How to Transfer Money Between Easypaisa and NayaPay (2023)

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Users can easily transfer money between Easypaisa and NayaPay with a few steps. Both mobile banking apps are simple and have interactive user interfaces to perform transactions.

Digital banking is a relatively new concept that is gaining momentum in Pakistan. With the recent announcement of five digital banking licenses in the country, Pakistan is finally on its way to a wholly digital economy.

Easy Paisa DB is one of the five digital banks to receive a No Objection Certificate or NOC from the State Bank of Pakistan. In this article, I will discuss how users can transfer money from the Easypaisa account to NayaPay and vice versa.

How to Transfer Money From Easypaisa to NayaPay

Users can easily send money from Easypaisa to NayaPay via the Send Money option of the app, which uses the Inter Bank Funds Transfer service.

Making money transfers from Easypaisa is simple and extremely convenient.

Telenor users who use USSD versions of Easypaisa have limited access to funds transfer and banking services, which is why this method is not preferred.

Here, I will only chalk out the steps from money transfer via the Easypaisa digital banking app.

Follow these steps for funds transfer to the NayaPay account.

  1. Log in to your Easypaisa account and click on the “Send Money” option.

easypaisa send money

  1. Click on “Bank Transfer”

easypaisa bank transfer screen

  1. Scroll down the list to find the NayaPay digital wallet option and click it.

finding nayapay digital wallet

  1. In the next step, enter the Account Number or IBAN of the NayaPay account. Select the purpose of payment from the list (If you are unsure of the purpose, leave it at “Miscellaneous Payments”). You can also provide the receiver’s mobile number, but this is optional. Click on Next

setting up transfer to nayapay

  1. Now, enter the amount you wish to send to the NayaPay account. Click on Next

enter amount

  1. Verify the information provided and click “Send Now” once satisfied.

easypaisa to nayapay send now transfer screen

You will receive a text message and an email from the Easypaisa app on your registered number and email indicating the successful transfer of funds.

How to Transfer Money From NayaPay to Easypaisa

You can easily transfer money from NayaPay to an Easypaisa account via the Send Money option. Users can send up to a maximum of PKR 25,000 per month free of charge.

NayaPay is a relatively new entrant to Pakistan’s digital banking and wallet sector.

The app has fewer users than other giants such as Easypaisa and JazzCash.

However, it has attracted the attention of investors and internet banking customers due to its superior international payment processing system.

To transfer funds from your NayaPay account to Easypaisa, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your NayaPay app and click on the “Send Money” icon on the homepage.

nayapay send money

  1. In the next step, click “Any Bank Account” if you have not linked your Easypaisa account with NayaPay. In that case, click on the “Linked Bank Account” option.

nayapay linked bank account

  1. Scroll down the list and select Easypaisa from the list of available banks.

finding easypaisa on the list

  1. Enter the bank account number or the IBAN of the receiving Easypaisa account. Enter the amount you wish to send from the current balance (can be seen under the entered amount). Select the purpose of payment from the drop-down list (select “Miscellaneous Payments” if unsure). You can also choose to save the beneficiary account by adding a nickname and selecting the “Save this as new beneficiary” option below. Click on Next

nayapay inter bank fund transfer

  1. Verify the details – account title and account number, and click on “NEXT” to proceed.

proceeding the transfer

  1. You will be asked to enter your MPIN or verify the transaction via biometric verification.

verify the transaction

Once your transaction is verified, you will receive a prompt of successful transaction and an email at your registered email address.

Which One Is Better – Easypaisa or NayaPay?

Though NayaPay is better for international payments, Easypaisa is a full-fledged digital account offering a one-stop solution to all banking needs.

Easypaisa has been operating in Pakistan since 2009, making it the oldest mobile banking service in the country.

NayaPay, which entered the picture in 2017, changed the digital banking landscape in Pakistan drastically.

NayaPay and Easypaisa are two of the country’s most popular digital banking apps.

Some of the major features of Easypaisa and NayaPay are listed in the table below.

Bank TransferYesYes
Mobile Top-ups and PackagesYesYes
QR PaymentsYesYes
Bill PaymentsYesYes
Merchant PaymentsYesYes
Government PaymentsYesYes
Ticketing ServicesYesNo
CNIC TransferYesNo
Bill Split PaymentsNoYes
Payment RequestNoYes
Biometric WithdrawalNoYes
Debit CardsYesYes
International PaymentsYes (Visa card)Yes (Visa Card)
Virtual Debit CardNoYes
Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)YesNo

I use NayaPay for international and bill payments due to its better features.

NayaPay allows users to split bills between NayaPay users, which is a useful tool if several people want to contribute to bill payments.

NayaPay virtual Visa debit card is excellent for international and online payments as it provides better exchange rates and fewer service fees compared to the newly launched Easypaisa Visa debit card.

NayaPay also offers a debit card free of charge, while such is not the case with Easypaisa.

However, Easypaisa holds major advantages in several areas, such as ticketing and CNIC transfer options which are extremely useful features for mobile payments in Pakistan.

Are There Any Charges for Transferring Money Between Easypaisa and NayaPay?

As per 1LINK’s terms and conditions, there are no charges for Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT) between two or more banks up to Rs. 25,000 per month.

Above the specified limit, 0.1% of the transaction amount or a maximum of Rs. 200 will be charged per transaction to the sending party as a service fee.

Since Easypaisa and NayaPay use IBFT transfer services for money transfers to one another, the same schedule of charges applies to any transactions via these platforms involving IBFT.

How to Transfer Money via RAAST Instant Payment Service?

In January 2021, the State Bank of Pakistan launched the country’s first instant payment system, RAAST, to provide real-time, zero-cost payment services to Pakistanis.

Users of any digital banking service or app can create a RAAST ID on their preferred bank account to receive funds from anyone throughout the country.

The RAAST ID is linked to your mobile number, which serves as the bank account number, eliminating the need to remember long IBANs.

The biggest advantage of the RAAST instant payment service is that it is free of charge and has no limitations on daily transactions.

However, the limits of your bank account will apply.

There are also no minimum transaction limits, meaning users can transfer as low as Rs. 1 via the service.

Users can easily create their RAAST ID by logging in to their digital banking app and authenticating their bank account to their mobile number via the RAAST option.

The ID will be instantly confirmed, and users will be able to send and receive funds from anyone in Pakistan.


Easypaisa and NayaPay are excellent digital banking services in Pakistan, empowering the masses and paving the way for a digital revolution in the country.

Users can easily transfer their money between Easypaisa and NayaPay accounts via a few finger taps.

The limit for free IBFTs is Rs. 25,000 per month; a meager fee is charged above this.

Both apps provide several unique features absent in the other, but Easypaisa generally offers better services than its counterpart.

Users can also use the RAAST payment service to transfer funds electronically to any bank account from their Easypaisa or NayaPay accounts free of charge.

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