though.

Wanting to use separate Cash App accounts is a very normal thing, especially if you want to create a separation within your own finances. 

I do stand up comedy when I’m not writing for TopMobileBanks, so I use a separate account to separate any earnings I have on stage from my earnings writing. It’s good for tax season as well as for your own knowledge. 

While you can have as many Cash App accounts as your heart desires, you can only be signed into one at a time per device. If you’re using Cash App on your iPhone, you’ll only be able to use one account before having to log out of your current account to log into the second.

You can be signed in on multiple accounts across different devices though. If you have an iPhone and a laptop, you can be signed into one of your accounts on your phone and another through, Cash App’s trendy website.

To be sure, I reached out to the Cash App customer support system, speaking with a Cash App “advocate” to confirm that you can indeed own two Cash App accounts.

i'm checking if it is allowed to have two cash app accounts

The Cash App customer service advocate that helped me also noted that you can have multiple Cash App accounts connected to the same debit card. Helpful for anyone wanting to share the same debit card with different people.

Can You Have 2 Cash App Accounts with the Same Phone Number?

No, you can’t have two Cash App accounts with the same phone number. While you may think your phone number is just a “login” to get into Cash App, like a common username, it isn’t.

Your phone number is how Cash App tracks your account. While I worked at Chase Bank, I would have customers who owned a multitude of bank accounts. 

They would have an account for themselves, a shared account for their kid, another shared account with their wife, and a fourth account they had for fun. While other banks may have let their bankers drown in account numbers, Chase gave us a single number unique for each customer. 

This number allowed us to find the customer even when we couldn’t find an account. Cash App works the same way, using your phone number to find your account when they have a problem with your Cash Card or just your Cash App account in general. 

While you can have as many accounts on Cash App as you’d like, they each have to be connected to a new and unused phone number. Phone numbers are how Cash App distinguishes between accounts.

Can You Have 2 Verified Cash App Accounts?

Cash App is one of the only finance companies that I know of that allows their users to use their platform with barely any verification. As per my other articles here on topmobilebanks, Cash App has different limits based on how much of your personal information you’ve given them.

If you just want to use the most basic version of the app, you can. Cash App will allow just about anyone located in the U.S. to send up to $250 over a seven day rolling period or receive up to $1,000 in a 30 day rolling period. Not bad for not handing over any of your information.

If you want to be able to send, spend, and receive more money on Cash App, you’ll have to verify your account. It’s an easy process and you’re not giving away too much of your information, just the necessary stuff, so Cash App can be sure you’re not a wrongdoer.

If you want to verify your Cash App account, you have to give Cash App your full legal name, date of birth, and the last four digits of your social security account. It may seem like a lot, but every other traditional bank will want a lot more than that. Trust me, I worked for one. 

Once you’ve submitted your info to Cash App they’ll go ahead and run you through their system to see if you owe money elsewhere and that you really are who you say you are. After you’ve been confirmed, Cash App will increase your limits and fully verify your account.

I wrote about the verification process to highlight how arduous it is. You do have to be who you say you are, obviously, so it may come as a surprise to know that you can do that same exact process across two different Cash App accounts.

Because each verified Cash App account is connected to one verified individual, I personally didn’t believe you could verify two separate Cash App accounts at once. As always, whenever there is information for an article I’m unsure of, I reach out to the source!

I contacted Cash App to see if a user really could verify both of their accounts using the same last four digits of a social security number, date of birth, and full legal name. 

As always, they were hard to talk to. They initially thought I only had one question, even after I asked them a second. I’ll include the conversation here in the article, just so readers understand how hard you have to fight with Cash App to get a straight answer out of them. 

Turns out, you can! Cash App wasn’t the most straightforward — as always — and their chat team took some talking to, but I got our answer straight from the source. I’ll include screenshots of my conversation with them below. 

cash app verify two accounts 2

After reiterating my question, they were able to answer it. 

cash app verify two accounts 3

How to Open a Second Cash App Account

If you already have a Cash App account and are looking for another one, opening a second account is easy. Let me break it down into a few easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Open Cash App: Whether your old/current account is already logged in, you’ll want to start the process of opening a second Cash App account by opening the app itself.

  1. Click on your profile: In the upper right hand corner of Cash App is a silhouette button that will take you to your profile page. If you have a profile picture, you’ll see it here instead. Click on your profile picture to take you to our next step.

  1. Sign out: If when you open your Cash App account, it takes you to your current account, you’ll have to sign out of that one before moving forward. Signing out on Cash App is easy. From the profile page, all you have to do is scroll to the very bottom, where you’ll see a big button with red text that reads “Sign Out”. Bet you’ll never guess what that button does!

  1. Create a new account: Cash App’s login screen will give you the option to create an all-new account. You can start by entering in the new email or phone number you want to use for your new account. From there, Cash App will walk you through the onboarding process and help you create your new, second account. 

  1. (Optional) Verify your second account: If you want to get the most out of Cash App, verify your second account. I’ve confirmed that you can do this directly with Cash App, so don’t worry about using the same information twice. To verify your account, try sending more than $250 in one transaction. Cash App will immediately pop-up on your screen, letting you know that the only way to send more than $250 in a single transaction is to verify your account. If you choose to go with the process, you’ll need to give Cash App your date of birth, full legal name, and the last four digits of your social security number. Once your account is fully verified, you’ll be able to send a lot more than you can without verification.
cash app second account verification process

When I spoke with Cash App support while researching this article, they sent me a handy breakdown of how to open a second account along with a link to a website with more information, as seen in the image above. 

Can You Use the Same Debit Card Across 2 Different Cash App Accounts?

Cash App is full of surprises. Before writing this article, I was convinced that Cash App debit cards, called Cash Cards, were treated the same way as Cash App treats phone numbers: each is unique and can only be linked to one Cash App account.

This isn’t the case, as you can in fact use the same Cash App debit card across two separate accounts. You might be wondering why Cash App allows this, thinking if you had two separate accounts, what’s the point of using the same debit card for both?

It’s more likely that Cash App allows their users to do this in case they want to share a debit card with someone else, like a father starting an account with his teenage daughter. 

Either way, you can use the same debit card for two different Cash App accounts, allowing you to make purchases online and in store across two separate accounts connected by a single card. 

Can You Be Logged Into the Same Cash App Account on 2 Devices?

Yet another surprise from Cash App. When you’re logging into one of your accounts elsewhere, say on a laptop, and you’re already logged into your phone, the software may see two devices trying to access the same account at once and kick you out entirely.

Cash App isn’t like this though, allowing their users to be logged into the Cash App on their phones and be logged into on their computers.

I’m not sure why you’d need to be logged in both places at once, but if you want to, the option is yours.

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